Unveiling the Legend: Exploring the Mysteries of Eternatus Pokemon


Eternatus, as a Legendary Pokemon, captivates trainers and fans' attention. If you also wonder more details about Eternatus, read this guide. We've described the some key information about it, and you can utilize the information to catch Eternatus Pokemon easily.

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Part 1. What Is Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Eternatus is a legendary Pokemon that plays a crucial role in the main storyline of the game. It is a Dragon- and Poison-type Pokemon known as the "Gigantic Pokemon". Eternatus is directly tied to the history and lore of the Galar region, where the game is set.

Eternatus is introduced as a powerful and mysterious Pokemon that was responsible for the Darkest Day, a catastrophic event that occurred in the Galar region centuries ago. It was sealed away after the Darkest Day, but its presence and influence lingered throughout the region's history.

Eternatus possesses an arsenal of unique powers that set it apart from other Pokemon. Eternatus also has a special Gigantamax form, which transforms its appearance and boosts its power even further. In its Gigantamax form, Eternatus becomes an enormous and imposing creature, towering over other Pokemon. Its signature move, "Dynamax Cannon", harnesses the energy of Gigantamaxing, enabling it to unleash devastating attacks. Additionally, its "Eternabeam" move delivers a concentrated beam of destructive power, capable of overpowering even the most resilient opponents. Eternatus' Dragon- and Poison-type combination further amplifies its potency, allowing it to exploit weaknesses and unleash powerful assaults on its adversaries.

In the game's storyline, the player and their rival encounter Eternatus in the depths of the Power Plant. They discover that the villainous team, Macro Cosmos, seeks to capture and exploit Eternatus' power for their own nefarious purposes. The player and their allies are tasked with stopping Macro Cosmos and saving the Galar region from the potential chaos that Eternatus could unleash.

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Part 2. Can I Catch Eternatus?

Yes, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can catch Eternatus. It is a scripted encounter during the main storyline of the game. After defeating the Champion and becoming the Champion yourself, you will progress to the climax of the story where you confront Eternatus at the Power Plant.

During the battle, you will have the opportunity to weaken Eternatus and then attempt to capture it using Poke Balls. As Eternatus is a legendary Pokemon, it may require some strategy and patience to successfully capture it. You can use various types of Poke Balls, such as Ultra Balls or Timer Balls, to increase your chances of capturing Eternatus.

Once you successfully capture Eternatus, it will become a part of your Pokemon team, and you can use it in battles, complete your Pokedex, or participate in online battles and competitions.

Part 3. What Happens If You Don't Catch Eternatus?

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, if you choose not to catch Eternatus during the encounter in the Power Plant, the game's storyline will still progress. However, capturing Eternatus is essential for completing the main storyline and unlocking certain features.

If you don't catch Eternatus, the game will not allow you to proceed until you capture it. The battle with Eternatus is a scripted event, and the story will not continue until you successfully capture it using a Poke Ball.

Once you capture Eternatus, it becomes an integral part of the storyline, and you will be able to utilize its powers and continue your journey in the Galar region. Eternatus also has significance in the post-game content and can be used for battling, completing the Pokedex, or participating in online battles and competitions.

Part 4. How to Catch Eternatus?

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To catch Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield, follow these steps:

Step 1. Progress Through Main Storyline

Eternatus is encountered as part of the main story. You need to complete the main storyline and reach the Champion Cup before you can attempt to catch Eternatus.

Step 2. Reach Energy Plant

After becoming the Champion, you'll receive information about a disturbance at the Energy Plant. Head to the Slumbering Weald and make your way to the Energy Plant located in the Wild Area.

Step 3. Battle Eternatus

Inside the Energy Plant, you'll encounter Eternatus. It is a Dragon/Poison-type Legendary Pokemon, so come prepared with a strong team. Eternatus has a recommended level of around 60-70, so make sure your Pokemon are at a similar level.

Step 4. Weaken Eternatus

During the battle, focus on reducing Eternatus's HP without knocking it out. Use moves that are not super effective against it to prevent accidental fainting. Inflicting status conditions like sleep, paralysis, or freezing can also make it easier to catch.

Step 5. Capture Eternatus

Once Eternatus is weakened, use Ultra Balls or other types of Poke Balls to catch it. Ultra Balls have a higher catch rate and are recommended for legendary Pokemon. You can also use Dusk Balls if the battle is taking place at night or Repeat Balls if you've already caught Eternatus before.

Part 5. FAQs About Eternatus Pokemon

1. Is Eternatus in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Eternatus is in Pokemon Go. It's a Poison/Dragon-type legendary responsible for creating the Gigantamax phenomena and hails from beyond the stars, arriving in the world of Pokemon via a meteor that crashed in Galar 20,000 years ago.

2. Is Eternatus a legendary?

Yes, Eternatus is classified as a legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon Sword and Shield video games. It possesses unique characteristics, lore, and powers that make it stand out among other Pokemon.

3. Is Eternatus catchable?

Yes, Eternatus is catchable in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is encountered as part of the game's storyline in the Power Plant. After weakening Eternatus in battle, you will have the opportunity to capture it using Poke Balls.

4. Can you catch Eternatus in Pokemon Go?

Yes, you encounter Eternatus during the main story at the Energy Plant in Hammerloke before the Champion final match against Leon. Once you have lowered Eternatus' health to zero you will be forced to catch it.

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Eternatus stands as a testament to the depth and creativity found within the Pokemon universe. From its captivating design to its lore-driven backstory, Eternatus captivates fans with its mysterious allure. Its unique abilities and integral role in Pokemon Sword and Shield have cemented its place as a legendary Pokemon of immense power and significance. As the Pokemon franchise continues to evolve, one can only wonder what new adventures and mysteries lie in store for this enigmatic creature, Eternatus.

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