Is It Possible to AirDrop from PC to iPhone? How to Transfer Between Them?


AirDrop is a potent Apple application that enables its users to share data between iPhones, Macs, and iPads. However, only a few people use Mac computers. How can you transfer data from an iPhone to your Windows computer or vice versa? Can you AirDrop files between an iPhone and Windows? In this article, we have created a detailed guide on whether you can AirDrop from PC to iPhone or vice versa and the available alternatives. Read on to learn more!

airdrop from pc to iphone


Part 1. FAQs About AirDropping Between Computer & iPhone

Q1. How to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone?

It is easy to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone since both devices are Apple products. Here's how to do it:

Step 1. Set up AirDrop on both Mac and iPhone and click on sharing button.

On iPhone:

  • Switch on AirDrop and Bluetooth options.
  • Choose Contacts Only or Everyone to make your device discoverable.

On Mac:

  • Launch Finder on Mac and click Go > AirDrop on the sidebar.
  • Check the Allow me to be discovered by option and select Contacts Only or Everyone.

Step 2. Drag & drop the files you wish to transfer from Mac to iPhone to the image recipient, then hit Send.

airdrop mac to iphone

Q2. Can I AirDrop from Windows to iPhone?

No. AirDrop is a free iOS service that provides a flawless way of sharing data between two devices. Unfortunately, Apple retains its services exclusively for its devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs. You can only use AirDrop to share files between Apple devices. As such, you can't AirDrop from a Windows computer to an iPhone via the traditional method.

However, does that mean you cannot transfer files from an iPhone to a Windows computer or vice versa? No, there are various ways. Move to the next part and learn more.

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Part 2. How to Share Data Between Windows and iPhone Like a Pro

There are various methods of transferring files between Windows Computers and iPhones. Below are some of them:

Way 1. How to Share Data from PC to iPhone Directly

One of the easiest ways of sharing data from your Windows computer to an iPhone device or vice versa is using a professional data transfer application. Many iOS data transfer applications exist, and choosing the best can be challenging. Among them, Coolmuster iOS Assistant sets a precedent with peerless capabilities. This application is primarily designed for transferring data between iOS devices and between iOS and Windows/Mac computers.

Coolmuster iOS Assistant is a super fast, highly reliable, and secure iOS data transfer application. Apart from being a potent data transfer app, it allows users to manage their iPhone's data by editing, deleting, and adding. This unmatched application supports all iOS devices, including the latest ones. Additionally, the application has a user-friendly interface that makes it easily usable, even by novice computer users.

Coolmuster iOS Assistant application should be your go-to option if you are looking for the best data transfer application. It has been used by millions around the globe, and its users have attested to its reliability.

Below are some of the application's highlights:

  • Allow users to transfer files between iOS and Windows/Mac computers.
  • Enable users to back up and restore iOS devices' data to a computer.
  • Users can select, preview, export/import iOS data to/from a computer.
  • Easy-to-use interface that makes it easily usable.
  • Delete, forward, send, and copy messages directly from a computer.
  • Manage video and music files effectively.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to transfer data from PC to iPhone using Coolmuster iOS Assistant:

01Begin the procedure by navigating to the application's official website. Download the right application for your Windows or Mac computer, and install and launch the application on your computer.

02Use a working USB cord to link the iPhone to the computer and tap the Trust button below the Trust This Computer pop-up messages.

transfer data from pc to iphone

03Select the data type you want to transfer on the left panel. For example, click on the Books folder, and move to the folder where you want to save the files.

add books from pc to iphone

04Choose the books you want to transfer from the computer and click the Open button. Doing that will move all the selected books from your PC to your iPhone.

Way 2. How to Share Files Between Windows and iPhone via iTunes Sync

iTunes is a free iOS application suitable for sharing data between Windows and iPhone devices via a wired connection. The application requires you to connect the iPhone and the Windows computer using a USB cable to allow data sharing between the gadgets. Additionally, iTunes supports powerful capabilities, such as backing up iPhone data, restoring iPhones, updating iOS devices, playing iPhone music on a PC, and more.

Below is how to share data between an iPhone and Windows computer:

Step 1. Begin the procedure by downloading and installing the application on your PC. If it has been installed already, ensure you have updated it. Afterward, launch the iTunes application and move to the next step.

Step 2. Use a lighting cord to link your iPhone to the computer. Accept the connections pop-ups on your iPhone to establish a working connection.

Step 3. Click the iPhone button on the top left corner of the iTunes interface. Choose the content you want to sync on the left sidebar.

transfer data from pc to iphone with itunes

Step 4. Checkmark the sync checkbox button and choose the items you wish to sync. Repeat Step 3 and 4 for every data you wish to sync. You can check the free space at the bottom of your device's windows bar.

sync data to iphone

Step 5. iTunes will sync your device automatically whenever you connect it to a computer.

Step 6. Click on the Apply button when you are ready to sync.

Way 3. How to Share Data Between PC and iPhone Wirelessly via Cloud Services

You can also get your files on iPhone from a Windows computer using cloud services. We'll use iCloud for example. You can use other services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Here's how to use iCloud to share files between Windows and iPhone:

Step 1. Head to iCloud.com on your PC and log into your iCloud account using your Apple ID. Select the iCloud Drive option.

Step 2. Tap the Upload icon, then select the files to be transferred from PC to iPhone.

sync data using icloud

Step 3. Open Settings on your iPhone and press on [your name] and the iCloud option. Choose iCloud Drive.

Step 4. Open the Files app, click on Browse, then the iCloud Drive option. All your data will be transferred from your PC to your iPhone.

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You now understand how to AirDrop from Windows to iPhone. Choose one of the above methods and transfer your files from a computer to an iOS device. However, we recommend you use the Coolmuster iOS Assistant application as it is fast, reliable and secure.

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