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Samsung Messages Backup: 6 Ways to Backup Samsung SMS Easily

Summary: Have troubles dealing with Samsung messages backup? No worries. To help you fix the Samsung mobile message backup problems easily and safely, here 6 top methods are shown in this article.

For every Samsung user, it is familiar with SMS, also known as text messages. It is one of the simplest and oldest ways to send short messages over a wireless network. However, like any other electronic device, bugs or some other unexpected situation of a Samsung phone may happen, which may requires factory reset to fix it. In this case, everything like SMS, contacts, saved images on the phone may be lost. Therefore, to keep everything important safe, it is vital to create a backup for your Samsung phone, especially a Samsung messages backup.

samsung messages backup

Unlike other media files, there is no way to save text messages on an external SD card. Thus if you perform a factory reset on your Samsung phone, all messages will be lost. Also, Samsung messages can also be lost due to mistaken deletion, system upgrade, etc. So is there any way to back up Samsung messages safely and easily? Of course, here are 5 top ways for you. By the way, if Samsung messages get lost, take the solutions on how to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung Galaxy here.

Part 1: How to Create a Samsung Messages Backup on Computer with Coolmuster
1.1 How to Backup Samsung Mobile Messages to PC/Mac with 1 Click
1.2 How to Backup Samsung Text Messages to PC/Mac Selectively
Part 2: How to Backup SMS on Samsung Galaxy with Samsung Account
Part 3: How to Backup Messages on Samsung Galaxy S10/S9 with Samsung Kies
Part 4: How to Backup Samsung Messages with Samsung Cloud
Part 5: How to Backup Samsung SMS with SMS Backup & Restore App
Part 6: How to Make Samsung Messages Backup with Samsung Smart Switch

Part 1: How to Create a Samsung Messages Backup on Computer with Coolmuster

Wondering how can you safely store your messages? A maneuverable and safe Samsung SMS backup software - Coolmuster Android Assistant (and its Mac version) is taking a revolutionary change to simplify the process and enhancing its safety features. It is believed that it can help you backup Samsung messages effectively and meet your different demands of Samsung messages backup.

What Does the Coolmuster Android Assistant Do for You?

To back up Samsung messages, you can not only back up all messages from Samsung to computer with 1 Click, but also preview and choose whichever SMS you like to backup. You are allowed to choose and save the SMS in different formats as required, such as HTML, TEXT, CSV, BAK and XML. You can create and send new messages to any other contact(s) as well as receive and view messages on computer. What's more, you can also copy, forward, delete, backup and restore messages on Samsung phone.

Not only acted as a Samsung messages backup tool to backup Samsung phone to PC, Coolmuster Android Assistant is also an Android data manager. It supports to manage different data on Samsung phone, including contacts, call logs, music, photos, videos, documents, audios, books and etc. And it is a supportive platform for almost all Samsung devices, including Samsung Galaxy A/S/J/W series, such as Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e/S9+/S9/S8+/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 9/Note 9 Plus/Note 8/Note 7/Note 6/Note 5/Note 4, Samsung Galaxy J3/J3 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A5 and etc. Besides, its read-only mode can keep your messages secret to you without being hacked by cyber-virus.

Download this Samsung SMS backup software on your Windows PC or Mac, then you can follow the steps to backup Samsung messages.


Before you begin, please have your Samsung phone recognized by the software. To do so, simply open the software and enter "Android Assistant" module, then use an effective USB cable to connect your phone to PC and follow the onscreen prompts. After your Samsung phone is detected, you are ready to backup your Samsung messages.

backup samsung messages with coolmuster android assistant

1.1 How to Backup Samsung Mobile Messages to PC/Mac with 1 Click

Step 1: Go to "Super Toolkit", you can see "Backup" in Essentials.

Step 2: Choose "Backup" option, you will see an pop-up window where you can choose file types for backup.

Step 3: Select "Messages", then click "Back Up" on bottom right.

backup samsung messages with 1 click

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial below to get a better understanding on how to backup Samsung messages with 1 click.

1.2 How to Backup Samsung Text Messages to PC/Mac Selectively

Step 1: Go to "My Device" and choose "SMS" on the left panel.

Step 2: When you see the details of messages on the right panel, please tick the box to choose whichever SMS you want.

Step 3: After your selection, please click the "Export" icon on the upper panel to back up SMS on Samsung phone immediately.

backup samsung messages selectively

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial to learn more about how to backup Samsung messages selectively.

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Part 2: How to Backup SMS on Samsung Galaxy with Samsung Account

Samsung Account is the cloud service that Samsung offers users to automatically back up all messages, which can communicate between PC and Samsung mobile phone. It is wireless and easy to use Samsung account to backup SMS, however, it is not safe enough for Samsung text backup. Samsung data also may get lost due to forgotten password, broken Samsung phone and even unstable Wi-Fi network when syncing Samsung messages. Anyway, if you want to know how to do it, please check as below.

