How to Convert Video to Audio File in 10 Comprehensive Ways


Whether you want an audio file to listen on the go, create a podcast, or extract the essence of a video, converting video to audio is a handy skill to have. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help you convert a video to audio files. This article details how to convert video to audio file formats online and offline.

how to make a video an audio file


Part 1: Why Should We Turn Video to Audio?

Below are common reasons people convert video to audio files.

  • Portability - Audio files are generally smaller in size compared to video files. Converting videos to audio can help save storage space on your device and make it easier to transfer and share the content.
  • Listening Convenience - Converting the video to an audio file allows you to listen to the content without the need for video playback.
  • Bandwidth Limitations - Converting videos to audio eliminates the need for video streaming and allows for faster and smoother playback, making it more feasible to enjoy content in low-bandwidth situations.
  • Extracting Audio Tracks - Converting the video to audio format enables you to isolate and save the desired audio content separately.
  • Accessibility - Audio files can be more accessible to individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer consuming content through auditory means. By converting videos to audio, you make the content more inclusive and compatible with screen readers or other assistive technologies.
  • Content Editing - If you're a content creator or an audio/video editor, converting video to audio can be a part of your workflow. By extracting the audio from a video file, you can edit and process the audio separately, applying effects, adding narration, or making adjustments without the need to manipulate the video footage.

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Part 2: How to Convert Video to Audio File

There are multiple ways on how to change video to audio files. Below are common methods for easy and free video to audio conversion.

Method 1: How to Convert Video to Audio with Video Converter Ultimate [Windows/Mac]

If you want the best way to convert video to audio without losing file quality, Video Converter Ultimate is your best video to audio converter for pc. Used and trusted by millions of people globally, Video Converter Ultimate is a highly functional file converter with video to audio and audio to video conversion capabilities.

It has an easy user interface, making it the easiest video converter to use.

Features of Video Converter Ultimate

  • Allow batch processing and large files.
  • Convert video to audio files in multiple processes.
  • Convert video to MP3 without losing quality.

Here is how to turn a video into an audio file with Video Converter Ultimate.

01Download, install, and launch the software on your computer. Press the Add File button at the top ribbon or the big plus button in the middle to load the video file.

how to convert video to audio file using video converter ultimate

02Select output format from the drop-down list of Convert All to. By tapping the Custom Profile.

convert video files in video converter ultimate

03Click the Browse button to select where the converted file will be saved and hit the Convert All button to allow the converting process to start.

Method 2: How to Convert Video to Audio Using Movavi Video Converter [Windows/Mac]

Movavi is a powerful desktop video editor with multiple function capabilities including converting video to audio files. Here is how to switch video to audio files with Movavi.

Step 1: Download and install the MP3 video converter to you PC or Mac. Launch the app and choose Convert video section in the main screen.

how to change video to audio with movavi video converter

Step 2: Click the Add Media button then Add Video. Select the video files you wish to convert to audio.

add videos to movavi video converter

Step 3: Customize the audio format and preferences. Click the Audio tab, then open the MP3 group. Select the MP3 - Original bitrate preset to copy all the parameters from the original file.

Step 4: Click the Save to button to choose the destination folder. Click Convert to convert the video file to audio.

Method 3: How to Switch Video to Audio Using VLC [Windows]

VLC is a popular media player for most devices. The tool features a built-in converter that can transcode video files to audio at no cost.

Here is how to convert video to audio files using VLC.

Step 1: Download, install and launch VLC Media Player and import source video.

Step 2: Launch the app, then click Media from the menu bar at the top. Click Convert/Save and ensure that the File tab is selected on the Open Media box.

how to switch video to audio in vlc

Step 3: Click Add from File Selection field's right side then click Convert/Save.

perform video to audio conversion in vlc

Step 4: Select output format and preferences. Select the Convert radio button on the Convert box, then choose an audio format from the Profile list. Click Save to go back to the Convert window.

choose output format in vlc

Step 5: Choose the output folder and convert. Click Browse from the Destination section to customize the destination folder. Rename the new file, then click Start to convert your file.

