One Click to Reset iPad to Factory Settings


Why Need to Factory Reset iPad?

With so many different devices on the market today, users need to pick and choose which one will provide them the best services possible. Fortunately, devices like ipad stand out among the best, and has a great track record over time. Therefore, due to its overall popularity, it’s not uncommon for users to trade out their older iPads to another user before or as they buy the latest iPad. When this situation occurs, the present owner will need to prepare their device to hand it over in advance.

More importantly, one of the most essential things that the owner will do is to make sure it does not have any old data that they should not have access to. It does not really if the old iPad is being given or sold to a family member or a friend, the data should be wiped clean prior to passing it on. Simply stated, the present owner should make sure that it has been factory reset before the new user receives it.

Another common reason for resetting an iPad to the factory settings is to solve a problem that an individual has encountered. In some cases, to solve an issue, the owner would simply reboot the iPad. However, when the problem cannot be resolved or it may be taking too long to identify the issues, some users will simply reset the iPad to original factory default settings. Therefore, it will not only resolve the issue, but it allows the users to start afresh. In short, this process will set everything back to the date that the owner took their iPad out of the box.

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User Guide to Reset iPad to Factory Settings

There are number of different ways to reset the iPad back to its original setting. However, before getting started, one of the first things that must be done is to back the data that it stores up so that it will not be lost. Fortunately, this process is simpler to do today since it can be backed up to iCloud. For instance, the user can do this by accessing the Settings app, tapping on the "iCloud" (located on the left-side of the menu), and then tapping on the backup from the iCloud settings feature.

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After the user of the iPad has completed the backup process, they can prepare to erase all of its content so as to reset iPad to factory resetting. Below are the steps to factory reset iPad;

1. Access Settings > General. And scroll down to the list to tap on Reset option.

2. Now, select the Erase All Settings and Contents option to continue the process.

3. On the promo dialogue, hit the Erase option to confirm your action. And finally just wait patiently for the process to get completed within a little while.

Words in The End: Useful Tips to Factory Reset iPad

#1 - Do not make any changes until the data on the iPad has been backed up to source that it can be easily retrieved.

#2 - Make sure the entire process is complete before transferring the phone to a new user. This can be verified by looking at the default settings to make sure that have changed.

#3 - Factory reset is a great way to solve problems that's difficult and time consuming to solve.

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