How to Root ZTE Android Phones in One Click?

Keisha Alice
Aug 31, 2022
Rooting a ZTE device can unlock many hidden features of your ZTE phone. It helps a user take full control of their device and enhance its speed and performance. One can customize their kernels, ROMs, and various other functions by rooting it. Rooting your ZTE phone makes the device more personal and handy. It also helps one get rid of all the applications and functions that one doesn't use but can't get rid of due to the ZTE phone's restrictions. So, are you searching for ways to root your ZTE devices? Here are several ways help you root your ZTE Android phones in one click.

Part 1. What to do before rooting your ZTE devices?
Part 2. How to root ZTE phones with Kingo Root?
Part 3. How to root ZTE devices with Root Master?

What to do before rooting your ZTE devices?

Before rooting your ZTE Android device with the help of a rooting tool, here are a few prerequisites that need to be taken care of:

a) It is crucial to take the backup of everything on your device before rooting it, as the tool doesn't provide the automatic backup feature. Here is a guide telling you how to backup ZTE phones.
b) Your device should be at least 60% charged before the backup as the process could drain it significantly.

How to root ZTE phones with KingoRoot?

KingoRoot is a popular rooting app that enables you to root all models of ZTE devices from Android OS 1.0 to 7.0. It has both PC and App version. Here, we will set the App version as example.

Step 1. Download KingoRoot APK on your ZTE device and follow the step by step setup wizard to install it.

Step 2. Check on your internet source to ensure that there is a stable connection. Launch the APK file on your ZTE device and click the "One Click Root" to begin the process.

Step 3. There will be a display of the rooting progress. When you see an interface that shows you "Root Succeeded", congratulations that your ZTE device is successfully rooted and you can unplug and restart it.

root zte with kingoroot

How to root ZTE devices with Root Master?

Root Master is specially designed for Android users to root their Android devices. So, if you failed to root your ZTE phone using the above KingoRoot app, then you can try this alternative solution - Root Master.

Step 1. Visit root-master.com on your device and download it directly through any Internet browser on your ZTE device.

Step 2. Install the Root Master on your ZTE device and then launch the stock "Settings" application and activate the "Allow Installation from Unknown Sources" option.

download root master

Step 3. Once the program has been installed, you can launch the app and click on "Start" button to begin the rooting process. Please be noted that the rooting will last for a few minutes.

root master

Now, you can check the ZTE device is rooted or not by yourself (Don't know how? Here is a guide telling you how to check Android root status), and then install or uninstall any sources of apps as you like.

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