[PDF Tips] How to Make PDF on iPhone Notes with 3 Quick Solutions


PDF is a widely used file format that preserves the original layout and format of documents, making it convenient to view and share on different platforms and devices. If you want to make PDF on iPhone Notes, you can use the following three simple and quick methods:

make pdf on iphone notes


Part 1. How to Make PDF on iPhone Notes

The built-in Notes app on the iPhone is a powerful tool that allows you to record text and insert multimedia content such as images, videos, and scanned documents. You can save these contents as PDF files using the Notes app and share them via email or social media.

How to make a Note a PDF:

1. Launch the Notes application and start a new Note.

2. Select the "Camera" icon. You can choose from the "Choose Photo or Video", "Take Photo or Video", and "Scan Documents" options.

choose photo or video

3. To add a photo, we're going to go with the first choice. Then pick the images you want to insert to this note.

4. Save the note as a PDF by tapping the "Share" option in the upper right corner, selecting "Markup" to mark up the pages for the exported PDF if needed, then clicking "Done" to store the PDF.

share options

5. To print it as a PDF, select "Print" by tapping on the "Share" icon located in the upper right corner. In the "Print Options", you can customize the setting according to your preference or need.

print options

6. You can share the PDF freely now.

Part 2. How to Create PDF on iPhone from Notes with Scanned Documents

If you want to make physical documents PDF files, you can use the scanning feature in the Notes app. It allows you to use the iPhone camera to scan documents and adjust edges and colors. You can save and share the scanned documents directly on the iPhone or export them to other devices.

How to create PDF on iPhone from notes with scanned documents:

1. On your MacBook, open the note you wish to export as a PDF in the Notes app.

2. Select "Export as PDF" from "File" > "Export" options.

export as pdf

3. To save your PDF, simply click "Save".

Part 3. How to Make PDF of Notes in Phone on Your MacBook

If you want to view and edit notes created on your iPhone on your MacBook, you can sync your devices using iCloud or export your notes to your MacBook using iTunes. You can use the Notes app to convert your notes into PDF files and save them on your MacBook or transfer them back to your iPhone.

How to make a Note into a PDF:

1. Launch the Notes app and start a new Note. To scan a document that you want to save as a PDF, tap the "Camera" icon > "Scan Documents".

scan documents

2. After making any necessary adjustments, tap the "Save" icon to save the document.

3. Long-pressing on a page in the scanned paper. In a pop-up menu, click the "Share" option.

4. Click the "Markup" > "Done" options. To save your file, tap "Save File To" and choose the location for it.

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Extra Tip 1. How to Create PDFs from Files of Other Formats in Batch

If you want to batch convert files of other formats (such as images, text, Word, ePub, HTML, MOBI, etc.) to PDF files, you can use a professional PDF creation tool like Coolmuster PDF Creator Pro. This tool is convenient to use and can meet different needs and preferences. Taking images as an example, here are the specific steps to batch convert files of this format to PDF files:

01Download and install Coolmuster PDF Creator Pro on your computer, then run the software.

02Connect your iPhone to the computer, open iTunes, select your iPhone device, click "Photos", check "Sync Photos", and click "Apply" to import the images you want to convert to PDF from your iPhone to the computer.

sync photos from iphone to itunes

03On the right side of the Coolmuster PDF Creator Pro main interface, choose the "Image to PDF" conversion type, then click "Add Files" to select the images to import into the software.

add files

04Click the "Start" button at the bottom of the software to begin converting the images to PDF files. Once completed, find the converted PDF files in the specified output location.

finish conversion

05To export the PDF files back to the iPhone, open iTunes again, select your iPhone device, click "File Sharing", choose the "Books" app, click "Add File", and select the converted PDF files. Click "Done" to sync the PDF files to your iPhone.

file sharing

Extra Tip 2. How to Make Notes on a PDF Conveniently

If you want to make some notes on a PDF file, you can use PDF Editor to annotate and take notes on the PDF. This is a very practical tool that allows you to add various types of annotations to a PDF file, such as text, graphics, highlights, stamps, and more. You can use it to highlight, strike through, underline, add shapes, insert images, and more. You can also use it to edit, convert, merge, split, compress, protect, unlock, sign, OCR, and perform other functions on PDF files.

How to make notes on PDF using PDF Editor:

01Download PDF Editor and install it on your computer, then launch the program.

02Click the "Open PDF" button in PDF Editor to open your PDF file. Then, from the top toolbar, choose the "Comment" > "Note" option.

add file

03Your mouse cursor will turn into a dialog box shape. Click where you want to leave a note, and add the text you want in the "Comment" window on the left.

add notes

04Simultaneously press "Windows" + "S" or click "File" > "Save As" in the top left corner to save the modified file.


These are the three quick solutions for creating PDF files in the Notes app on the iPhone, as well as an additional method using Coolmuster PDF Creator Pro to batch convert files of other formats to PDF files. I hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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