[Solved] Is it Possible to Take Panorama Photos with iPhone?


We have come across numerous occasions when we had wished we had been able to capture a view into a single frame but had been unable to do so. Now this is when the panoramic photography comes to our rescue. Panoramic photography, also known as the wide format photography is used to capture the horizontally elongated areas of focus and fits them into a single frame. Panoramic photography is no more a rocket science and with absolutely no expertise, one can capture a panorama photo wit utmost ease.

Panorama photos can be taken with the built in iPhone camera and also with the apps developed by third parties. Here, we shall discuss in brief how these applications work.

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#1 - Panorama photo using iPhone built-in camera

To enable the panorama mode, tap on the Camera > Options > Panorama. You will notice an arrow and a yellow line therefore. The arrow shows the direction in which the panorama photo is to be taken. By default, it lets you pan to the right. You can change the direction by simply tapping on the arrow. One should be careful to keep the view in alignment with the yellow line failing which the shot will appear deflected. This is perhaps the most basic way of capturing a panorama photo. The biggest advantage is that this mode in iPhone camera makes an immaculate transition.

However, views with highly variable exposure will leave behind a poorly captured picture, with certain areas of the photo being over-exposed and the others under-exposed. Also, the built-in camera does not give scope to increase the height of the exposure beyond the normal portrait orientation.

#2 - Panorama photo using Photosynth app

Photosynth app developed by Microsoft is one the most commonly used free tool in panoramic photography. The working of this app is pretty simple. As you tap on the start icon, the camera starts taking a series of pictures as the camera is moved. Once you finish capturing, it stitches the images taken together.

1. The app allows you to crop the areas that you want to remove from the stitched image.

2. Besides, the app gives you scope to increase the height of the photos over and above that of the regular portrait orientation that your built-in camera lens can cover.

3. The exposure of the image remains almost undeviating.

#3 - Panorama photos using 360 Panorama app

This app works the same way as the Photosynth app except that it comes with a price tag:

1. The most attractive added feature of this app is the accelerometer that has a grid – like map to show where the camera is pointed at each moment of capture.

2. In addition, the app provides a virtual-reality experience wherein if you zoom in on any area in the image and move your phone in any direction, the image in the phone also moves its zoomed image likewise giving a reality feeling.

3. On the downside, the stitching that the app does is so inaccurate and flawed that the basic iPhone camera can do a better job at that.

#4 - Panorama photos using Sfera app

This is another popular application for taking great panoramic photography with iPhone:

1. This app is very unique in the way that it lets you make a 360 degrees coverage.

2. It comes with the added feature of sound.

3. Though the 360 degrees coverage appears attractive, the need for such pictures is occasional and hence the use of this app.

4. Also, sharing of the photos taken on this app is annoyingly difficult.

Of the third-party apps available, Photosynth works best and is easy to use too. And of course, it comes free of cost. But for the disadvantages mentioned above, the inbuilt camera comes handy too.

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