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When working with various documents, whether on your own or as part of a team, the ability to combine multiple PDFs to form one PDF is a valuable asset. Wondering how to combine PDF files in Windows 10?

Multiple online and offline tools make it simple to merge PDF files in Windows 10 to create a single coherent and shareable document. Not only does this reduce the number of files sent in an email, but it also helps you keep track of shared information.

A single PDF file, including all of your documents, keeps the work structured, whether you're sending it out to other individuals or storing it for future use.

how to combine pdf files windows 10


Part 1: How to Combine PDF Files on Windows 10 Using Coolmuster PDF Merger

Do you want to merge many PDF files into a single document? Coolmuster PDF Merger has your back. With its simple interface, you can easily alter and combine multiple PDF files into one on Windows 10 to your satisfaction.

The tool ensures efficient handling, even when dealing with large PDF files while maintaining optimal performance and high file quality. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the order of your documents, seamlessly arranging the PDF files according to your preferred sequence.

Below are some features of the Coolmuster PDF Merger:

  • Merge as many PDF documents as you need into one at once.
  • Customize your document order to meet your preferences.
  • Maintain original quality. The program ensures that text style, photos, tables, graphics, layout, hyperlinks, and formatting are all preserved in the final PDF document.
  • Benefit from a superior viewing experience. The freshly produced file retains the excellent quality of the original documents, giving you a fantastic viewing experience with no loss of quality.

Here is a general guide on combining multiple PDF files into one PDF using the Coolmuster PDF merger.

01Download, install, and launch Coolmuster PDF Merger.

02Click Add File or Add Folder to upload your file.

how to merge pdf files on windows 10 with pdf merger

03Click the lock icon to enter your password. Click the menu button under Output Folder to set the destination folder. Click Start to begin the process.

combine multiple pdf files into one on windows 10

Part 2: How to Merge PDF Files on Windows Using PDFelement

PDFelement is a PDF editor that serves multiple functions. With this tool, you may edit PDFs as quickly as Word documents. Use the additional annotation tools to cross out, highlight and underline text. Insert text and photos, and quickly mark up content with ease.

Follow these steps to combine PDFs into one PDF Windows 10.

01After downloading and installing PDFelement for Windows on your computer, run the application and select the Combine Files option to open the merging window.

02Find the relevant files using the Add Files button or drag the files to the application in the pop-up window. If you have selected all the PDF files to be merged, click the Apply button in the window's bottom-right corner to begin the merging process.

add files

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Part 3: How to Merge PDF Files Windows 10 Using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat allows you to merge PDF documents in two ways, as described below:

Way 1. How to Join PDF Files Windows 10 Using Adobe Acrobat DC

You can easily merge two or more PDFs if you have Adobe Acrobat DC installed on your computer. The PDF editor also allows you to rearrange or delete pages in files before you combine PDF pages in Windows 10.

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat DC and go to the Tools menu. Then, locate the Combine Files tool and click Open.

how to join pdf files on windows 10 with adobe acrobat

Step 2: Click on the Add Files button. If the files are already open in Adobe Acrobat Pro, press Add Open Files to insert them.

Step 3: Select the files to be combined and press the Open button. Alternatively, drag and drop them into the Adobe Acrobat Pro window.

Step 4: Drag the files into the order you wish them to be combined. To modify or remove the pages within a file, pick the thumbnail and choose the Expand option (or just double-click it). Then sort or delete pages as desired.

Step 5: Select Options from the toolbar and select the file quality and other settings, such as adding bookmarks, removing the source files, and so on.

combine pdfs options

Step 6: Click the Combine button, which is located in the upper-right section of the screen

how to merge two pdf files in windows 10

Step 7: On the menu bar, choose File > Save as. Choose a directory, name the new PDF, and then click Save.

Way 2. How to Combine PDF Files Windows 10 with Adobe Acrobat Online

If you do not have a subscription to Adobe Acrobat DC, you can merge files for free using the online version of Adobe Acrobat.

