How to Add Password to PDF Files in 8 Different Ways [Solved]


Password-protecting a PDF is a simple and effective way to ensure only approved users can view its contents. Including an open password will make viewing the PDF difficult for anyone without one. However, a restriction (permissions) password would enable anyone to view the file but would prevent them from making any changes or printing it.

If you want to add a password to PDF, you can utilize one of the many available PDF editing programs. Below are some programs that will teach you how to do a PDF add password process.


Part 1. How to Add a Password to a PDF Using Coolmuster PDF Locker

Coolmuster PDF Locker is a reliable software equipped with an intuitive interface that makes it simple to encrypt large or small batches of PDFs. It gives you control over your PDFs by letting you set individual permissions for things like printing, copying, and modifying. You will appreciate the PDF file's security features and the freedom to offer selective privacy settings.

Additionally, it provides extra protection for private data with three levels of encryption, giving you confidence that your PDF file is secure.

  • 40-bit RC4 is the basic level of password protection for individual PDF files, barring editing, copying, or printing.
  • 128-bit RC4 provides comprehensive control over PDF access.
  • 128-bit AES is the strongest password protection available, and it is used to encrypt files with more security.

Key features of Coolmuster PDF Locker:

  • Establish a user password (open password) to protect your PDF from unwanted access.
  • Secure PDF using the owner's password to prevent illegal copying or editing.
  • Set permissions for printing, replication, and altering PDF content.
  • Protect PDF with three encryption levels: 128-bit RC4, 128-bit AES, and 40-bit RC4.
  • Function independently with a user-friendly interface accessible to people of all skill levels.

Let's go through these simple steps to using Coolmuster PDF Locker to add a password to a PDF:

01Download Coolmuster PDF Locker. Launch the system and tap on "Add File". Choose the PDF documents you wish to secure.

add pdf files

02Choose your encryption level, set permissions for PDF features (printing, copying, modifying, annotations, forms), and pick an encrypted PDF destination folder.

customize encryption settings

03Select the data you wish to encrypt and click the "Encrypt" button.

add password to pdf

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Part 2. How to Put a Password on a PDF Offline

Password-protecting a PDF with an offline solution gives you greater control and security over crucial files. You can safeguard a PDF's contents from unauthorized viewing using a password with offline tools discussed below.

Method 1. How to Put a Password on a PDF Through Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a popular program for opening and working with PDF files. The approach provides a solid foundation for securing your PDF material. Here are the steps to create password protected PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro:

Step 1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat Pro. Open the PDF you want to lock with a password by dragging it into the program or selecting it from its menu bar.

Step 2. Select "Tools" and then "Protect" when the PDF opens. Select "Yes" from the selection that appears. Then select the PDF version you want to use and pick its compatibility.

how to add password to pdf

Method 2. How to Add a Password to a PDF on Mac Using Preview

Preview is a built-in Mac app that protects private documents by locking them behind a password. Its simple-to-use interface lets you add a password to your PDFs with just a few clicks. Here is a guide on how to make a PDF password-protected on a Mac using Preview:

Step 1. Open Preview, select "File" to upload PDF, and choose "Print".

Step 2. Choose PDF from the menu in the print window's main section. Select "Save as PDF".

Step 3. Select "Security Options" and then name the file; assign authors, subjects, and keywords if you like.

Step 4. Check the box labeled "Require password to open document". Put in a password, and double-check since it will be needed to open the PDF file.

how to put a password on a pdf

Step 5. After selecting either "Require password to copy text, images and other content" or "Require password to print document", choose "Save" from the previous window and click "OK".

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Method 3. How to Create a Password Protected PDF by Microsoft Office's Built-In Encryption Tool

Since the release of Microsoft Office, users have been able to apply password protection to a PDF file that is exported from a Word document. Microsoft Office possesses a notable feature that functions as a highly effective safeguard for one's documents. Follow these steps to initiate the process of adding a password to a PDF in Microsoft Office:

Step 1. Launch Microsoft Word and open a Word document.

