What are the Best Alarm Clocks for Android?


If sleep happens to be your first love and getting out of bed in the morning seems to be the most difficult task to achieve every morning, then these alarm clock apps for Android have been made for people just like you do. So you don't need to worry anymore that you will be late for the classes or work! With several customization options and new features, Android boasts of some of the best alarm clock apps which make sure you never oversleep and reach your destination on time. Let us take a look the top 5 alarm clock apps for Android.

Top 5 Choices for Android Devices

1. Gentle Alarm

With a "trial version" also being available, one can purchase this highly customizable alarm clock app for just $2.21. Some of its key features are setting numerous alarms in a day in either 12 or 24 hour format, creating customized per-alarm, snooze and alarm "profiles" such as workday, day off and nap or configuring it to play a playlist, any music or an internet radio stream as the alarm. Shake the phone in order to disable the alarm and flip it to snooze. It comes with a "night" and "dock" mode too.

alarm clocks for android

2. Timely

For an alarm clock app that is available for free, it is an amazingly functional and well-designed app. It boasts of a 3 panel experience for alarm setting functions along with a timer mode, stopwatch and a main clock screen. One can set alarms with ease by tapping and swiping the screen's sides and set multiple simultaneous alarms at the same time.

alarm clocks for android

3. Alarmy

With a free trial version being available, one can purchase this app for just $1.99. A very innovative feature of this app is that after setting an alarm, the user must also set a location that he will click a picture of or the alarm does not shut. One can also set his own music as the alarm tone customizing it.

alarm clocks for android

4. Alarm Clock Xtreme

You can choose between an ad-supported free version or pay $2 for the ad-free one. An extremely popular alarm clock app it boasts of a great design and UI. In this app too you can set as many alarms as you want and set a challenge or puzzle to disable it. Other key features are auto-snooze, built-in timer, auto-dismiss and an option to wake up every morning to music and not an alarm sound.

alarm clocks for android

5. My Alarm Clock

You can get the paid app for $2 or opt for the ad-supported free version. An aesthetically beautiful app, it displays the local weather and a dimmer once you are awake with an easy-to-read text style. Other unique features include a built-in flashlight, customizable home screen and clock widgets, alarms and multiple and background alarms. A built-in sleep timer helps you get sleep too by playing white noise.

alarm clocks for android

No matter which alarm clock app you download, having a data manager that can manage all the data on your phone right from your PC can make life easy!

Extra Bonus: How Can a Data Manager Help?

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