How to Delete Data from Android Phone Permanently? [Top 5 Ways]


In today's digital age, our smartphones have become repositories of sensitive information, ranging from personal photos and messages to confidential documents. Deleting files on your Android phone may seem like a straightforward task, but merely hitting the delete button doesn't ensure the complete eradication of that data. This raises concerns about privacy and the potential for data recovery, especially when it comes to discarded files. In this guide, we delve into the reasons why it's crucial to permanently erase deleted files on Android and explore various methods of how to delete data from Android phones permanently.


Part 1. Why You Need to Permanently Erase Deleted Files on Android?

Permanently deleting data on an Android phone may be motivated by various reasons. Here are some possible scenarios:

1. Selling or Transferring the Phone: When planning to sell or transfer your phone, you may want to erase all personal data thoroughly to protect your privacy.

2. Recycling or Disposing of the Phone: If you intend to recycle or dispose of your phone, you might want to permanently delete all data to prevent others from accessing or recovering your sensitive information.

3. Privacy Protection: Sometimes, even if you don't plan to sell the phone, you may need to permanently delete certain sensitive information for privacy reasons, ensuring that others cannot access it.

4. Clearing Storage Space: Over time, the use of a phone may accumulate a large amount of unnecessary data, including cache, temporary files, etc. Periodically clearing this data can free up storage space and improve phone performance.

5. Preventing Data Leakage: In some situations, a phone may be lost or stolen. To prevent personal data leakage, you may want to remotely wipe all data from the phone.

Part 2. How Do You Permanently Delete Something Off Your Phone?

How to delete data permanently from Android phones? In this section, we will introduce five effective methods to permanently erase deleted files on Android. Let's take a look together.

Way 1. How to Delete Files in Android Phone by Coolmuster Android Eraser

Want to learn how to delete files permanently from an Android phone? Third-party software is a good option, such as Coolmuster Android Eraser. It's a specialized tool designed to ensure the permanent deletion of files on Android devices. Coolmuster Android Eraser is meticulously crafted to address the growing concerns around data privacy by providing an effective means of securely wiping sensitive information from Android devices. Whether you're planning to sell, recycle, or dispose of your device, this software ensures that your data remains inaccessible to any unauthorized parties.

Key features of Coolmuster Android Eraser:

  • Delete all data on Android, including deleted files, private information, system settings, and more.
  • Ensure complete and permanent deletion, preventing any possibility of recovering personal data.
  • Choose from three progressive levels of data erasure: Low, Medium, and High.
  • Support various file types, including text messages, contacts, videos, photos, and more.

Here's how to permanently delete files from Android phones by Coolmuster Android Eraser:

01Install, download, and enable Coolmuster Android Eraser. Connect your Android phone to the computer using a USB cable.

launch the software

02Once your Android phone is successfully connected, please select the "Erase" button to start the process.

select the erase button

03Select the desired security level: Low, Medium, or High. After making your selection, click the "OK" option to proceed.

select the desired security level

04Once confirmed, the program will swiftly scan your Android phone to access files and promptly initiate the data deletion process.

how to delete data from android phone permanently

Note: Before deleting Android data, remember to back up your important data, as the deletion is irreversible. Coolmuster Android Backup Manager is a reliable Android backup software for this purpose.

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Way 2. How to Delete Data Permanently from Android Phone by Factory Reset

Executing a factory reset on your Android device is a standard procedure for data deletion., but it's important to note that this may not guarantee permanent deletion, as data can potentially be recovered. However, if you still want to proceed with a factory reset, here's how to delete all data from your phone:

Step 1. Navigate to your device's applications by selecting "Apps". From there, proceed to the "Settings" menu and locate the "Backup and reset" option.

Step 2. Click on "Factory data reset", then proceed with "Reset device", and confirm by selecting "Erase everything".

how to delete data permanently from android phone

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Way 3. How to Erase Data from Phone by Android File Shredder

Using an Android file shredder is an effective method to securely erase data from your phone. There are several software options available on the market, and for illustration purposes, let's take Shreddit as an example. Shreddit is available on the Google Play Store. It efficiently deletes large data within seconds from both internal and external storage.

Follow these steps to know how to prevent data recovery after factory reset:

Step 1. Go to the Google Play Store, search for Shreddit, and download the app. Install and run it on your Android device.

Step 2. Choose the specific files or data categories you want to erase permanently. Shreddit provides options to select files from both internal and external storage.

how to delete files permanently from android phone

Step 3. Choose the method that aligns with your preferences for secure data deletion.

Step 4. Start the shredding process by tapping the "CONFIRM" option.

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Way 4. How to Delete All Files from Android Phone by Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device offers more than just location tracking; it can also be used to remotely wipe data from your Android device. Here's a general guide on how to permanently delete data from a Samsung phone using Google Find My Device:

Step 1. Visit Google Find My Device in any browser, log in with the main user account linked to your phone, and Google will recognize and display your phone's model.

Step 2. Choose "ERASE DEVICE". This action will delete all data on your phone and automatically log you out of your Google account, ensuring that no one can access any information within the device.

how to permanently delete files from android phone

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Way 5. How to Delete Data Permanently from Android Phone by Recovery Mode

If your Android phone is not functioning properly or has other issues, and you still want to permanently delete data from the phone, entering recovery mode using key combinations is also a suitable method. Below are the specific steps on how to remove all data from the phone.

Step 1. Turn off your Android phone completely.

Step 2. Hold down both the "Power" and "Volume Down" buttons simultaneously for most Android devices. For Samsung phones, simultaneously press and hold the "Power" and "Volume Up" buttons.

Step 3. While in recovery mode, navigate using the volume keys and make selections with the power button.

Step 4. Choose the "wipe data/factory reset" option. Confirm your selection.

how to prevent data recovery after factory reset

Step 5. You'll be prompted to confirm the factory reset. Proceed with caution, as this will delete all data on your phone.


In conclusion, the importance of permanently erasing deleted files on Android cannot be overstated. Whether for privacy reasons or to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information, adopting effective data deletion methods is essential. This guide has explored various ways to achieve permanent file deletion on Android, offering users a comprehensive understanding of the tools and techniques available. By implementing these methods, users can safeguard their personal and confidential data, ensuring a secure and privacy-conscious mobile experience. Among these methods, we highly recommend using Coolmuster Android Eraser, as it is efficient and user-friendly.

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