Step 2. Tap "Save As" from the file menu and then browse to the location where the PDF will be saved.

tap save as from the file menu

Step 3. From the Save as type menu, select "PDF" and then click "Options".

click options

Step 4. Select "Encrypt the document with a password" and hit "OK".

how to create a password protected pdf

Step 5. Input the password twice, then press "OK". In this way, you have protected your PDF files.

Part 3. How to Add a Password to a PDF Online

Without the need to download and install any additional software, you may protect your PDFs with passwords using the online platforms discussed below:

Method 1. How to Put a Password to a PDF Through iLovePDF

iLovePDF is an online PDF editor that allows you to add passwords to your PDF files, convert, unlock, add comments and signatures, and even watermark them. You can use it from any gadget so long as it has access to the internet.

Here's how to use iLovePDF to PDF password add protection to a file you've uploaded:

Step 1. Visit the iLovePDF protect PDF service. To add a PDF to the online tool, choose "Select PDF file".

choose select pdf file

Step 2. Set a password in the menu bar visible to the right of the screen. Repeat the password to validate the file.

Step 3. Tap the "Protect PDF" option to set the password. Then, download the PDF.

how to make password protected pdf

Method 2. How to Make a Password Protected PDF Using PDF2go

PDF2Go makes adding password protection to your PDF files straightforward. Here, you'll find an overview and detailed instructions on how to create a password-protected PDF with PDF2Go:

Step 1. Access the PDF2GO protect PDF add password tool on their website. Select the "Choose File" button on the main page to upload the PDF document.

upload the pdf document

Step 2. Enter the password and re-enter it in the Settings area underneath the document you have added.

Step 3. Add a restriction password by clicking the "Set password to restrict permissions" button.

Step 4. Select "START" to begin entering a password.

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Method 3. How to Create a Password Protected PDF via SmallPDF

SmallPDF is a free web-based service to secure your PDF files with a password quickly. It is an excellent option for users due to its intuitive design and ease of usage. Here are the simple steps to PDF add password for free using SmallPDF:

Step 1. Upload your PDF using the "CHOOSE FILE" option.

add pdf files

Step 2. Type in the new password you want to use and re-enter it.

Step 3. Click "ENCRYPT PDF" to secure the document.

pdf add password

Step 4. Download the encrypted PDF.

Method 4. How to Add a Password Protected PDF with Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a full-featured program that allows you to protect, make, edit, and convert PDF files. If you want to restrict who can view or make changes to your PDF files, you can do so with this tool by using the password protection function. Here's how to make a PDF password-protected using Soda PDF:

Step 1. Go to the website of Soda PDF. Click "CHOOSE FILE" or drag and drop the PDF you want to protect onto the main window.

drag and drop the pdf onto the main window

Step 2. Select the password you'd want to use and re-enter it to lock your file. Then click on "PROTECT".

pdf password add

Step 3. Get the password-protected file and open it in your web browser.

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Part 4. FAQs About How to Add Password to PDF

Here are the frequently asked questions concerning adding a password to a PDF:

1. Why Should I Protect My PDF with a Password?

You should add a password to the PDF to prevent it from prying eyes. This feature helps protect confidential information by restricting access to the document to only those with the password.

2. What Kinds of Security Can Be Applied to a PDF File?

A user password (open password) and an owner password can be set on a PDF file. Owner passwords can be used to restrict printing, copying, and editing, while user passwords restrict access to the PDF itself.

The Verdict

Protecting a PDF with a password is a good idea if it contains sensitive information that needs to be kept private. Password-protecting a PDF can be done in various ways, as seen from the offline and online software mentioned above.

The solution you select should be tailored to the specific encryption scheme you plan to use. Since Coolmuster PDF Locker is a comprehensive PDF solution, you can trust it to add a password to PDF. Download it immediately to secure your PDF file.

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