Unlock the Possibilities: Top Reasons to Root Your Android Phone


Some people love their android phones because they can be an all-in-one solution for a wide variety of different purposes. In order to get the maximum benefit of an android phone, however, some people are going the extra mile by rooting their android phones. Before an individual makes this decision, it is important that they know what rooting the phone means. Once the owner understands this terminology, it is also essential that they gain a good understanding of both its disadvantages and advantages so that they can weigh both in order to making an informed decision.

What does rooting an Android phone mean?

Rooting can be described as a specific type of process that gives the user the capability of root access to the its operating system's code. Similar to Apple devices, it is the equivalent of jailbreaking their devices. The ultimate goal in this process is to give the user the privileges to modify its software code so that the person can install other types of software applications, specifically those that the manufacturer would not normally allow.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Rooting Android


Before the individual roots their android phones, it is important that they are aware of some of the drawbacks to rooting their phone. Some of the major disadvantages involve the following:

1. Security Risks. Because the phone's operating systems has been accessed, it is now open to certain security risks. One of the more notable involves being opened to malicious software wreaking havoc on the applications and systems files.

2. Warranty No Longer Good. Most manufacturers provide warranties to their phones. So, if there is a problem, the owner can get their money back or the phone can be replaced. However, if the phone has been rooted, the manufacturer warranty is no longer good. So, people can stand to lose the cost of the phone completely if they experience other problems with the hardware.


Even though some people are afraid to take these risks, others are willing to have their phones rooted as soon as they make their purchases. This is because the benefits may sometimes far outweigh the disadvantages of having the phone rooted. So, it is essential that people do a thorough job of researching this as soon as possible. With this being said, here are some of the top benefits that people look forward to when they have these changes made.

1. Extends the Battery Life and Boost Speed

Some of the great benefits of rooting a android device is having the ability to extend its battery life and boosting its speed. For instance, there are apps that can be installed to overclock the phone for better performance or it can be underclocked to save on the phone's battery life. The choice is up to the individual. (Here you might want to get professional battery organizers for Android phones!)

2. Automate Everything

While some automation apps can be used without rooting the phone, the user is normally restricted in what they can do. However, when the phone has been rooted, they will have much leeway and power available to make changes through super user access.

3. Block Unwanted Ads

Ads make money so they will appear on a user phones whether they like it or not. Unfortunately, these ads take up space that can be used for other useful things. Meaning they can easily become an uwanted distraction and a nuisance. In some cases, airplane mode can take care of some of them. However, if the owner wants a better and a more permanent solution to blocking these adds, they will have the best control when the phone has been rooted. This is because there is quite a few free adblocking software applications that's available for these sole purposes.

4. Flash Custom ROMs

When a phone has been rooted, the user will also have the ability to flash some of the latest custom roms. WIth these roms, developers from all over the U.S. and abroad give users the capability to perform actions that the manufacturers do not have available. Some of these functions are on the cutting edge and they are not only useful for saving time, but also money. Specifically, when a user installs a custom rom on an older android phone that gives them the latest functionalities of phones that's worth hundreds of dollars more in cost.

So till now if you really set up your mind to root your Android phone, you can back up your important files firstly and then follow the below tutorial to root your Android phone in one click:

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Note: As long as you are using an Android phone, you can choose either way in three articles mentioned in the above!

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