[iOS 11] How to Disable High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF)?

Brandon Wood
Aug 31, 2022
Wondering how to disable High Efficiency Image Format in iOS 11, so that you can save iPad or iPhone photos as JPEG, JPG or PNG format instead of HEIC format? Since the new HEIC format is not that widespread right now, some users might find it hard to view, download, edit, share, backup and manage the HEIF files. But please don't worry, this guide will show you what you should do to enable or disable HEIF in iOS 11 for your reference.

Part 1. Know More about High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF)

Part 2. How to Turn On/Off High Efficiency Image Format in iOS 11

Part 1. Know More about High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF)

What is HEIF Photos on iOS 11?

The High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), known as ".heic", is a new image format releasing after iOS 11 and it is used on the new taken photos in iOS 11 by default. HEIF could be regarded as one of the great improvements in iOS 11 for it fixes the problem that photos take up too much storage space on iDevice and iCloud Photo Library by reducing the image size but remaining the image quality.

HEIF Photo Supported iDevices:

For now, the HEIF files or HEIC images only supports iOS device with iOS 11 and Mac with macOS High Sierra. Currently, the supported iOS devices include:

· iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or later;

· iPad Pro (10.5 inch) and iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2nd generation) or later;

· Mac with macOS High Sierra or higher.

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Part 2. How to Turn On/Off High Efficiency Image Format in iOS 11

Before the process, please make sure you are using the supported iOS device and your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 11 now. Then you might follow the instructions as below to enable or disable High Efficiency Image Format on your device. After disabling HEIF image format, your iPhone or iPad will take pictures as JPEG format like before.

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad and launch "Settings" app on your device and tap "Camera" option.

Step 2. Under Camera page, please tap "Formats" option to set up photo formats when taking pictures and transferring to computer.

Step 3. To disable HEIC image format, simply tap to switch on "Most Compatible" from "High Efficiency" option under CAMERA CAPTURE section. Thus your iPhone or iPad camera will use JPEG/H.264 when you taking photos. Besides, the "Most Compatible" setting is available only on device that can capture media in HEIF or HEVC format.

To enable HEIC image format, simply turn on "High Efficiency" option here, which is much more space-saving than "Most Compatible" mode.

how to disable heif image format on iphone and ipad

Step 4. Under TRANSFER TO MAC OR PC section, please turn on "Automatic" option, which will automatically convert photos and videos to a compatible format when transferring to Windows PC or Mac. If you choose "Keep Original" option, the files will be transferred in original format while transferring.

automatically transfer heic photos format from iphone to computer

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