How to Improve Battery Life for Android Phones


Smart phones today come loaded with features that help us do a lot more than we thought possible. With apps creating a virtual tsunami for us in every sphere, the smart phone is now the difference between a life and an exciting one. For example, you can use icon pack apps to personalize your Android phone, or screen dimmers to adjust the lightness accordingly, or mail apps to facilitate your email experience. Actually, the flourishing of apps do penetrate into people's daily life and bring countless benefits in every aspect.

However, they come with their own set of issues. The battery back up being the foremost one. While most Android phones have batteries in the range of 2000 to 3000 mAH, it is simply not enough. You will have to power your smartphone at least 2-3 times a day if you want to be able to use it properly. However, what do you do if you are outside? This is why you need to look at the option of improving the battery life of your smartphone differently.

Tips to Extend the Battery Life for Android Phones:

With constant usage, batteries in smart phone tend to drain faster and charging them over and over again becomes quite an annoyance. Lets quickly find out how to reduce battery sucking up fast:

1. Keep a check on what's killing your power.

2. Turn off unnecessary hardware radios, like Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS. They are massive battery.

3. Use the power saving mode more often.

4. Start stopping apps which run in the background, and you really do not have any need for.

5. Get that live wallpaper off. Its sucking the life out of your smart phone battery.

6. Do you really need optimum brightness all the time? Turn it down and also do a favor to your battery. Please turn that automatic brightness off.

7. Update the OS as well as apps so that they get updated into more efficiency programs focusing on saving power. (You might want to know how to prepare for the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow!)

8. Better still; use a professional data manager for your Android phone.

Most times, the battery drains out fast because you are having apps running in the background that you did not close. So, if you have played a game and did not close it in the background, it might take up a considerable amount of battery life. Also, if you have data up and running on your phone, it would lead to higher data consumption and subsequently lesser battery life.

How Can a Data Manager Help?

So what about the Coolmuster Android Assistant do, to make it one of the most sought after android assistant. For a starter it is fully capable of dealing with Android media, contacts and SMS and of course the ever burgeoning league of apps.

The best part about the this software is its backup capability. It can virtually back up everything for you. It will back your videos, photos, music, contacts, SMS and apps. It helps you free your smart phone memory and all at one click. This software is also your perfect Contact and SMS Assistant. It will help you to add contact, delete contact and also check for duplicate contact. You are able to send or receive messages from computer to the Android phone using this professional tool. All in a very quick and uncomplicated manner.

How to use it to manage Android files in 3 steps?

Step 1 - Just choose the file folder on the left side menu of Coolmuster.

Step 2 - Take a look at the files saved on your phone.

Step 3 - Import, export, restore and manage files by clicking on the right icon.

extend android battery life

The Coolmuster Android Assistant also has very powerful functions which will allow to have your dose of entertainment on the move. This software helps you to transfer all your media files which will include your music and videos. Various brands of Android phones can be supported by this software like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and etc. It has been tested vigorously to provide you with the best performance. These useful tips mentioned in the above together with this best data manager for your Android phones can surely improve the battery life of your Android phones!

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