How to Recover Deleted YouTube History with Easy Steps in 2024


Our online activities leave a trail of data that can be both convenient and revealing. YouTube, being one of the most popular platforms for streaming and sharing videos, keeps track of your watch and search history to enhance your user experience. However, what happens when that history is accidentally deleted, leaving you scrambling to recover it? Fear not, as we'll guide you through how to recover deleted YouTube history.

how to recover deleted youtube history


Part 1: Where's YouTube History?

Before embarking on the journey to recover deleted YouTube history, it's essential to understand where this digital archive is housed. Thus, you should know how to find your YouTube history:

  • Go to the YouTube website, and log in to your account.
  • Click the "Menu" icon like a hamburger at the top left corner.
  • Choose "History", and you will see your watch history on YouTube.

Anyway, please note that you cannot view the history that you watch without logging in with your account. The data will not be recorded on your account. Also, the watch history is not the search history. YouTube will not log your search data.

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Part 2: How to Recover Deleted YouTube History with Google Account

Your Google Account is a powerful tool that intertwines with various Google services, including YouTube. If you delete your YouTube history accidentally, you can pin hopes on your Google account. It will display your watch history even if it is removed from your YouTube account.

Here's how to recover deleted history on YouTube with a Google account:

Step 1: Please sign in with your Google account on the Chrome browser.

Step 2: Visit "Google My Activity", and you will see your online activities directly.

Step 3: To check your YouTube history only, please choose "YouTube History" > "Manage history". Now, you will see all the YouTube history on your account. By the way, you can click the "Calendar" icon to jump to the date to locate your YouTube history fast.

restore youtube history with google account

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Part 3: How to Recover Deleted History from YouTube via Browser History

Did you know that your web browser might hold the key to restoring deleted YouTube history? If you cannot recover your YouTube deleted history from your Google account, you can check the history in your browser. In general, Chrome usually saves a record of the web pages you visited in the last 90 days. This is your browser's default setting, but you can change it if you wish.

Here's how to retrieve deleted YouTube history with your browser history:

Step 1: Open your browser on your device, and click the "Menu" icon at the upper right.

Step 2: Choose "History" and you can see all your browsing history.

Step 3: Type "YouTube" into the "Search history" blank to get the history of YouTube. Then check if there is the history data you need.

recover youtube history from your browser history

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Part 4: How to Download YouTube History from Your Browser

Sometimes, prevention is the best cure. Learn how to proactively download your YouTube history from your browser, creating a backup that can be a lifesaver in case of accidental deletions.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Run the Chrome browser on your computer, and search for "Export Chrome History".

Step 2: Click "Add to Chrome". Then click the puzzle piece at the top right of Chrome, and choose "Export Chrome History".

Step 3: Select the time slot you want and the file format. Then the history will be saved as a file on your computer. You can open the file to locate and restore your YouTube history.

download the browsing history to retrieve your youtube history

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Part 5: FAQs of Recovering YouTube Deleted History

Q1: Why is my YouTube watch history not showing up?

Make sure you are logged into the correct YouTube account. If your watch history is still not showing up, check if you have disabled the watch history feature in your account settings.

Q2: Can I pause my YouTube watch history?

Yes, you can pause your watch history by going to your YouTube account settings. This will prevent YouTube from recording your future watch activities until you choose to resume it.

Q3: How can I clear my YouTube watch history?

To clear your YouTube watch history, go to the YouTube homepage, click on the three horizontal lines, select "History", and then click on "Clear all watch history".

Q4: Does clearing watch history affect personalized recommendations?

Yes, clearing your watch history will reset YouTube's understanding of your preferences, affecting personalized recommendations. However, it won't impact recommendations based on other factors like subscriptions and trending videos.

Extra Tips: How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android

As a bonus, we'll extend our expertise beyond YouTube and delve into the realm of Android devices. You can recover your deleted videos from your Android internal storage even without any backup with the help of Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android. Plus, this software can recover multiple file types from Android, including deleted contacts, photos, SMS, etc. Moreover, you can use it to retrieve deleted videos and other media files from an Android SD card. However, like most recovery programs, it cannot recover the files that have been overwritten. Therefore, please stop using your Android device and turn off Bluetooth, network and any apps when you find something important is removed from your device.

Here's the video recovery guide for Android:

01Download and install the recovery tool on your computer, launch it and choose "Android Recovery".

02Connect your Android phone to the computer with a data cable and enable USB debugging. Then select the "Videos" option and click "Next".

recover deleted videos from android

03Choose a mode to scan your deleted videos. The "Deep Scan" can find more deleted files but need more time. Then it will prompt you to root your phone to get a complete scanning. You can tap "Continue" to skip it.

choose a mode to scan your videos

04Select the videos you want to recover, and click the "Recover" icon at the bottom to save them to your computer. Once done, you can move the videos to your Android phone by drag and drop.

recover your deleted videos without backup


Armed with the knowledge from this new guide, you're now equipped to recover deleted YouTube history with ease. Whether you're leveraging your Google Account, exploring browser history, or taking proactive steps to download your data, the power to reclaim your digital footprint is in your hands. But if your YouTube history is important, please back it up regularly, and then you will reduce the risk of data loss.

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