Fixed: iPhone Won't Send Pictures to Android Phones and Tablets


Sharing photos between two iPhones is very easy. You open your iMessage, select photos, and hit the send option. From there, you are good to go. However, since iMessage is only an Apple application, it works only with Apple devices. Therefore, you may find your iPhone won't send pictures to Android devices.

iPhone not sending pictures to Android is becoming a common problem, and it can be frustrating. There could be several reasons why that may happen. This guide will provide the reasons for this issue and solutions to solve it.

iphone won't send pictures to android


Part 1: Why Will My iPhone Not Send Pictures to Android?

Can't send pictures from iPhone to Android? Well, there might be several reasons why it may occur. Below are some of the causes:

1. You may perhaps have disabled MMS accidentally, which will prevent you from sending photos.

2. Your OS could be out-of-date. Install the newest firmware. This can be done either through the device Settings or iTunes.

3. There could be an error or a glitch lurking. You can clear it by force-restarting or closing the messages app and reopening it.

4. The receiving Android device might be blocked. Alternatively, they could have blocked your iPhone.

5. Maybe you do not have enough mobile data to share images.

6. You might have enabled the Airplane Mode accidentally. You cannot enable the cellular network to send messages.

Before we head to solutions to the "iPhone can't send pictures to Android" problem, there are some tips to note.

You use iMessage when using the Messages application to send a text message between Apple devices. The message is usually encrypted and appears in a blue text bubble.

Conversely, when you send a text message from Apple to Android, you will use SMS/MMS protocol, and the message isn't encrypted and will appear in a green text bubble.

Continue reading to know what to do when you have trouble sending pictures from iPhone to Android.

Part 2: iPhone Won't Send Pictures to Android? Fixes That Work

Sending images is a pretty common feature of your iMessage. However, sometimes things can go awry, and you find your iPhone not sending photos to Android as it should.

You may get a notification that says: "Your message wasn't delivered" or "You can't send the message" when you try to share an image attachment.

It might not even be possible to attach images since the attachment option is inaccessible and greyed out. However, don't worry because this article will teach you how to solve problems. Whichever the case, here are some of the most effective fixes.

Fix 1. Ensure MMS Messaging Is Enabled

The MMS Messages features play necessary roles in sharing images from an iPhone to an Android. When the MMS Message on iPhone is disabled, you can not send image messages. So, make sure it's enabled to have a smooth transfer. Below are the steps you should take to enable the MMS Message feature:

Step 1: Open your Settings app, and select the "Messages" application.

Step 2: Click the toggle on the "MMS Messaging" option to turn it on if it is disabled.

Step 3: Now try sending an image again.

enable mms messaging if iphone cannot send photos to android

Still cannot send images to Android? Go to the following step. This guide has got more solutions for you.

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Fix 2. Restart iMessage App on iPhone

In addition to enabling the iMessage application, restarting it is also a great trick to fix it when the iPhone won't send pictures to Android. The process of restarting an iMessage application is easy and is almost similar to that of enabling it.

Step 1: To start, open the Settings application and go to your "Messages" menu. Now, turn off the "iMessage" application for about thirty seconds.

Step 2: Now turn it on again, open it, and try sending an image. This should resolve the problem. If it fails, head to the next step.

restart imessage app when iphone cannot send pictures to android

Fix 3. Try Restarting Your iPhone

Sometimes all it takes is a simple reboot of your iPhone to fix the problem. Restarting a phone helps fix any glitches in the system that may hinder an operation.

Here's how to restart an iPhone:

1. If you are using iPhone X or a later model, press the "Side" key and one "Volume" key and hold them until a slider appears on your screen asking you to power off.

2. For iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd generations), 6, 7, or 8, you need to long-press the "Side" key until the slider appears.

3. If yours is iPhone SE (1st generation), 5 or earlier, press the top "Key" until the slider appears.

Drag the power off slider to the right, and wait thirty seconds for the device to shut off completely.

After the device has restarted, try to send some pictures to Android phones again. If it still fails, you may need to check for the iOS version.

restart iphone to fix the not sending photos issue

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Fix 4. Ensure your iPhone Version Is Up to Date

The outdated version of iOS may be causing the problem. Newer versions come with fixes for bugs and glitches, and it may be what you need to be able to send your images again. Here's how to check the iPhone version and update it:

Step 1: Ensure you plug the device into a power source and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Now head to the Settings page, select "General", then "Software Update".

Step 2: If an update is available, it will appear on the device. Click on "Download and Install".

update ios when iphone can't send pictures to android

The new updates will lead to your device restarting automatically. After this restart, you can check if your problem has been solved.

