6 Must-Try Solutions on How to Fix Soft Brick Android [2024]


With technology developing so quickly these days, cell phones have become an essential part of our lives. They serve as essential platforms for our everyday work, leisure, and social interactions, in addition to being communication tools. On the other hand, "soft brick" describes the state in which cell phones experience software problems and are unable to power up correctly. When confronted with soft brick issues that limit our digital interaction capabilities, users may feel dissatisfied and helpless.

This article will go into the concept of soft brick, investigate its causes, and provide a thorough set of solutions to help users get their devices back up and running. Whether you're a tech novice or an experienced user, this article will offer clear guidance on how to fix a soft bricked Android device, allowing you to regain control over your Android device.


Part 1. FAQs of How to Fix Soft Bricked Phone

1. What is soft brick on Android?

When an Android device becomes partially or totally unresponsive as a result of software problems rather than hardware breakdown, it's referred to as a "soft brick". A soft brick can occur when the device keeps restarting without fully booting into the operating system, shows error messages, or becomes stuck on the boot screen.

2. What is the difference between soft brick and hard brick?

The main difference between soft brick and hard brick lies in the recoverability of the device. Even with a soft brick, software troubleshooting techniques like factory resets, firmware flashes, and backup restores can still be used to revive the device. A hard brick, on the other hand, leaves the gadget totally inoperable and is frequently fixed by hardware repairs.

3. What causes soft brick on Android?

A number of factors, including unsuccessful software upgrades, incompatible changes, corrupt system files, and incorrect rooting/flashing techniques, can result in soft bricks. Interrupted software updates, installing unsuitable custom ROMs or mods, flashing the wrong firmware, or manipulating system files carelessly or without the necessary expertise are common causes.

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Part 2. How to Fix a Soft Bricked Android Phone

Part 1's introduction has given us some insight into what soft-bricked Android devices are. We will then walk you through each of the six steps involved in fixing a soft-bricked phone in great detail.

Fix 1. Attempt a Forced Reboot

When your Android device encounters a soft-brick issue, the first step you should attempt is a forced restart to unbrick the Android device. This is the most straightforward and typical method, and in certain cases, it can fix the issue right away. Press and hold the "power" button for ten seconds or more to effect a forced restart of the device. This is a fast and safe troubleshooting step that doesn't cause data loss.

how to fix soft brick android

Fix 2. Enter Recovery Mode

The next step is to try to boot the Android device into recovery mode if a forced restart is unable to fix the soft-bricked handset. Recovery mode is a separate runtime section of the Android operating system that enables you to carry out certain essential tasks without booting into the main operating system, like wiping the cache and resetting the device. Follow the steps below to enter recovery mode to achieve a soft brick fix for Android:

Step 1. Make sure your phone is turned off entirely. To enter recovery mode, press and hold the "power" and "volume" buttons at the same time.

Step 2. Once in the recovery mode menu, utilize the volume keys to navigate up and down until you locate the option labeled "wipe data/factory reset". Press the "power" button to select it.

how to fix soft bricked phone

Step 3. Take a moment to carefully review the prompt, which details the actions your phone will perform and the potential consequences. If you are certain you wish to proceed, select "Yes" or "Confirm".

Step 4. Allow your phone to complete the reset process. Subsequently, it will automatically restart and revert to its factory settings.

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Fix 3. Clear Cache Partition

As part of fixing Android devices that have soft-bricked, you can also select "wipe cache partition" in recovery mode to remove the cache partition. This will get rid of any temporary files that might be the source of the soft-brick problem. Because clearing the cache doesn't erase your personal information or preferences, it's a reasonably safe procedure.

fix soft bricked android

Fix 4. Perform a Factory Reset

You might need to do a factory reset if none of the aforementioned fixes work to fix the problem. This will reset the device to its factory settings and remove all user data, including downloaded apps, pictures, music, and user settings. In recovery mode, choose "wipe data/factory reset" to carry out this process. For comprehensive instructions, please see Fix 2. Because this operation is irreversible, please make sure you have a backup of all your crucial data before starting. You can use professional tools like Coolmuster Android Assistant to back up your Android phone.

