Top 11 Android Manager for PC: Manage Your Android Smartphone on PC (Updated)


An Android device manager for PC is a powerful Android desktop software which supports to manage, backup and transfer Android data on PC. With an Android manager for PC, you can back up files between Android and PC, restore Android files, send group messages, or even delete contents you do not want to keep on Android, etc. Regular maintenance is essential to keep Android operating systems running smoothly and Android data security.

There are 11 Android file managers for PC listed in this article, before selection, you can make a comparison of those Android management software in their functions, key features, versions, advantages, disadvantages, price and user review.

android manager for pc

#1 Coolmuster Android Assistant
#2 Mobogenie
#3 Moborobo
#4 Mobisynapse
#5 Wondershare MobileGo
#6 MOBILedit
#7 AnyTrans
#8 TeamViewer
#9 AirDroid
#10 My Phone Explorer
#11 VNC Viewer

#1 Coolmuster Android Assistant

The best Android device manager for PC comes with Coolmuster Android Assistant, a comprehensive Android device manager for you to manage, transfer, backup and restore files between Android and PC. It supports informative files and media files on Android, like contacts, SMS, call logs, music, photos, videos, documents, apps, etc. With Coolmuster Android Assistant, you can backup all those files from Android to PC selectively or with one-click, and you can also restore backup from PC to Android anytime when you want to.

coolmuster android assistant windows download coolmuster android assistant mac download

Key features of Coolmuster Android Assistant:

* Hammer at backup and restore overall Android phone's data on PC with 1 click & retain complete quality.
* Breezily transfer contacts, SMS, call logs, music, videos, photos, etc. between PC and your phone.
* Add, delete, unduplicate and edit contacts on PC.
* Send & reply text messages directly on your computer.
* Install & uninstall apps from computer.
* Import, export, delete and refresh Android call logs.
* Export contacts to Outlook and import contacts from Outlook.

best android manager for pc - coolmuster android assistant


* Supported Windows OS: Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP (64 & 32 bits)

* Supported macOS: Mac OS X 10.9 or later

* Android 2.0 and above (The latest version supported)


* With a free trial version.

* $29.95/PC for one year license and 39.95/PC for lifetime use.


* Highly secure, easy-to-operate and less occupied in space.

* Support almost all Android brands.

* Able to deal with multiple files and multiple Android devices at the same time.

* Fully enjoy all features without limitations.

* 24/7 technical support service via Email.


The trial version only allows you to scan and preview data.

User Review:

Most users think it's multi-functional and easy-to-use. You can also check the in-depth review of Coolmuster Android Assistant .

#2 Mobogenie

Mobogenie is an easy and functional Android phone manager for you to manage, transfer and restore contacts, messages, apps, music, pictures and videos on PC, besides, it also offers games.

android manager for pc - mobogenie

Key features of Mobogenie:

* Backup and restore any important data from Android device to PC.

* Download and manage media files like videos, images, audios and apps manually from web.

* Manage ads and notifications on Android.

* Manage and reply SMS on computer.

* Edit and manage contacts on computer.


Only Windows 8/7/2000/Vista/XP




* Good backup and restore app.

* One click to speed up PC and clean up spams.

* Platform to download multimedia files and games with ease.

* One-click rooting for needed users.


* Has banner ads inside.

* Not available for 4G users and no Wi-Fi connectivity.

* The latest Mobogenie version is version 3.3.7 in 2015 and has not been updated for years.

* Not available in Google Play Store or its official website.

User Review:

Very few user reviews are found online. Some people say they cannot install it and there are ads inside.

#3 Moborobo

Moborobo is an Android mobile manager which allows you to manage text messages, contacts, photos, images, videos, audios, music tracks, apps, wallpapers and screensavers. You can transfer your Android files, remove and install apps and set your Android device on PC.

android manager for pc - moborobo

Key features of Moborobo:

* Backup and restore Android messages, call logs, apps, contacts and media files on PC.

* Install, uninstall and update apps from Moborobo Store.

* Send or reply messages and make calls on PC.

* Provide platforms like video, theme center, wallpaper center, etc.


Only Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP




* Uninstall apps in bulk.

* Feature-packed.


* Some lags.

* Initial installation of drivers takes long time.

* Not updated since 2017.

User Review:

Some user say they fail to install this app and update does not work with this app.

