Top 7 Apps to Add Background Music to Android/iOS


If you own an Android or iOS device, why not do something extra to personalize your device? One of the things that you could do, and few knows about, is using your own background music to your Android or iOS phone.

How do You Add background Music to Android/iOS?

Now we have got apps that let you play your favourite music as a background while we work on mobile devices. From numerous such apps we present you top 7 apps to add background music to Android/iOS.

1.  Vivavideo

Vivavideo is available in both platforms and with over 150 Million users is among top apps in this domain. It has a powerful video editor that lets you trim and merger video clips. It also has features to slow or fast motion to create different move styles. With creative video lens option we have number of ways to record videos.

add background music to android ios

2. Lumify (Android)

This app is available in iOS and is best for beginners and it’s very easy to use. It lets you mix files and allows adding background music from its own library. We can also add voice as a replacement for music to create better effect if required.

add background music to android ios

3. MixBit

This is available in both platforms and lets you share your video directly on facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. Also, it can produce perfect versions for Vine and Instagram, Its graphical editor saves lot of time which we had to normally spend on trimming and splicing of videos. Simply we need to collect photos and select music and MixBit does the rest for us.

add background music to android ios

4. Splice (iOS)

It is a simple yet powerful IOS app and with millions of videos made every month on splice you can bet on it. It has a timeline to ensure accuracy while adding background music to you videos; hence we don’t get an overlap of music and videos. We can also record our own voice or any other audio and add to the video.

add background music to android ios

5. Magisto (Android/iOS)

With over 80 Million users it has featured in Best Android Apps of 2015. Magisto has various features that make it a convenient and powerful app to use such as flawless transition between photos, facial recognition, auto video stabilizing and wide variety of video collage styles. It is available in both platforms.

add background music to android ios

6. VideoSound (iOS)

This app is basically designed for adding background music to videos that will be uploaded on instagram, Vine or facebook. We have additional feature to add music to single photo or can add dozens of photos with slideshow and background music. Also, it features nice options such as Audio Fade IN/OUT, and different volumes for different tracks.

add background music to android ios

7. Add Audio to Video

This app is available in Android and it is helpful in changing background music of videos. It has nice feature of auto adjustment of music w.r.t. video and vice versa. It means if there is duration mismatch of video and audio, the longer one will be auto clipped to match other.

add background music to android ios

Now, you can have more fun on working on your mobile devices by adding background music. Just choose the one that suits your taste and begin now!

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