How to Back Up Photos On Samsung [Top 7 Solutions to Try Out]

Keisha Alice
Sep 10, 2023

With the development of the Samsung phone, more and more people love taking photos with the built-in camera of Samsung, which leads to mountains of high-quality photos existing on our Samsung devices. Thus, in an emergency, we wonder how to back up photos on Samsung in easy ways. Today, you won't be concerned about this problem, because there are 7 simple and practical methods here for you. By mastering the solutions, you could back up your Samsung photos without difficulty.

backup samsung photos


Part 1. How to Back Up Photos On Samsung to Windows/Mac

If you are looking forward to making Samsung photos backup quickly, there are some awesome apps coming to help. With the help of the apps introduced in this part, you can transfer photos, videos, contacts, messages, apps, call logs, music, and books in 1 click.

Tool 1. Back Up Samsung Gallery Using Android Assistant [Recommend]

Coolmuster Android Assistant is a convenient tool for backing up Samsung photos to computers. With the help of Android Assistant, you are able to back up your Samsung photos in a safe and quick way. You may think there are tons of photos on your Samsung device, but it would take a long time to finish the Samsung photos backup. However, if you use Android Assistant, your time will be saved.

Powerful Features of Android Assistant

  • Back up Samsung photos and other data, such as contacts, SMS, call logs, videos, apps, and more with 1 click or selectively.
  • If needed, you can send and receive Android text messages on a computer with Coolmuster Android Assistant.
  • Restore Samsung photos or other data from PC to Samsung phone with 1 click or selectively.
  • Edit Android contacts including adding, modifying, or deleting on the computer directly.
  • Import, export, or refresh your call log easily.

Here is how to back up my photos on Samsung with this tool:

01Download and Install Android Assistant

You can download Coolmuster Android Assistant here to your PC. Then double-click the app and follow the guide of the pop-up window to install it.

02Connect Samsung Galaxy to Computer

When installing successfully, you need to connect a Samsung device to your computer with a USB cable. Then Android Assistant will detect your Samsung phone in a short time. Please turn on your USB debugging on Samsung according to the prompt.

have samsung backup photos with android assistant

03Back Up Samsung Photos with Super Toolkit

After the connection, you will see the main interface of Android Assistant. Click the Super Toolkit option on the top. Then, you need to tap on the Backup icon.

have samsung backup photos in 1 click

Tool 2. Back Up Samsung Gallery Using Android Backup Manager

Coolmuster Android Backup Manager is another useful and reliable backup software that enables you to back up and restore Android data with 1 click. It also lets you selectively back up the file type you want, you can use this tool to have Samsung backup photos to your PC without any trouble.

Main Features of Coolmuster Android Backup Manager

  • Back up messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, documents, and apps from Android phone to PC for free.
  • Restore backups from PC to Android phone with the original format and quality.
  • Select the file type you wish to back up and restore.
  • Save the backup files to wherever you want on your PC for easier management.
  • Fully compatible with most Android brands and models, including Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S20+/S20 Ultra/S10, HTC U12+/U12 life/U11+, Sony, LG, OnePlus, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc.

Steps on how to back up pictures on Samsung with Android Backup Manager:

01Install and Launch the Software on the PC

Download Coolmuster Android Backup Manager and install it on your PC according to the prompt. The initial setup process is very easy and quick. After the installation, launch the software on your PC.

02Connect Your Samsung Phone to PC

Connect your Samsung phone to your PC with a USB cable. To make your phone detected by the program, you will need to turn on the USB debugging on your Samsung and grant some permissions according to the pop-up windows. Once done, you will see the main interface as below:

samsung backup photos to pc via android backup manager

03Back Up Samsung Photos with 1 Click

Click the Backup icon and then check the checkbox next to Photos, then choose the location on your PC to store the Samsung photos, after selection, click Back Up to back up photos from Samsung to your PC.

how to have samsung backup photos to pc via android backup manager

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Tool 3. Back Up Photos on Samsung Using Smart Switch

Smart Switch is a popular tool of Samsung that can help you seamlessly transfer data to a Windows/Mac computer.

Here is how to back up photos on Samsung S6 or more using Smart Switch:

Step 1. Download and install Smart Switch on your computer and connect your phone to the computer. Grant the permission to read the data on your phone.

Step 2. Open the app and choose the Backup section. The app will soon start the backup process.

how to back up pictures on samsung with smart switch

Tool 4. Back Up Pictures on Samsung Using Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is another convenient tool to help Samsung Galaxy S6 photo backup. Many people have heard of this kind of backup app. After learning to use Samsung Kies, the problem of how do I back up my pictures on my Galaxy S6 with be solved easily. In addition, you can back up your music, videos, and contacts to your PC with it.

