Easy Way to Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhoto


We are living in a time when photos really matter. With the advancement in technology, photography has taken a new dimension. People are earning from it and others are out there building on their albums and making it easy for the future generations to familiarize with the day's events. Photos have helped people build on their social life and keep all the memories intact. If there is something trending is the photo sharing tools. When you have so many photos in your camera, you may need to transfer photos from camera to iPhoto.

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Why need to sync camera photos to iPhoto?

In all our undertakings we should have clear reasons. You do not transfer photos for the sake of it. The following are some of the reasons as to why you may need to transfer photos from camera to iPhoto. iPhoto is safe and secure. There is nothing as frustrating as posing for photos especially when dressing for each capture only to realize you have lost them after a short period. It is even worse if you needed to use them on another occasion. Even if you redo the shooting, the experience may not be the same.

• When your camera memory is almost full. You can transfer the photos to iPhoto so that you will be able to free the memory of your camera and make some more captions.
• When you want to add effects to your photos. Most people are no longer working with their natural looks especially while posting on the social media platforms. You can, therefore, transfer the photos and use your favorite effects.
• When you want to secure your photos from the unauthorized persons. You may not be having control over the camera especially if it is owned by different people but for your iPhoto account, you are in charge.
• When you want to have an easy time sharing your photos. This is because they are all in an album and can share in a click.
• When you want to classify your photos in different albums depending on the cast in the captions, the event and the day the photos were taken among others.
• When you want to have a duplicate of the photos. This is actually safe for those who could be unfortunate to lose the camera.
• When you have the photos in iPhoto, you can comfortably invoke the program to have customized editing tools.

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User Guide: How to Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhoto

Step 1. Connect your camera to Mac using the USB cable.

Step 2. Make sure your camera has been turned on and set it in the correct mode for transferring photos.

Step 3. Your iPhoto automatically turns into the import mode and a camera icon is displayed on the main interface. You will be guided on the number of photos you can transfer.

Step 4. Provide the name and the description of the photos you want to transfer.

Step 5. You can click on "delete items from camera after importing".

Step 6. Tap on "import" and transfer your photos, you can stop the process by selecting "stop import".

transfer photos from camera to iphoto

Things to Take Care While Transferring Photos from Camera to iPhoto

1. You need to ensure that the USB cable connects your camera well to Mac. This allows a proper transfer without losing any of the photos.

2. Ensure that the camera is turned on and is in the transfer mode.

3. Ensure that the transfer has been successful before deleting the photos from the camera.

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