Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with 5 Secure and Useful Solutions [2024]


In the dynamic Internet era, managing and preserving your precious YouTube videos can be a challenging endeavor. Accidents happen, and videos get deleted for various reasons, leaving content creators and viewers alike in a quest to recover what once was. Fortunately, there are several methods and tools available to recover deleted YouTube videos. Whether you're a content creator looking to recover your work or a viewer seeking to rediscover a favorite video, we've got you covered.

recover deleted youtube videos


Part 1: How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos Without Link by Checking History

Losing track of a video you enjoyed can be disheartening, but can you recover deleted videos from YouTube? Fear not - the YouTube viewing history can serve as a valuable tool for recovery. In this section, we'll delve into the steps to find deleted YouTube videos by checking your viewing history. Discover how the platform itself can aid you in retracing your digital footsteps and potentially resurrecting those lost gems.

Here's how to see your deleted YouTube videos by checking the history:

Step 1: Go to the YouTube webpage on your computer, and log in with your account.

Step 2: Choose "History" on the left panel, and you can check the videos that you watched.

youtube watch history

Step 3: Type the keywords of the deleted video to the "Search watch history" blank to locate it fast. Then you will find it.

retrieve deleted youtube videos from watch history

Note: If you watch a video without logging in to your account, there will be no watch history record. In this case, please check your browser history to find your YouTube video.

Part 2: How to Get Deleted YouTube Videos Back with YouTube Video Finder

YouTube Video Finder is a powerful helper in the quest to revive deleted videos. Uncover the secrets of this tool as we guide you through the process of retrieving deleted YouTube videos. In this way, you need to find your deleted videos one by one.

Steps on how to find deleted YouTube videos with links using YouTube Video Finder:

Step 1: Please navigate to this website: https://youtubevideofinder.site/. Then enter the link of your deleted YouTube video to the blank, and click "Search".

get videos back from youtube video finder

Step 2: Then you will see multiple options on the interface. Please select one to find your video. For example, if you choose "Google", it will search for the video link with the Google search engine.

Step 3: Check the search results on the browser, and find your YouTube video.

choose an option to restore youtube videos

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Part 3: How to Retrieve Deleted YouTube Videos with YouTube Help Community

Is there a way to recover deleted YouTube videos with YouTube Help Community? In fact, community support can be a valuable resource, especially when facing challenges on a platform as vast as YouTube. In this section, we explore the YouTube Help Community and how it can be a beacon of assistance in recovering deleted videos. Learn how to navigate the community forums, seek advice, and potentially find solutions to your video recovery dilemmas.

Here's how to retrieve deleted YouTube videos without links using YouTube Help Community:

Step 1: Please visit the YouTube webpage on your computer, and sign in with your YouTube account.

Step 2: Choose "Help" on the left menu, and you will see a popup window.

Step 3: Click "Ask the Help Community" and write your issue in detail. Then you will get some similar content for help. If they cannot help, you can add more details, and click "Post" to submit the issue.

Step 4: When someone responds to you, you will get the email.

ask youtube community for help to recover videos

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Part 4: How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with Internet Archive

Internet Archive, a digital time capsule, holds the potential to resurrect deleted YouTube videos. Discover the steps to utilize this archival tool, offering a glimpse into the past states of the internet. Then restore deleted YouTube videos with ease.

Here's the recovery guide with Internet Archive for YouTube deleted videos:

Step 1: Open Internet Archive on your computer's browser, and type the URL of your deleted YouTube video. Then choose "Search archived web sites", and click "Go".

use internet archive to restore youtube deleted videos

Step 2: Click the highlighted date on the calendar, and you will see the YouTube video.

Step 3: You can now save the video to your computer.

view youtube deleted videos from internet archive

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Part 5: How to Recover Deleted Videos from YouTube on Computer with Coolmuster Data Recovery

When traditional methods fall short, effective data recovery tools like Coolmuster Data Recovery can step in. This software can recover videos, audio files, photos, documents, and more from disks on computers. When you find your YouTube videos are lost on your PC or Mac, you can use this program to recover them without any hassle. Notice that the videos can be found if they are not overwritten.

Key features of Coolmuster Data Recovery:

  • Recover media files from computer disks with ease, including emails, documents, videos, pictures, etc.
  • Work for deleted, formatted, and lost videos and other files.
  • Provide 4 recovery modes: Deleted Recovery, Format Recovery, Raw Recovery, and Partition Recovery.
  • Read data only without any risk.
  • Support Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

Download the data recovery software.

Guide on recovering deleted YouTube videos on a computer:

01Download and install the data recovery software on a computer, and choose a recovery mode. Then click "Next".

retrieve youtube videos on computer

02It will display all the drives of the computer. Please choose the drive that you lost your YouTube videos, and tap "Scan".

scan drive to get deleted videos

03After scanning the drive, you will see all files on the interface. Navigate to your YouTube videos, and select them. Finally, tap "Recover" to save the videos on your computer.

recover deleted youtube videos without link

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Part 6: FAQs about Recovering Deleted YouTube Videos

Q1: Why do YouTube videos get deleted?

YouTube videos can get deleted for various reasons, and understanding these factors is crucial for content creators and users alike. Common reasons for YouTube video deletion include:

  • Copyright Infringement: Videos containing copyrighted material without proper authorization may be subject to removal due to copyright infringement.
  • Community Guidelines Violations: YouTube has strict community guidelines that prohibit content that is deemed inappropriate, offensive, or harmful. Videos violating these guidelines, such as those containing hate speech, violence, or misinformation, may be removed.
  • Privacy Concerns: Videos that infringe upon someone's privacy, including unauthorized sharing of personal information, may lead to deletion. YouTube takes privacy seriously and acts to protect individuals' rights.
  • The reasons also contains terms of service violations, duplicate content, spam and scams, age restrictions, government requests, account termination, etc.

Q2: Is there a recycle bin on YouTube for deleted videos?

YouTube does not have a traditional "recycle bin" or a direct feature that allows users to easily restore deleted videos within the platform. When a video is deleted from YouTube, it typically goes through a process, and once removed, it might not be immediately recoverable through standard user interfaces.

Q3: Are there backup options for YouTube videos?

YouTube doesn't provide a built-in feature for users to directly back up their videos within the platform. However, the premium accounts of YouTube can directly download videos to their devices. Or you can use a third-party video downloader to save videos for backup, and please be aware of the legality of using these tools.


In the vast digital realm of YouTube, where videos come and go, the ability to recover deleted content can be a game-changer. From exploring your viewing history to employing advanced tools like Coolmuster Data Recovery, the methods covered in this guide offer a comprehensive toolkit for video recovery. As you navigate the diverse strategies outlined here, may you find success in bringing back those moments captured in pixels and bytes.

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