Guide of Samsung Kies:

Step 1. Download and Install Samsung Kies

At the beginning, please download Samsung Kies and manage to install it on your PC. You need to ensure the PC is your backup location.

Step 2. Combine Samsung Device with Computer

Next, combine Samsung Galaxy with the computer via USB cable. At the same time, enable USB debugging mode. The app will access your Samsung phone.

Step 3. Go to Photos on Samsung Kies

After linking, enter Samsung Kies and then you will get the list which includes you contents of the Samsung device. Now, click the Photos option on the list.

Step 4. Back Up Photos to PC

In this step, you are able to select the Samsung photos on the right. After that, tap on the Save to PC button. Now, you have solved the trouble about how to back up photos on Galaxy S6.

back up samsung photos with samsung kies

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Part 2. How to Save Photos from Samsung Phone to Cloud

It's a good choice to back up your Samsung photos to cloud services as well. Check out the later methods to learn about how to achieve that:

Method 1. Create Samsung Galaxy Photo Backups in Google Photos

Google Photos is a wide and practical app for users. If you are eager to have Samsung backup photos, Google Photos would be the friendly software for you. You will own 15 GB of free space to back up your photos in a secure way. Additionally, you can look for your photo by typing a word or more in the search box.

Here's how to back up the gallery on Samsung to Google Photos:

Step 1. Download Google Photos on a Samsung Phone

Firstly, download the Google Photos app on your Samsung device. Install it successfully and then enter it.

Step 2. Sign in Google Photos

Second, please sign in to Google Photos with your personal Google account. If you haven't a Google account before, you are asked to create one on the first interface of the app.

Step 3. Click Menu Icon

Then click the Menu icon on the top left corner, select Settings, tap on Back up & sync, and enable it. Your photos will be backed up to Google Photos.

have samsung backup photos with google photos

The storage space of Google Photos will affect Google Drive, but you can get unlimited space for storing photos with the size of High Quality. Here's how to set it up: App Settings > Back up & sync > Upload size > High Quality.

Method 2. Sync Samsung Photos to Cloud Services (Google Drive)

Google Drive is another helpful solution for users to make Samsung Galaxy S7 backup photos, you can back up Samsung photos with it easily. You also have 15 GB available space on it. However, Google Drive and Google Photos are using the same space. Therefore, if you have run out of the 15 GB free storage on Google Photos, you won't have any space when you use Google Drive unless you enlarge it by payment.

Steps for using Google Drive:

Step 1. Download Google Drive

Please Download Google Drive and install it on your Samsung device. Touch the Drive icon on your Samsung desktop, and launch it with your Google account.

Step 2. Switch on Auto Add

Next, click on the Menu icon like three lines on the top left corner, go to Settings and you can see the Auto Add button, switch it on.

back up samsung photos with google drive

Step 3. Turn on Backup to Google Drive

Tap Backup and reset on the same screen. Find Google Backup, then turn on Back up to Google Drive. If needed, you may identify your account on this page.

back up samsung photos to google drive

Step 4. Switch on Automatic Restore

Once done, tap on the App data option and make sure Automatic Restore is on. Finally, tap on Back up now and Samsung photos will be backed up automatically to Google Drive.

Method 3. Create Samsung Photos Backup in Samsung Cloud

"Does Samsung Cloud back up photos?"

Yes. Most Samsung users know Samsung Cloud, but some people often waste this valuable resource without using it. I promise if you create Samsung photos backup to the Cloud correctly, you will love to back up Samsung photos with it. Every user of Samsung has 15 GB of free storage space. When you need more space, you can choose to pay for it.

Here's the guide:

Step 1. Open Settings on the Samsung Device

First of all, please open Settings on your Samsung device and go to Cloud and account. Please remember to sign in to your Samsung account.

back up samsung photos with samsung cloud

Step 2. Choose Samsung Cloud and Gallery

Then you will see Samsung Cloud on the list, click it. You need to click the BACK UP DATA option, here, you can view Gallery on the list.

Step 3. Turn on Gallery Sync and Backup Photos

If you require mobile data to back up Samsung photos, please click the menu icon like three dots on the top right corner, tap on Settings and Sync using Wi-Fi only, and toggle off the Gallery option. Now, you can use mobile data to back up.

back up samsung photos with samsung cloud

After entering Gallery, please tap on Sync now to back up your Samsung photos to the Samsung Cloud.


Please turn on Gallery Sync in your Samsung Gallery in order to make sure your Samsung photos are all allowed to back up.

Backing up using Samsung Cloud failed? Try the fixes in this guide:

What to do when Samsung Cloud Backup fails?


This article has offered several solutions to help Samsung backup photos. You can back up your Samsung photos through applications such as Coolmuster Android Assistant and Coolmuster Android Backup Manager. If you have more methods to share, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment area.

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