Unveiling the Secrets of Ditto: A Full Guide of Ditto in Pokemon Go

Kathy Price
May 29, 2023

Pokemon Go, the wildly popular mobile game that took the world by storm, has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. With its expansive collection of creatures to catch and train, Pokemon Go offers endless excitement and challenges. Among the many intriguing Pokemon in the game, Ditto stands out for its unique abilities and mysterious nature. In this article, we will delve into the world of Ditto in Pokemon Go, exploring what it is, which Pokemon can transform into Ditto, where to find it, and how to catch it. We'll even reveal some bonus tips on acquiring more Dittos without walking. So, let's get started.


Part 1. What's Ditto in Pokemon Go?

Ditto is a fascinating Pokemon known for its shapeshifting abilities. It has the incredible power to transform into other Pokemon, imitating their appearance and moves. In battle, Ditto adapts to match the form and abilities of the Pokemon it encounters, making it a formidable opponent. Its unique ability, known as Transform, allows Ditto to copy the appearance, type, and moves of the Pokemon it faces, enabling strategic gameplay and surprising opponents.


Part 2. What Pokemon Can Be Ditto in Pokemon Go?

Ditto is a unique Pokemon that can transform into any other Pokemon it encounters. In Pokemon Go, Ditto can be found disguised as various common Pokemon in the wild. To catch a Ditto, you need to catch the Pokemon it is hiding as and hope that it reveals itself.

current ditto disguises

Here are some of the Pokemon that can be Ditto in Pokemon Go: Weedle, Paras, Venonat, Voltorb, Hoothoot, Ledyba, Spinarak, Hoppip, Remoraid, Seedot, Whismur, Skitty, Gulpin, Numel, Bidoof, Foongus.

It's important to note that this list may change over time as new events and updates are introduced. The best way to find a Ditto is to catch as many of these Pokemon as possible and check your inventory for any changes. Good luck on your quest to catch a Ditto.

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Part 3. Where to Find Ditto in Pokemon Go?

Now that we know which Pokemon can be Ditto, the next question is: where can we find it and how to find a Ditto in Pokemon Go? Ditto can appear in various locations, but the key is to be observant and persistent. You'll have a higher chance of encountering Ditto in areas where its disguises naturally spawn. Keep an eye out for the Pokemon listed above, as they could potentially be Ditto in disguise. Additionally, events, special research tasks, and raids might feature Ditto as a reward or encounter, so be sure to participate in these activities for a chance to catch this elusive Pokemon.

Part 4. How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon Go?

Catching Ditto requires a combination of luck, strategy, and patience. When encountering one of the Pokemon on the list that might be Ditto, it's essential to engage in the capture process proactively. Here are a few tips to on how to get a Ditto in Pokemon Go to improve your chances of catching Ditto.

Way 1. How to Get More Ditto in Pokemon Go Without Walking

How do you catch more Ditto in Pokemon Go effortlessly? You have come to the right place. iOS Location Changer is a professional software that allows players to catch unlimited Pokemon.

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click on the confirm modify button


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Way 2. How to Find A Ditto in Pokemon Go Using Some Normal Ways

1. Catch all potential Ditto candidates

As mentioned earlier, Ditto commonly disguises itself as certain Pokemon species. Keep an eye out for Weedle, Paras, Venonat, Hoothoot, Voltorb, Ledyba, Gulpin, and Whismur, as these Pokemon have a chance of being Ditto in disguise. By catching these Pokemon regularly, you increase your likelihood of encountering Ditto.

2. Use Incense and Lures Modules

Use Incense and Lure Modules to attract Pokemon to your location. This increases the number of Pokemon spawns, potentially including Ditto disguises.

catch ditto using incense and lures modules

3. Visit frequent areas with high spawn rates

Pokemon tend to appear more frequently in certain areas. Parks, city centers, and popular landmarks are often hotspots for Pokemon activity. By visiting locations with high spawn rates, you improve your chances of encountering Ditto and other Pokemon that it may be disguised as.

4. Check Pokemon nests

Pokemon nests are specific locations where a particular species spawns more frequently than usual. These nests rotate periodically, so it's important to stay updated with the latest nest migrations. Keep an eye on online communities, social media groups, or Pokemon Go websites that share information about current nest locations. By visiting nests known for spawning the Pokemon that can be Ditto, you increase your chances of finding Ditto itself.

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5. Crack a Lucky Egg

To maximize your experience points, thoroughly check every Pokemon you encounter. Additionally, consider activating a Lucky Egg, which grants double experience points for approximately 30 minutes. While this method may not guarantee a Ditto encounter, it's worth a try to boost your overall experience gain.

crack a lucky egg

6. Utilize in-game events

Pokemon Go frequently organizes events that introduce special spawns and increased encounter rates for certain Pokemon. During these events, Ditto may have an increased appearance rate or be featured as a reward for completing specific tasks. Stay informed about upcoming events through official announcements or community sources, and take advantage of these opportunities to find Ditto.

7. Collaborate with the community

The Pokemon Go community is a valuable resource when it comes to finding Ditto. Engage with other trainers through social media groups, online forums, or local meetups. Share your experiences and exchange information about Ditto sightings and locations. Working together with fellow trainers can significantly improve your chances of locating Ditto.

8. Use the Nearby/Sightings Feature

The Nearby/Sightings feature in Pokemon Go can be helpful in tracking down Pokemon. When a Pokemon that can be Ditto appears nearby, it will be shown on the Nearby or Sightings list. Keep a close eye on this feature and prioritize searching for the Pokemon that Ditto typically disguises itself as.

catch ditto using nearby feature

Remember, finding Ditto in Pokemon Go requires persistence and a bit of luck. Keep exploring different areas, catching Pokemon, and staying connected with the Pokemon Go community. By employing these strategies and remaining dedicated to your quest, you'll increase your chances of encountering and catching Ditto, adding a unique and exciting Pokemon to your collection.

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Part 5. How to Catch Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Ditto is a rare and elusive Pokemon that can transform into any other Pokemon it encounters. It was first introduced in Pokemon Go in February 2021 during the Kanto Tour event, where it was available through a ticketed Special Research story. Since then, it has become possible to find Shiny Ditto in the wild by catching certain Pokemon that it disguises as, such as Diglett, Grimer, Snubbull, Corphish, Starly, Roggenrola, Tympole, and Litleo.

Alternatively, Shiny Ditto can be obtained by completing a Research Breakthrough in September 2021, which guarantees an encounter with Ditto that could be shiny. Shiny Ditto is one of the most sought-after Pokemon in the game, as it can mimic any other Pokemon's appearance and moveset. However, it is also very hard to find, as it only reveals its true form after being caught. Therefore, trainers who want to catch Shiny Ditto should be prepared to catch a lot of potential disguises and hope for the best.

shiny ditto


Ditto adds an element of surprise and excitement to Pokemon Go with its transformative abilities. By familiarizing yourself with the Pokemon it can imitate, staying observant, and employing the strategies mentioned, you'll increase your chances of catching this elusive creature. Remember to stay engaged with the Pokemon Go community, as they can provide valuable insights and locations. So, gear up, explore your surroundings, and embark on a thrilling adventure to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go.

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