Use the following simple steps to merge PDFs into one:

Step 1: Head for Try these Acrobat online tools > Edit > Merge PDFs at the Adobe Acrobat website.

merge pdf files on windows 10 with adobe online tool

Step 2: Click Select files or drag your files into the drop zone. Rearrange the files as necessary by clicking and dragging the selection along the dotted lines to the left. Then press Merge.

add files

Step 3: After merging the files, you will be sent to a screen with a preview of your file and the choices Download and Sign in. Once you've created a PDF, you may share or store the document online.

Part 4: How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Windows 10 Using Xodo MergePDF

Xodo Merge PDF is a free PDF merge software for Windows 10 that allows you to merge PDF files effortlessly. It's quite flexible, and it also allows you to convert PDFs into Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Word documents. It even allows you to export PDFs in PNG and JPG picture file formats.

Step 1: Load Xodo PDF Online on your preferred web browser and choose Merge PDF.

combine multiple pdf files into one in windows 10 with xodo mergepdf

Step 2: Select Local device and then select the PDFs to combine. Alternatively, drag the files into the open browser tab.

Step 3: Sort the PDF files. If you wish to manage and delete particular pages inside files, you may do so by selecting View all pages.

merge pdf files

Step 4: To merge the PDF files, use the Merge option. Then download the merged file.

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Part 5: How to Merge PDF Documents in Windows 10 Using PDF Merger & Splitter

PDF Merger & Splitter is a free program that merges multiple PDF files into one PDF file. It's free to download from the Microsoft Store.

Step 1: Download and run PDF Merger & Splitter. Then, click Merge PDF.

how to merge pdf documents in windows 10 with pdf merger and splitter

Step 2: Add the PDF files you wish to combine by clicking the Add PDFs button.

Step 3: To modify the order of the files, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons. You cannot reorganize or delete PDF pages using this application.

Step 4: Select the page size from the drop-down option next to Page size settings if necessary,

Step 5: Select the Merge PDF button and save the resulting file.

Part 6: How To Merge Two PDF Files in Windows 10 With PDF Candy Desktop

To combine PDF files on Windows, download the desktop version of Candy PDF Merger. You will be able to use this program without needing to connect to the Internet, ensuring total confidentiality of the documents you process.

Follow these steps after download to combine two PDF files Windows 10:

Step 1: Start the program and click on the Merge PDF option. Alternatively, drag & drop files into the program's window.

Step 2: Rearrange the file sequence and, if necessary, specify the number of pages to merge. The generated file may be secured with permissions and passwords.

merge multiple pdf files in windows 10 with pdf candy desktop

Step 3: Select the save folder and press the MERGE button.

Extra Tip: How to Merge PDF Files on Mac

Apple has Quick Actions, a feature that allows users to merge PDFs effectively. Quick Actions is a Mac feature that allows users to automate their day-to-day Mac tasks. It provides you with a variety of operations, including the creation and merging of PDFs.

Here is how to merge PDF files on a Mac using Quick Actions:

On your Mac, enable the Create PDF Action: open System Settings and navigate to Privacy & Security > Extensions > Finder, and select the Create PDF checkbox.

enable create pdf feature

Follow these steps to merge several PDF files into a single PDF:

Step 1: Navigate to the folder holding the PDF files you wish to combine.

Step 2: Right-click on the ones you wish to merge into a single document. Make sure the PDFs are selected in the order you want them to appear in the final PDF creation.

Step 3: Control-click or right-click on the selected files and click Quick Actions > Create PDF from the context menu.

combine pdfs on mac

Alternatively, click on the PDF files to be merged and then click the Quick Action button in the Preview box on the right. For this method of performing the Quick Action in Finder, you must have both the Column view and the Show Preview option activated.

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Final Thoughts

There are several reasons to combine PDF documents with Windows 10. Having everything in one location will make it easier to find and share information inside your files. Having one file rather than numerous files may be more convenient for the recipient, who needs to find the correct file quickly.

Organizing and consolidating your files allows you to focus on current work and personal issues. Combine PDF into one document in Windows 10 using Coolmuster for a free and straightforward process.

It might benefit you with personal and professional endeavors such as:

  • Combine book chapters.
  • Consolidate project docs
  • Merge legal documents.

Need help to find a PDF merge app for Windows 10? Download Coolmuster PDF Merger to unlock the power of PDF merging.

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