Fix 5. Check for Carrier Updates

Checking for a carrier update may help fix the issue. Though these updates are not frequent, you must regularly check to prevent system glitches.

Check for available carrier updates on your device and when you find them, proceed to install them. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open Settings, and select "General" and "About".

Step 2: If there are updates, you will see a notification saying, "New settings are available. Would you like to update them now".

Step 3: Click the "Update" option to update the carrier. If a popup does not appear, then there is no update available.

update iphone carrier if you have trouble sending pictures from iphone to android

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Fix 6. Enable Cellular Data

While it's not very common like other potential causes of the "iPhone can't send images to Android" problem, it's still a possible reason. Sometimes, the network operator or carrier has deactivated your device's cellular data, causing problems with your iMessage app.

To fix this problem, you need to disable the mobile data on the iPhone first and then restart it. Then, proceed to the iMessage to check whether you can send images successfully.

turn on cellular on iphone to fix not sending pictures to android

Fix 7. Force Quit the Messages App

If there are no glitches in your OS, there may be some in your Messages application. Force-closing the application will help.

Here is how to quit an application if you are using iPhone X or a later model:

Step 1: On your device's home screen, just swipe upwards, then pause in the middle.

Step 2: Scroll right/left until you locate the Messages application.

Step 3: When you locate it, swipe upwards to close it.

force quit the messages app on iphone when it cannot send pictures

Here is how to force close the Message app on iPhone SE (2nd gen), 8, or an earlier model:

Step 1: Click twice on the Home button to show the recently used applications.

Step 2: Scroll right/left to find the Messages app.

Step 3: Close it by swiping upwards.

Fix 8. Confirm the Phone Number You Contacting

Maybe the recipient isn't connected. Call them to confirm if they aren't connected; you will instantly be notified. Check your line as well to be sure it's connected. Also, the person you're trying to contact may have blocked you, or you've blocked them without knowing.

To check if you've blocked a number on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Settings app, then select "Phone".

Step 2: Click the "Blocked Contacts" option to show a list of all phone numbers you blocked.

check the blocked contacts on iphone

To unblock a contact on iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Phone application and open "Contacts".

Step 2: Find the contact you want to unblock and, hold on to the number, then click "Unblock this Caller".

unlock the contacts to send pictures

Fix 9. Reset Network Settings

As the last option, you can try resetting the device's network settings. This is an option, too, when you feel that some of your settings are not properly set. While it is possible to go through all your device's network settings one at a time, the iPhone offers much easier solutions.

To be precise, you can reset your settings to default which enables you to avoid the iPhone being unable to send photos to Android problems. To reset the network settings, go to the "General" menu on the Settings page and select "Reset". When you do this, all your iPhone's network settings should be set back to their default settings, enabling you to send images to Android easily.

reset the network when an iphone can't send pictures to android

Fix 10. Use iOS System Recovery (High Success Rate)

This iOS System Recovery is the most powerful tool that can repair iOS devices, including iPhones, back to normal. So, if your iPhone will not send photos to Android phones, you can bet on this software.

The system recovery software fixes most iPhone issues, like iPhone not sending pictures to Android devices, being stuck in the Recovery Mode or Headphone Mode, etc. The two repair modes allow you to repair your device instantly, with the Standard Mode fixing system bugs without data loss.

Here are the key features of this iOS system recovery program:

* Repair iOS devices back to normal.

* Very safe to use.

* Supports the latest iOS 16 versions.

* Easy with no tech skills needed.

* Fix iPhones for unknown errors such as black screen, white screen, Headphone Mode, etc.

* Work for iPhone 14 Pro (Max), 14, 13, 12, 11, XR, X, XS, 8, 7, iPad 5/mini/Pro, etc.

Download this software to fix your iPhone.

Let's see the steps to repair your iPhone and send images to your Android:

01Download this repair app on your PC. Install and open it. On its main interface, select "iOS System Recovery". Now take a USB cord and connect the iPhone to the computer.

repair iphone not transferring pictures to android with ios system recovery

02You'll see the numerous problems that this tool can solve. After viewing them, click on the "Start" option to proceed.

03Then choose "Standard Mode" or "Advanced Mode", and tap "Confirm".

choose a mode to repair your iphone

04Boot your device into Recovery Mode, and hit "Fix Now" to repair your iOS device. Once done, send photos from your iPhone to an Android device again.

fix the iphone issue


Since you keep sharing different kinds of photos with your family and friends, ensuring that your iPhone can send pictures to an Android device is very important. If you ever face a problem where your iPhone cannot send images to Android phones, you can refer to this guide to solve the problem. The ultimate solution is to use a third-party app - iOS System Recovery. It repairs all iPhone devices quickly without data loss.

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