Best Spoofing Apps for Pokemon Go on iOS and Android


As a completely location-based AR game, Pokemon Go brings you a lot of fun while strolling around the real world. However, people living in rural and remote areas may have problems locating the PokeStops or Gyms, which increases the difficulty in catching strong and rare Pokemons. Stop upsetting yourself now! There's a trick to improve the awkward situation and let you enjoy the same experience as your fellows in the city.

All you need is the best mock GPS app for Pokemon Go. Read the fifteen best spoofing apps for Pokemon Go and select the favorite one to fake your location without leaving home.

best spoofing app for pokemon go

Part 1. 8 Best Spoofing Apps for Pokemon Go on iPhone
Part 2. 7 Best GPS Spoofing Apps for Pokemon Go on Android

Part 1. 8 Best Spoofing Apps for Pokemon Go on iPhone

Finding a Pokemon Go spoofer on iOS is hard since App Store does not allow any unauthorized location simulation apps. However, if you jump out of these rules, you can still discover some Pokemon Go apps that still work. For example, all the following products are the best Pokemon Go spoofing apps for iOS devices.

1. iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo is a computer-based spoofing app for Pokemon Go that works for iOS and Android devices. With the best Spoofer for Pokemon Go, you can change your current GPS location anywhere in the world without jailbreaking your device. Besides, you can customize a route between two places or multiple spots on the map at a wanted speed and hide your location to protect your privacy.

the best spoofing app for pokemon go on ios and android devices imyfone anyto

Key features of the best spoofing software:

* Trick your friends on social apps with a fake GPS location, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

* Change GPS location to any place in the world.

* Change the location on dating apps to match more friends.

* Access geo-specific services on your phone without location restriction.

* Hide your location on iOS/Android devices to avoid being tracked.

* Create GPS movement between two or more spots at a custom speed and pause anytime.

* Work with various location-based AR games, social platforms, etc.

* Support all iOS devices and most Android phones (iOS 14 and Android 11 included), such as iPhone 12/11, Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra, Google Pixel 5/4/4XL, Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro/Mate 40 Pro+/Mate 40E, etc.

the best spoofing app for pokemon go windows versionthe best spoofing app for pokemon go mac version

Note: The Pokemon Go spoofer Mac version does not work for Android devices.

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2. PokeGo++

If you want to hunt for a fake GPS app for Pokemon Go on your jailbroken iPhone, look no further than PokeGo++. Many people regard it as the tweaked version of Pokemon Go since it shares the same features with Pokemon Go and possesses all essential features to mock GPS locations.

Key features of PokeGo++:

* Joystick movement rather than manual operation.

* Only change your location in Pokemon Go.

* Customize the avatar's speed up to 8 times.

* Allow teleportation.

* Jailbreak needed.

best spoofing app for pokemon go -s pokego

3. iOS Roaming Guide

Desired for the best and free Pokemon Go spoofing app for your iPhone? iOS Roaming Guide completely fulfills your demands. Moreover, it also changes your location without the help of a computer.

Key features of iOS Roaming Guide:

* Fake GPS for Pokemon Go without a computer by pinning your favorite location on the map or searching for a wanted location.

* Offer a map-like interface to let you change your location anywhere globally.

* Free and easy to use.

* Support saving historical locations.

* One-click to turn off/on the spoofing features.

* Jailbreak required.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - ios roaming guide

Bonus: You can reset your screen time passcode on your iPhone even though you forget it.

4. iPokeGo for Pokemon Go

Wonder if Tweakzilla Pokemon Go spoofer still works? Don't struggle with that. iPokeGo for Pokemon Go is a better Pokemon Go spoofer for iOS devices which is rather simple to spoof GPS in Pokemon Go without jailbreaking your iPhone. What's more, it also supplies plentiful free and paid functions.

Nevertheless, the only pitfall of the app is that Niantic may easily detect your status and ban your account.

Key features of iPokeGo for Pokemon Go:

* Manually mock your location on the radar-like interface.

* Offer many extra features, like display a list of Pokemons, hide/show Pokemons/Gyms, follow the current route, run the app in the background, work on different themes and servers, etc.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - ipokego

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5. iSpoofer Go

iSpoofer Go used to be one of the top spoofing apps for Pokemon Go before shutdown by iSpoofer official. Known for its simple operation, it allows you to change your location anywhere worldwide in a few clicks without jailbreak requirement. Since it has been officially removed online, you can hardly make the new download or find its official website now.

Key features of iSpoofer Go:

* Spoof Pokemon Go location to anywhere in the world in a few clicks.

* Trick your friends with a fake location.

* Hide your current location and privacy.

* Other tricks: throw power, fast catching, live maps to your surroundings, etc.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - ispoofer

6. Change My Location

Another good spoofing app for Pokemon Go is Change My Location. This app directly works on your iPhone and offers simple features.

Key features of Change My Location:

* Send a fake location to your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social apps.