Steps to create Samsung messages backup with Samsung account:

Step 1: Unlock your Samsung phone, and go to "Settings" and tap "Accounts and sync".

Step 2: After that, please tap "Add account" and choose "Samsung account".

Step 3: Now, please sign in your Samsung account with an email address and password. If you don't have one, please register it to get one.

Step 4: Then you might receive an email where you can activate your Samsung account by clicking the activate link.

Step 5: After activating your account, please tap on your Samsung account and access "Device backup".

Step 6: A pop-up window will appear, please select the file types that you would like to back up. Just choose "Messages" and click "OK".

Step 7: Now, you can enable auto backup for Samsung SMS from your phone's "Device backup" section on Settings.

 samsung messages backup with samsung account

You can use the method of Samsung account to have Samsung Galaxy S3 backup SMS, also this method can be applied to other other Samsung phone models with newer models. Please be noted that different phone models may differ slightly with each other. You can learn more about how to backup and restore Samsung account here.

Part 3: How to Backup Messages on Samsung Galaxy S10/S9 with Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is an officially firmware application used to communicate between computer, phone, or other devices. Samsung Kies backup SMS is favored by many people. This program enables users to manage files, perform backups and restore data on their Samsung mobile phones. The following is how to create Samsung kies messages backup.

Step 1: Download Samsung Kies and install it to your PC.

Step 2: Use a effective USB to connect phone to PC. Then your phone will be detected.

Step 3: Select "Backup & Restore" > click on "Data backup" on the main interface.

Step 4: Choose "Messages" option under "Personal information" > tap on the "Backup" button on the upper right of the panel.

Wait for a while till the Samsung messages backup process is finished. By the way, if you want to restore Samsung messages, you can switch to "Restore data" section.

backup samsung messages with samsung kies

Tips: As for Samsung backup and restore, you can get the 4 proven solutions here.

Part 4: How to Backup Samsung Messages with Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is an built-in function to backup your information, with Samsung Account, you can easily backup all your data on one go. Despite its maneuvable merit, it has the drawback of a dearth of graphical visible interface for you to select. Though, the following steps will take you through the setup process.

However, it is not adapted to all kinds of Samsung devices, you should check whether your devices install this function.

Step 1: Go to "Settings" and tap "Cloud and accounts" on your Samsung phone.

Step 2: Tap "Samsung Cloud" and then "Backup settings". Now you can see a list of supported file types for backup.

Step 3: Find and turn on "Messages" and other files that you need, and tap "BACK UP NOW" button to start backing up messages on your Samsung phone.

backup samsung messages with samsung cloud

Tips: What to do if Samsung cloud backup failed?

Part 5: How to Backup Samsung SMS with SMS Backup & Restore App

SMS Backup & Restore App is also a Samsung SMS backup software. With the SMS Backup & Restore App, you can freely backup your messages on Samsung. Despite it has limitation on other types of documents, it is good enough for messages backup to some extent. Check how to backup SMS for Samsung Galaxy S3 or up below:

Step 1: Download and install the app on your phone, then open it.

Step 2: Simply tap "BACKUP" button to create a new backup for Samsung messages.

Step 3: On the pop-up window, you can choose "All Conversations" or other customized options for messages backup, and choose wherever you want to store the backup files, either "Local Backup only" or "Local Backup and Upload".

Step 4: Now, please confirm your option by clicking "Yes" to start backing up Samsung messages.

backup samsung messages with sms backup and restore app

Tips: Your Samsung messages get lost due to a broken Samsung phone? Take it easy, the tutorial on how to recover text messages from broken Samsung phone might help you out.

Part 6: How to Make Samsung Messages Backup with Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch seamlessly transfers contacts, messages, photos, music, etc. to any Samsung devices. Also, the backup function is included in it. But it functions only to Samsung devices. Though, it is an easy-use software to Samsung fans.

Step 1: Launch Samsung Smart Switch on your computer after installation.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung phone with a USB cable to PC, having your phone recognized by the app.

Step 3: On Samsung Smart Switch's interface, please click "Backup" button and follow the onscreen prompts to back up Samsung messages.

 samsung messages backup with smart switch


Now that you have known more about Coolmuster Android Assistant, other methods may seem a little not comprehensive when compared to it. It has a strong security system against online attack, with its read-only mode can give you the most sense of safety. Moreover, it can not only be adapted to Samsung phone, but also the other Android phones. Additionally, the efficiency of backing up is faster than you can imagine, it doesn't need online transfer, so that it is fast. Finally, its well-designed graphical user interface make it appear clear and maneuverable to you. In conclusion, Coolmuster Android Assistant is the most recommended way for you.

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