Unlock Interactivity: Transforming PDFs into Fillable Forms

Esther Joan
May 18, 2023
Why convert PDF to fillable form?

Comparing with Microsoft Word and Excel, PDF format is better for sharing documents on multiple computer platforms because of its great preserving features in fonts, graphics and other formatting. However, if you want to alter the data and adjust the space of the PDF form you have created, or you just want other users to fill in the requested information on their computers, you will need to convert PDF to fillable form.

How to make PDF form fillable?

If you are looking for a way to make PDF fillable, there are two different ways to turn a PDF into an editable document. One is using Adobe Acrobat and the other way is using online PDF to Excel Converter. In the following, we will give the step-by-step guide and reviews of the two solutions so that you can make your decision easier.

Method 1. Convert PDF to Fillable Forms with Adobe Acrobat

1. Open the PDF you want to convert into a fillable form with Adobe Acrobat. Go to the top menu bar to click on "Advanced", select "Forms" and "Make Form Fillable in Designer".

2. Turn to click "Steps", choose "New Form Assistant", "Getting Started" and "Import a PDF Document". Make sure you have selected the PDF you need to convert. Click the button of "Next" to continue.

3. Choose "Maintain Edibility" in "Setup > Import Options" to open the second copy of the file. Then, you will be popped up with the "Return Method" and there are two options for your choice:

Fill then Submit: It allows users to fill out the form and email it back to you.
Fill then Print: It allows users to fill the form and print it out for you.

4. After selecting the option you need, turn to the "Library Paletter" to choose fillable fields to place on the form. Just add as many fields as you like and then save the created fillable form for later use.

Method 2. Make PDF Fillable by Using PDF to Excel Converter Online

Maybe you think that converting PDF to fillable form is a little confused with Adobe Acrobat. If you want an easier way, you can try the online converter below, which can help you make PDF fillable by exporting PDF into editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

1. Use you web browser to open the site of Zamzar and you will enter the main page like below:

2. Click the button of "Choose Files..." to browse and locate the PDF file that you are going to convert. Hit on the "Convert files to..." button to choose "XLS" as the output format.

3. Type your email address to the blank field and click the "Convert" button to begin the conversion. After a few seconds, you will receive an email of a download link in your mail box

Above are the two methods we are going to introduce to you to convert PDF to fillable forms. Hope they can help you. If you are interested in the PDF to Excel conversion, you can turn to the article about how to convert PDF to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

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