Method 4: How to Switch Video to Audio with Audacity [Windows]

Audacity is a free open-source cross-platform audio software that you can use for your conversion. Follow these steps to convert and download video to audio.

Note: Audacity need optional FFmpeg library to open video formats as MP4.

Step 1: Download and install Audacity to your computer.

Step 2: Go to File, then click open. Select the video you want to convert to audio.

how to switch video to audio using audacity

Step 3: Go back to File, and select export. From the file format dropdown menu, choose MP3 file type, and click save. Start the conversion process.

Method 5: How to Turn Video to Audio with Freemake Video Converter [Windows]

Freemake Video Converter is a professional video converter that can convert video to multiple audio formats. Here is how to convert video files to audio for free using Freemake Video Converter.

Step 1: Install and launch Freemake Video Converter on your PC.

freemake video converter main screen

Step 2: Click Video on the main interface to add the video file you wish to convert.

how to convert video

Step 3: Choose the preferred file format you wish to compress to. Start the conversion.

Method 6: How to Turn a Video into an Audio File Mac Using QuickTime [Mac]

QuickTime is a media player designed by Apple for Mac users. Though it doesn't have a dedicated video to audio conversion tool, QuickTime can help you convert files from MP4 to MP3.

Here is how to turn a video into an audio file on Mac using QuickTime.

Step 1: Launch the QuickTime player on your Mac. Click File > Open File to add the video file you wish to convert.

how to turn a video into an audio file on mac using quicktime player

Step 2: Go back to File, then click Export As and click Audio Only.

export to audio

Step 3: Use the file save dialogue box to rename the audio file and select a destination folder. Click save to save your MP3 as your preferred format.

Method 7: How to Turn Video to Audio with Shortcuts App [iPhone]

Do you want to convert video to audio files on your iDevice? Shortcuts is an inbuilt tool to help you convert video files to audio. It can also help you convert video to GIF, change wallpapers, etc.

Here is how to convert video files to Audio freely on your iDevice.

Step 1: Launch the Shortcuts app on the iPhone (Download the Shortcuts app from App Store if you do not find it on your iPhone).

open shortcuts app

Step 2: Click on Video -> Audio section.

choose video to audio section

Step 3: When you see the pop-up window saying Please select a video file from one of these sources, tap on Camera Roll pr Files to choose your video. We're choosing Camera Roll for an instance.

select a video file from the sources

Step 4: Choose Albums section and find your desired video to convert. Click it and tap on the sharing icon. Choose the Save to Files option. You can then rename it and choose where to save it.

tap on the sharing icon

Method 8: How to Change Video to Audio with Media Converter [iPhone]

You can also leverage a selection of apps to facilitate video to audio conversion. One such app is Media Converter - video to mp3 that is about 66MB in size and available on the App Store.

Here is how to turn a video into an audio file with Media Converter.

Step 1: Launch Media Converter, then import the video you wish to convert to the application.

Step 2: Choose Extract Audio from the Conversion Type menu, then choose your preferred output audio format. Start the video file conversion process.

Method 9: How to Change Video to Audio with Free Convert [Online]

Free Convert is an online converter that works on any web browser. Its encryption levels increase your data security and privacy, especially since it stores data on the cloud. Here is how to make a video an audio file with Free Convert.

Step 1: Go to the Free Convert site, and click the Choose Files button to upload files.

meidia converter - video to mp3

Step 2: Choose Audio from the output drop-down menu and select the preferred audio format. Click Convert to MP3 to begin the conversion. Click Download to save the converted files.

Method 10: How to Change Video to Audio with Online-Convert [Online]

Online-Convert is a popular converter web tool with multiple converter functions. Here is how to convert video to audio files using Online-Convert

Step 1: Open Online-Convert's website from your web browser Select Audio Converter from the interface.

free convert

Step 2: On the next interface, choose the file format you wish to convert the file to. Click Convert to MP3.

Step 3: Click Choose File to add the video file you wish to convert. Customize your parameters, then click Start to begin compression.

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By following the steps outlined above, you can easily convert videos to audio using Video Converter Ultimate or an alternative online converter. Download Video Converter Ultimate to convert video files to audio in a few easy steps.

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