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How to Sync iPad to New Computer without Losing Data

We are living at a time when our lives have been compressed in the iPad and the phones we use. The phones summarize us as there are a lot important personal data saved in them. For this reason, syncing the content of the iPad is very important as this is acts as a backup. However, the direct sync of iPad to iPhone can result in data loss. This is because the channels used in the sync process may not be compatible with the iPad and the computer. This article will expose you to ways in which you can sync iPad to computer without data loss.

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Possible Cases for Data Loss and Their Impact

There are cases when you sync iPad to computer and lose data. For instance when there is no proper connection between the iPad and computer most of the data is likely to be lost. The direct iPad sync to computer lacks provisions for the previewing of the imported and exported files. This makes it had to know what you have already transferred and you may delete the data thinking that you have already synced only to realize that the process was not successful hence you end up losing data. There are a lot of inconveniences that come with the data loss and therefore it is important to look for ways on how you can sync iPad to computer without data loss. Some of the inconveniences may include;

• You lose contact with people especially if the data lost included the contact list. This leaves you at a point when you have to inquire on who is calling especially if you had not mastered the voices.

• You will have to incur a lot of cost to recover the apps and some of the app contents may be completely lost.

• You will also waste a lot of time trying to update your files.

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Easily Sync iPad to New Computer without Losing Data

It is possible to carry out successful iPad sync to computer without cases of data loss. However, it is only possible through Coolmuster iOS Assistant (Windows/Mac). This app has been made up for those who want to sync, transfer or backup iPad data regularly. You can sync all the data from your iDevice to the PC as the program is compatible with all the iDevices including the latest ones. The program enables you to manage your iPad data from your PC. You can have different viewing modes of your data. The program allows you to rename the files after the sync and you can also edit them without any restrictions. The program has the quick search tools for the files which you remember the names and those that you don't you can preview. The program does not alter the content of the data hence the data is a 100% safe. You can transfer a batch of files or mark the specific files.

Simple steps to use it:

The following are the steps to follow for you to realize all the above benefits of this program.

• Connect your iPad using the USB cable.

• Launch the earlier installed program by double clicking on the desktop applications.

• The program will automatically detect the files in your iPad and display them in categories.

• Select each category to view the details. This allows you to preview all the files before syncing the iPad to computer.

• Mark all the files from your iPad that you want to sync and click on the export button.

• Choose a location on your PC. After the transfer, a dialog box will appear asking you to open the synced files. This allows you to verify if the iPad sync to computer was successful.

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