#4 Mobisynapse

Mobisynapse is an Android manager for Windows 10. You can also manage Android data and sync Outlook contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, reminders between Outlook and Android device. The program is simple and intuitive.

android manager for pc - mobisynapse

Key features of Mobisynapse:

* Sync Outlook contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and reminders between Outlook and Android device.

* Sync apps, photos, music and videos between PC and Android device.

* Backup apps and SMS between Android phone and PC, and send group SMS from PC.


Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP


* With a free trial version.

* Basic plan for 3PCs is $29.99 and other plans.


* Easy to manage emails.

* Easy interface, simple and well-organised buttons.

* With built-in music player.


* Backup only apps and SMS.

* Not many functions as other similar Android managers for PC.

* Transfer process between Android and PC is a bit slow.

* You will have to download another app Mobisynapse mOffice and log in it in order to use this app.

* Not updated for a long time.

User Review:

No recent User Review was found online, less reviews left 8 years ago said it did not work.

#5 Wondershare MobileGo

MobileGo is an one-stop solution for you to manage, backup and restore Android data, which supports music, photos, videos, messages, contacts, apps and files.

android manager for pc - wondershare mobilego

Key features of Wondershare MobileGo:

* Run apps seamlessly and with no restrictions on PC.

* Send and receive messages from PC.

* Manage apps, contacts, SMS, music, videos, photos, and documents on PC.

* Backup and restore Android files.


* Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/2003/Vista

* iOS 9/8/7/6/5

* Android 2.0 to 6.0


* With free trial versions for Windows computer.

* $29.95/PC/Year and 39.95/PC for lifetime license.


* Easy to use.

* Sync, backup and restore files between Android and computer.

* Clean junk files using its gadgets.

* User-friendly interface.


* Need to root Android device to get around any restrictions.

* Not available for newest Android OS.

User Review:

The users rating is objective and you can find easily online some like it while some disappoint with it.

#6 MOBILedit

MOBILedit is an Android manager for PC which supports to manage phones, investigate phone data for forensic solutions, as well as transfer and backup data.

android manager for pc - mobiledit

Key features of MOBILedit:

* Backup and restore important data between Android and computer or cloud storage.

* Manage contacts and text messages and make calls.

* Import and export Android data.


Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista


* With a free trial version.

* $29 basic plan for 2 phones and 1 computer, 6 months of updates and three other plans.


* Almost all phones, like iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, Symbian, etc., can use it.

* Cool interface and very easy to use.

* Able to store data to cloud service.


* Download process of large files is slow.

* Limited features in trial version.

* Expensive.

* Confusing installation: repeatedly prompts you to install drivers even you have installed.

* Connecting with USB gives you access to everything while connecting with Wi-Fi or other ways only gets access to Contacts.

User Review:

Some users think it is good to use but very expensive, while others say it does not move all Android data.

#7 AnyTrans

AnyTrans is an Android desktop software which allows you to manage, backup and transfer contacts, messages, call logs, calendars, photos, music, videos, ringtones and ebooks on computer. It also supports phone to phone transfer.

android manager for pc - anytrans

Key features of AnyTrans:

* Clone contents from old phone to new one or cloud service.

* File sharing between Android and iOS or Android and Android.

* Backup files from Android to computer.

* Manage Android files on PC.


* Windows 10/8/7 (64 or 32 bit)

* macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9

* Android 5.0 and above


* With free trial for 7 days.

* Variably price. Currently $29.99/PC for one year license, $39.99/PC for lifetime license, and family license.


* Support to clone from one phone to another.

* Able to manage backup and keep data safe and private.

* Great stability when transferring data.

* Fast transfer files.


* Very expensive and limited features in trial version.

* Cannot be used to add or edit iTunes library.

* Very slow when transferring hugh photos or videos.

* Need to improve details, for example, the mouse hovering effect is not clear in Mac.

User Review:

Some people like it, still others say the UI is boring and transfer speed is slow when transferring large photos or videos.

#8 TeamViewer

The Android desktop manager TeamViewer ensures you to transfer important files, edit documents and remotely access and control your desktop computers and servers from anywhere.

android manager for pc - teamviewer

Key features of TeamViewer:

* Walk on LAN: Work, transfer or edit files easily by waking up a sleeping computer.

* Communicate with your clients anytime.

* Fast transfer videos and audios to clients or colleagues.

* Keyboard features just like using computer keyboard.


* Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000

* macOS 10.15 and above

* Linux openSUSE 15.x and above

* Android 4.4 or later

* iOS 10 or later or iPadOS 13


* Free for personal use.

* For business use: $49/month for single user with one seat and one session, $99/month for multiple users with multiple seats and one session, and $199/month for teams with multiple seats and three sessions.


* Very user-friendly and quickly manage PC or server.

* Completely free for personal use.

* Transfer files fast.


* TeamViewer Quick Support is weak sometimes.

* Sometimes cannot work smoothly for some devices.

* Cannot zoom out far enough.

* Costly.

* Security features can be annoying and some options are difficult to find.

User Review:

Most people think it benefits company communications and great for working remotely, and still some people think it too costly.

#9 AirDroid

The Android manager for PC AirDroid is popular among users for managing Android phone or tablets from Windows PC. You can manage and transfer multiple files using this Android desktop manager, such as messages, contacts, notifications, apps, photos, videos or documents.

android manager for pc - airdroid

Key features of AirDroid:

* Send and receive text messages.

* Manage all files on Android device.

* Manage media files: View, download, upload photos, play, import and export videos or music, as well as manage ringtones and notification sounds.

* Manage contacts and make calls.

* Install and backup apps.

* Find lost phones, photograph intruders and remotely lock or unlock phones.

* Able to connect up to six devices.


* Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

* Android 4.0 and up

* Mac/Linux/Chrome OS


* With a free trial version.

* Currently $2.99 monthly and $24.99 yearly for the premium version.


* Manage mobile devices remotely without being onsite.

* Secure and reliable.

* Easy and fast to deploy devices and transfer files.

* Remote control devices without root.


* Some features are more useful on rooted phones.

* Need to connect Android and computer with Wi-Fi even when there is no nearby stable Wi-Fi.

* Limited features if your phone firmware is original.

* Data caps: The free version limits the size of transferred files up to 30 MB or 200 MB when transferring files between devices and computer with different networks.

User Review:

This app has earned both pros and cons from different users.

#10 My Phone Explorer

My Phone Explorer is one of the oldest Android managers for PC, which offers free basic features. You can manage everything on Android except for apps and backup or restore files with ease.

android manager for pc - my phone explorer

Key features of My Phone Explorer:

* Manage and transfer Android contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos, documents, apps, etc. on PC.

* Make phone calls and send messages directly on PC.

* Create backup and restore backup from PC.


Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP




* Stable and quick file transfer.

* Display phone data very clearly.

* Support a range of email clients.

* Access everything from Android phone.


* Installation process is a little complicated.

* Outdated UI design.

* Might not run well on certain old PCs.

User Review:

Some people say it was not compatible with the latest Android OS versions.

#11 VNC Viewer

The last Android phone manager is VNC Viewer, using which you can have access to your Mac, Windows and Linux computers from anywhere in the world. You can view your computer's desktop remotely, control its mouse and keyboard freely as you want.

android manager for pc - vnc viewer

Key features of VNC Viewer:

* Easily connect via cloud service to a remote computer.

* Backup and sync between all devices by signing in VNC Viewer with a same account on each one.

* Virtual keyboard includes Command/Windows keys.

* Transfer texts easily.

* Control your work using mouse button mode just like using a mouse on computer.


* Support macOS/Windows/Linus computers.

* A range of iOS devices and Android devices.


* With free plan for personal use and a trial version for commercial use.

* Paid plans: $40/PC annually for professional plan, $55/PC annually for enterprise plan and instant support plans.


* Remote access to computers or servers and remote printing easily.

* Support remote real-time chat and multiple platforms.

* Easy to use and simple interface.

* Free plan for personal use.

* Transfer files fast.


* Billing for per device is not very ideal.

* Confusing installation process.

* Sometimes may not respond properly in different device types.

* Not enough features.

User Review:

Most users love it and recommend this app.


This is all about Android manager for PC. From the above, you can easily find that some Android managers for PC are ideal for personal and daily use, while others are more suitable for commercial and remote use. If you merely hunt for an Android manager for PC for personal and daily use, like manage Android device on computer and transfer files, I highly recommend you to try Coolmuster Android Assistant, it's easy to use, fast, absolutely secure and multi-functional. Of course, you can also try others according to your demand.

If you want to pick an Android desktop manager for remote or work use, you can choose from TeamViewer and VNC Viewer. Besides above Android manager for PC, if you have any other good choices, you can also share your opinions below.

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