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Step-by-Step Guide: Vivo to Vivo Data Transfer [Top 5 Methods]


For loyal users of Vivo phones, the Vivo to Vivo data transfer function is undoubtedly a thoughtful and practical choice. It is like a strong helper that helps us save time and bring convenience between phone transmissions. In this post, we will demonstrate five different techniques that Vivo users can use to easily move data from one Vivo device to another.


Way 1. How to Transfer Data from Vivo to Vivo by Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

There is a tool that can help you transfer data from Vivo to Vivo directly. That is Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, a software application. It can copy all the data from a source Vivo device to another with USB or Wi-Fi, which depends on what connection you prefer. With it, you can move your contacts, user apps, videos, music, photos, SMS, and more simultaneously.

Key features of Coolmuster Mobile Transfer:

  • Transfer data effortlessly with just a single click between two Vivo phones.
  • Allow you to select file types before transferring data.
  • Copy data with the original quality and formats.
  • Enable you to transfer files from iPhone to Vivo and vice versa.
  • Broadly compatible with various generations of Vivo, Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, iPad, and more.

How can we transfer data from Vivo to Vivo? Here are the detailed steps of using Coolmuster Mobile Transfer to achieve it:

01On your computer, install and start Coolmuster Mobile Transfer.

02Use USB cords to connect both the source and target Vivo devices to your computer. Check to see if the two phones are in the right places. If they are, click "Flip" to switch them.

connect vivo phones to computer

03You can choose which kinds of data you want to copy, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, and so on. After that, click "Start Copy" to begin the process.

vivo to vivo data transfer

Video Tutorial:

Way 2. How to Transfer Data from Vivo to Vivo Using EasyShare

EasyShare, a user-friendly application designed explicitly for data transfer, stands out as an excellent option for Vivo users seeking simplicity without sacrificing speed. Its intuitive interface and quick transfer speeds have made it a preferred choice among smartphone users. Following is the step-by-step guide to using the Vivo to Vivo data transfer app:

Step 1. Begin by installing EasyShare on both Vivo devices from the respective app stores and open it on both devices, ensuring they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. On the source device, Select the "Replacement" feature located in the bottom-right corner and opt for "Old phone".

Step 3. Tap on the option "New phone" on your brand new Vivo device and choose the previous phone model as an Android phone.

Step 4. Subsequently, utilize your new Vivo phone to scan the QR code generated on the source phone in order to establish a connection between the two devices.

Step 5. Once you're connected, you can choose what kinds of info you want to send and then just tap the "Start device switch" button in the app. As soon as the file transmission is complete, you can move on by hitting the "Done" button.

use vivo to vivo data transfer app

Way 3. How to Transfer Data from Vivo to Vivo via Google Drive

Leveraging the capabilities of cloud storage, Google Drive presents itself as a secure and efficient option for Vivo users seeking not only data transfer but also long-term data backup. This method not only ensures seamless transfer but also provides a robust backup solution, guaranteeing the security of your data for future access. Here are the comprehensive steps:

Step 1. Launch the Google Drive application on your source Vivo device, and then tap the "+" icon. Choose "Upload", and proceed to browse and select the file from your Vivo for transfer to Google Drive.

upload data to google drive

Step 2. Upon completion of the uploading process, switch to your new Vivo phone and open the Google Drive app with the same Google account.

Step 3. Browse through the files you want to save, then tap the "three dots" icon and select "Download" to transfer them to your new Vivo phone.

download data from google drive

Way 4. How to Transfer Data from Vivo to Vivo with Bluetooth

Despite the rise of more advanced technologies, Bluetooth continues to be a ubiquitous and reliable option for data transfer between Vivo devices. Its simplicity and accessibility make it an appealing choice for users seeking a straightforward transfer process. Now, we'll walk through the specific steps:

Step 1. Open the "Settings" app on your two Vivo phones. Go to "Bluetooth" and turn it on.

how to transfer data from vivo to vivo

Step 2. Pair the devices by selecting the target Vivo device on the source device, establishing a secure link for data transfer.

Step 3. Once paired, navigate to the specific file you wish to transfer and select "Send via Bluetooth", initiating the transfer process.

Step 4. On the target device, promptly accept the incoming Bluetooth request, kickstarting the data transfer process.

Way 5. How to Transfer Data from Vivo to Vivo Through SHAREit

SHAREit, a renowned cross-platform file-sharing application, stands out with its high-speed data transfer capabilities, offering Vivo users a robust solution for seamless data migration. Its efficiency and user-friendly interface have contributed to its popularity among smartphone users. The following are the specific operational steps for Vivo to Vivo data transfer:

Step 1. Begin by installing SHAREit on both Vivo devices and open SHAREit.

Step 2. On the source Vivo phone, in the SHAREit app, tap on the "Send" option. Select the files or data you want to transfer. After selecting the files, tap on the "Send" button.

how can transfer data from vivo to vivo

Step 3. SHAREit will search for nearby devices. When the target Vivo phone appears in the list, tap on it to establish a connection.

Step 4. On the target Vivo phone, tap on the "Receive" option in the SHAREit app. Accept the incoming connection request from the source Vivo phone. Once the devices are connected, the file transfer will begin.

To Wrap Up

In conclusion, Vivo knows that its users have different needs, so it gives us a number of ways to easily move info between devices. If you want to transfer files, you can use dedicated tools like Coolmuster Mobile Transfer or other ways like Bluetooth and SHAREit. You can choose the method that works best for you. When it comes to safety and ease of use, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is the best choice. This is a skilled tool for moving data between mobile phones. It works with Vivo phones and can also move data between phones of other brands.

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