How to Convert Video to MP3 on iPhone? This One Might Help!


Are you looking for a way to convert a video to an MP3 file on an iPhone? You can convert video to MP3 on iPhone using online file converter tools or iPhone's file converter apps. These file converters allow you to select the video file of your choice and select your desired output formats. Some video converters have additional functions that improve the quality of the video.

It is essential to know that converting a video to an MP3 file format affects the quality of the video, especially if the video file has high-quality audio. As a result, it is prudent to use high-quality settings when converting the videos to minimize quality loss. This article discusses several methods of converting video to MP3 on iPhone.

how to convert video to mp3 on iphone


Part 1. How to Make a Video an Audio File on iPhone Using Online Tools

Looking for a video to MP3 iPhone video converter? Online converters provide a simple and effective way to convert your iPhone videos to MP3 format. Most online video converters are free and do not need you to install third-party software. These online tools support several popular audio formats, such as OGG, MP3, AC3, MP4, among others.

Some online video converter tools allow users to upload their video files to a cloud-based service like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., and then access the video files from the cloud-based service instead of browsing through the iPhone's memory.

Below is a guide on how to turn video into audio on iPhone using online tools:

1.1 How to Convert a Video an Audio File on iPhone via Zamzar

There are online programs in the market, and Zamzar is one of the best online converters.

Below are the elaborate steps you can follow to convert your iPhone videos to MP3 via Zamzar:

Step 1. Use your iPhone's browser to move to Zamzar's official website. Tap Choose Files and select the video you want to convert. This online converter also allows users to drag and drop the file.


Step 2. In the Conver To option, select the MP3 and click the Convert Now button to start converting your video file.

Step 3. After uploading the video, click Download to download the file.

1.2 How to Convert a Video an Audio File on iPhone via iPhone Audio Converter

Are you looking for another way to convert a video to an audio file? iPhone Audio Converter is a powerful online file-converting tool that converts videos into various formats. This file-converting tool converts the video while still maintaining the file's original quality.

Below are the simple steps for using iPhone Audio Converter to convert your videos to audio files:

Step 1. Move to the iPhone Audio Converter's website using your iPhone's browser. Tap the Choose Files option and select the video or directly upload the video file by dragging and dropping it into the interface.

iphone audio converter

Step 2. Tap on the Audio menu, just below the Video menu, and select the output as MP3. Then tap the Convert button to convert the video to MP3.

Step 3. Be patient for the conversion process to finish and tap Download, and the video will be downloaded into your iPhone.

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Part 2. How to Convert a Video to Audio Using iPhone Applications

You can convert video to audio on iPhone using iPhone video converter applications. Below are some apps for converting a video to audio using iPhone:

2.1 How to Change Video to Audio via the Shortcuts App

Shortcuts is an Apple visual scripting application that helps users create an automated workflow on various Apple devices like iPhones, iPad, etc. The Shortcuts App is integrated with Siri and has outstanding features that enable users to create an automated workflow. This application provides the simplest method of converting a video to audio.

Below are the simple steps for using the Shortcuts app to convert an iPhone video to MP3:

Step 1. Launch the Shortcuts app on the iPhone (Download the Shortcuts app from App Store if you do not find it on your iPhone).

open shortcuts app on iphone

Step 2. To convert your video files, click on Video -> Audio section on the main screen of Shortcuts app.

click on video -> audio section

Step 3. When you see the pop-up window saying Please select a video file from one of these sources, tap on Camera Roll or Files to choose your video. We're choosing Camera Roll for an instance.

select a file to convert

Step 4. Choose Albums section and find your desired video to convert. Click it and tap on the sharing icon. Choose the Save to Files option. You can then rename it and choose where to save it.

save the converted file

2.2 How to Change Video to MP3 via MyMP3 App

MyMP3 App is one of the best video converter applications. Follow the elaborate steps below to use MyMP3 to convert your videos to MP3 on an iPhone:

Step 1. Download the MyMP3 app and launch it on your iPhone. Click the magnifying glass icon located in the upper-left corner of the screen. Then click the Choose a Video from Gallery option. If the app requests you to access the photo gallery, permit it.

Step 2. Select the video files you want to convert, then click Choose.

Step 3. The files will be converted to MP3 format and visible on the MyMP3 app's home screen. Click on the file to play it, or click the three dots next to the file to share it.

Part 3. How to Convert Video Files Using a Professional Tool

Are you looking for a way of converting your video to another format? The best way of converting your video files is using a professional video converting tool like Video Converter Ultimate. Not only does this application allow users to convert video files, but it also provides them with a rainbow of potent video editing features.

This outstanding application allows its users to apply various filters such as orange dots, HongKong movie, coordinates, modern etc. on their videos, enables the users to adjust video effects such as brightness, saturation hue, and contrast, improves the quality of a video by removing the video noise, upscaling the resolution of the video, optimizes the contrast and the brightness of the video and reduces the video shaking effects.

The Video Converter Ultimate application has an in-build enhancer that enables it to keep the video's original quality or even make the end product better than the original file. This popular application is trusted by millions globally due to its outstanding features. It also allows users to convert multiple video files simultaneously with only 1click.

Some of the Video Converter Ultimate application's features include:

  • Support more than 1000 video formats.
  • Allow users to add filters and effects to videos.
  • Allow users to add audio tracks and adjust subtitles on videos.
  • Allow users to add 3D effects to their videos.
  • Use artificial intelligence to enhance video quality.
  • Allow users to optimize the contrast and brightness of a video.
  • Make the video more clear by removing the shaking issue.

To use this application, you need to follow the below simple steps:

01Download and run the app on your PC, open it, and create a user account with your email address.

02Upload the video files to the application by clicking the Add File button. (You can also add the video files of your choice to the application by dragging and dropping them into the application interface directly.) After adding the video files to the application's interface, you will see the properties of the video, such as the video's screen size, time length, and original format.

import files

03You can play it, take a snapshot or edit it. Hit on the Edit option to begin editing the video. Now click the format button on the right side of the application's interface and choose the already set formats from the available options.

choose a format

04Click on the Gear icon on the right side of the interface, and a pop-up screen with editing options will appear.

edit profile of a video

05Choose the path of the location where you want to store the converted video file at the button of the application's interface. Set the format of your choice on the upper left corner of the application's interface and hit the Convert All button to begin the converting process.

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Now you understand how to convert video to MP3 on iPhone using various techniques. All these methods are reliable but have different efficiency levels. As such, selecting a technique that is easy, fast, and trusted will simplify the process. However, converting videos on your iPhone's small screen can be daunting, so we recommend you edit the videos on your computer using the Video Converter Ultimate application. This tool is easily usable, efficient, fast, and is trusted by millions around the globe.

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