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Huawei Backup: How to Backup & Restore Huawei Phone?

Backing up smartphone data is a crucial thing. While most users have been over-reliant on technology, you never know when the unexpected shock comes to you. Smartphones, both iOS devices and Android devices have become a vital part of our lives. Since these phones have the capability to hold large amounts of data, it indeed calls for a method to back up the data on the phone in case of unexpected phone loss, damage or theft. Since the first 5G phone - Huawei Mate X was released, remember to back up your old Huawei phone if you are going to switch to a new phone.

If you have a Huawei device and do not know how to backup Huawei phone to PC, you have visited the right site. In this unique article, we will show you how to backup Huawei phone, how to restore Huawei phone, as well as various Huawei backup software to use.

Part 1: How to Backup Huawei Phone to Computer with One Click
Part 2: How to Backup Huawei Phone with Phone Backup
Part 3: How to Backup Huawei Phone with Huawei HiSuite

Part 1: How to Backup Huawei Phone to Computer with One Click

When it comes to performing a Huawei backup to a computer with a single click, Coolmuster Android Assistant is the leading application to use, which can be used as a Huawei backup software. To start with, here are the main features of this unique application;

Key Features:

-> Backup and restore Huawei data to a PC with a single click and retain 100% data quality.
-> It allows you to transfer SMS, contacts, music, call logs, photos, videos between your phone and PC.
-> It enables users to add, edit, delete, and unduplicate contacts on their computers.
-> It allows users to send and reply SMS directly on their PC.
-> It allows users to install and uninstall applications from PC.
-> If you want to import, export, refresh, and delete Android call logs, this is the app to use.
-> The app can export and import contacts to and from outlook.
-> This app is compatible with almost all Android devices, including Huawei, Samsung, Sony, HTC and more, including Huawei Mate X/Mate 20/Mate 10 Pro/Mate 10/Mate 9/V20/V10/P20/P10/G9 Plus/G9/nova 2s/nova and etc.

Download this Huawei backup software - Coolmuster Android Assistant on your computer and get started with the following steps now.

huawei backup software

Coolmuster Android Assistant has a new One-click Backup & Restore feature to enable you backup Huawei phone to the PC with one click. With a simple click, one can back up the entire data on your Huawei device. In addition, it allows you to restore the backed up files into your phone with a single click.

huawei backup

- How to Backup Huawei Phone to Computer (PC/Mac) with One Click

To back up the phone, go to "Super Toolkit" and Click the "Backup" option. Here, choose the contents you need to backup and select an output location on your computer to save these backups. Tap on the "Back Up" button to save them to the desired location.

huawei phone backup

- How to Restore Huawei Phone from Computer with One Click

On the "Super Toolkit" option, click the "Restore" button. Look for the backup record you need and choose the file types you desire to restore. Tap on the "Restore" button to begin restoring your chosen files on the linked Huawei phone.

how to restore huawei phone

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Part 2: How to Backup Huawei Phone with Phone Backup

The good thing is that users can merely backup Huawei phones through an inbuilt backup application. This is among the simplest methods as you don't need to seek services from premium and third-party programs. Here is how to backup Huawei phone with phone backup.

First Step: Tap on the Backup app on your Home screen and go to the software backup page. Look for the Backup icon on that screen. Click on the "New Backup" button which is located under "Internal storage".

Second Step: Select the location where you want your backed up data stored. Tap "Next." From this screen, you can select the needed data depending on what you want to back up. Click the "Back Up" button after completing the selection process to start the process.

how to backup huawei phone with phone backup

Third Step: Your Huawei phone will backup differently on the basis of the type of data you need to back up. The application will require you to set a password if the data comprises messaging, contacts, or call logs. Tap "Next" button after setting a password. Else, tap the "Skip" button if you do not want to set a password. Tap on "Next" to initiate the backup process.

how to back up huawei phone

Part 3: How to Backup Huawei Phone with Huawei HiSuite

This is among the best Huawei backup applications in the market. This method is recommended because the application is tailored for Huawei phones. The app allows you to manage contacts, apps, images, contacts, videos, messages as well as backup and restoration. However, the steps to back up files of it is too complicated. Here are the steps to follow:

First Step: Download and install the Hisuite application on your Windows computer.

Second Step: Startup the application and connect your Huawei device to it via an original USB cable.

Third Step: On your Huawei device, enable the phone debugging mode.

Fourth Step: Enable HDB through Settings. Go to Advanced Settings, Security, and then tap "Allow Hisuite to use HDB".

how to backup huawei phone with huawei hisuite

Fifth Step: You will see the "Back Up" and "Restore" buttons on the Home interface.

To back up the Huawei phone, tap the "Back up" button and choose the preferred types of data on the screen. You can opt to encrypt the backup with a password or not. Tap on "Back Up" and then wait till the entire process completes.

 how to backup huawei phone

Final Thoughts

The ways mentioned above are the best when it comes to performing a Huawei backup. With these tips, you should have an easy time whenever a need to backup and restore your Huawei device arises. Besides, it is advisable to use Coolmuster Android Assistant when backing up Huawei data to PC thanks to its unique features.

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