* Change the GPS location to anywhere in the world.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - change my location

7. Dr.fone Virtual Location

Dr.fone Virtual Location also has the chance to compete for the best app for spoofing on Pokemon Go. The desktop-based program provides a secure and stable backend environment for you to simulate the location in one click and fake the two-spot or multi-spot movement. One merit of the app is that Pokemon Go won't detect your spoofing behavior if operated wisely.

Key features of Dr.fone Virtual Location:

* Spoof Pokemon Go GPS in one click on a computer.

* Search any locations by name or coordinates.

* Simulate walking between two or more locations at a custom speed.

* No limitations on the number of spots you can fake.

* Not easy to be found by Pokemon Go.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - dr fone

8. My GPS Coordinate

As its name indicates, My GPS Coordinate mainly displays the geographical latitude and longitude on the map. Furthermore, you can also share your location on Google maps to Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Key features of My GPS Coordinate:

* Find the exact GPS coordinate of a point on a map.

* Drag and drop the marker on the map to your wanted point.

* Show the exact latitude and longitude of your current location.

* Share your GPS location with friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - my gps coordinate

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Part 2. 7 Best GPS Spoofing Apps for Pokemon Go on Android

A great many Pokemon Go spoofing Android apps have become more and more popular in the market. In this part, we organize the seven best GPS spoofing apps for Pokemon Go on Android.

1. Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Location is an uncomplicated Pokemon Go app that still works on Android devices. Once you change the real-time location on your Android phone, all the location-based apps on your phone will believe you are there. The only drawback of the app is that it requires rooting your device.

Key features of Fake GPS Location:

* Fake the GPS location on your Android device in two clicks.

* Need to root your Android device.

* Work with numerous location-based apps, social platforms, etc.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - fake gps location

2. PGShare

If you don't want to root your device, you can select PGShare. While teleporting the real-time location on your smartphone, this Pokemon Go location spoofer also protects your behavior from getting copped by the Niantic company.

Key features of PGShare:

* Teleport the GPS location around the world.

* Protect your privacy from being tracked.

* Offer a free and paid version.

* Rooting is unnecessary.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - pgshare

3. FGL Pro

The Pokemon Go spoofer FGL Pro includes all the features of similar paid and free apps. Whether you are driving a car or walking on the street, it changes your fake location with timers.

Key features of FGL Pro:

* Fake the GPS location from all over the world while driving or strolling.

* Share your mock location with family and friends on Snapchat and other apps.

* Contain all the essential and advanced features of a Pokemon Go spoofer.

* Difficult to use for the first-time Pokemon Go spoofing users.

* No rooting needed.

* The paid version involves many ads.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - fgl pro

4. Fake GPS

One of the best apps for spoofing on Pokemon Go on an Android device is Fake GPS. You can fake your location to any place in the world without moving your feet at home through the app. Although it gets a score of 4.6 on Google Play Store, it proves to have bugs or delays when playing Pokemon Go or uninstalling the app on some devices.

Key features of Fake GPS:

* Mock your location to any place globally.

* Have ads and in-app purchases.

* Increase/reduce accuracy/altitude of your coordinates and update intervals.

* Randomize the location to make it more real-like.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - fake gps

5. VPNa

VPNa is an Android-based spoofing app for Pokemon Go. Just as its name shows, it works like using a VPN for GPS location, but it offers a wider choice than a VPN to select any place on earth - Rome, New York, London, or somewhere. Some gaming apps may block our account once detecting your fake location. So, any illegal use of the app will not be approved by developers.

Key features of VPNa:

* Pick the fake location to anywhere you want.

* Store your historical locations for future use.

* No rooting required.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - vpna

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6. GPS JoyStick

Get crazy with the joystick movement in Pokemon Go? Now you can obtain three customized joystick modes in GPS JoyStick. Additionally, the Pokemon Go spoofing for Android also enables you to create and save the custom route on the map.

Key features of GPS JoyStick:

* Modify the GPS location to any directions with the map or joystick.

* Plan and save a custom route using any points.

* Pause or continue the route from the joystick.

* Provide three customizable speeds for your joystick movement.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - gps joystick

7. Fake GPS 360

Using this Pokemon Go spoofer, you can change your location to any wanted destinations to fool your friends on social networks and fly your GPS from city to city to make more friends.

Key features of Fake GPS 360:

* Locate to any place in the world.

* Share your location with friends on social networks.

* Geotag your photo even if you don't enable the location.

best spoofing app for pokemon go - fake gps 360

Final Thoughts

Which fake GPS app is the best for Pokemon Go? Have you got the idea yet? In my opinion, iMyFone AnyTo is the best spoofing app for Pokemon Go for both iOS and Android devices. From the above description, you can easily find that all the features it provides are necessary and user-friendly. Bar this, it also kindly hide your location to protect yourself from being tracked or detected by others.

By comparison, other apps cannot offer you such a secure and reliable user experience. Therefore, it's not hard to make the final decision.

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