how to fix a soft bricked android phone

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Fix 5. Flash Official/Backup ROM

You can try flashing the official ROM or a previously backed-up ROM if you have one to fix the soft-brick problem. To flash the ROM, use tools such as ODIN and make sure you follow the right procedures. This is usually only used as a final option when all other attempts have failed because mishandling the device could cause it to brick. To fix a soft-bricked Android, you can choose to flash the official or backed-up ROM by following these comprehensive instructions:

Step 1. On your PC, download the appropriate official ROM or backup ROM. Make sure the downloaded ROM file is accurate and full, then choose a ROM that corresponds with the model and variant of your phone.

Step 2. In your phone's settings, find "Developer options" and enable USB debugging mode. This will allow you to transfer files and debug when connected to the computer.

soft brick fix samsung

Step 3. Make sure your phone is in recovery mode before connecting it to the computer using a USB data cord. Pressing and holding the "volume down" and "power" keys at the same time for a few seconds usually puts the phone into recovery mode.

Step 4. Copy the downloaded ROM file to your phone's storage. You can usually do this by dragging and dropping the file or using command-line tools like ADB.

Step 5. On your phone, use the volume keys to navigate to the "Flash ZIP file" or similar option and press the "power" button to confirm. Then, select the ROM file from internal storage or SD card and press the power button to confirm.

Step 6. Once you've confirmed the selection of the correct ROM file, the phone will start the flashing process. Wait for the flashing process to complete, during which the phone may restart once or multiple times.

Step 7. Once the flashing process is complete, you'll see a prompt or progress bar indicating completion. At this point, you can disconnect your phone from the computer and attempt to restart it.

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Fix 6. Use a Professional Tool - Android Repair

If you have doubts about the effectiveness of the aforementioned measures or if they do not successfully cure the problem of a soft-bricked Android device, you could want to consider utilizing a specialized Android repair tool. There is a wide range of tools available in the market, and we suggest using a specialized Android repair tool called Android Repair.

This software is capable of resolving numerous Android system issues and boasts a high success rate. It features a user-friendly interface that is both simple and visually appealing, making it accessible to users of all technical levels. You simply need to follow the on-screen instructions step by step to repair your Android device. With this tool, even those with limited technical knowledge can effortlessly resolve Android system problems.

Key features of Android Repair

  • Address a multitude of Android system problems, such as the black screen of death and soft-brick occurrences.
  • No technical skills are necessary.
  • Achieve a high success rate in fixing Android issues.
  • Compatible with all mainstream Android models, including Samsung.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to fix soft brick Android using the Samsung soft brick fix tool:

01Once you've launched the Android repair tool on your PC, click on "Repair" and choose "Android Repair". Next, connect your Android phone to your PC using a USB cable.

launch the software

02Select the details of your Android phone from the interface, including the brand, name, model, country, and carrier. Once you've made your selections, input "000000" to confirm, then click "Next" to proceed.

select the details of your android phone from the interface

03Adhere to the steps displayed on the screen in order to activate the Download mode on your Android device. Afterward, select the "Next" option, and the tool will initiate the process of downloading the Android firmware and installing it onto your smartphone. Eventually, your Android smartphone will be effectively restored.

how to fix a soft bricked phone

In the End

When dealing with how to fix a soft-bricked Android, we've explored various possible solutions, ranging from simple forced restarts to complex ROM flashing. However, even after attempting all these methods, it's still possible that the issue may persist. In such cases, using a professional Android repair tool like Android Repair may be the most effective solution.

The Android Repair tool is specifically designed to address a wide range of Android system issues. It provides a quick, easy, and safe way to fix things. You can save a lot of time in addition to having your gadget recovered with its assistance. Remember, if your device is having issues, sometimes getting professional assistance is the best course of action. I appreciate your reading, and please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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