How to Download Text Messages from iPhone with Ease [6 Hot Ways]


Want to view your iPhone messages using your computer's large screen or back up the messages? You can transfer your iPhone messages to your computer using various methods. Let us dive into how to download text messages from iPhone.


Method 1. How to Export Messages from iPhone to Computer Using a Professional Tool

Want to download text messages from iPhone? The best way to achieve that is by using a professional tool like the Coolmuster iOS Assistant application. It is a professional data transfer application that lets you transfer various data, such as messages, videos, contacts, photos, etc., from an iOS device to a computer.

Coolmuster iOS Assistant application lists all the available iOS device data on the application's interface in their respective categories, allows you to select and preview your data of interest, and transfer the data without affecting its original quality. It transfers data at a super speed while offering its users an easy-to-use interface. This application's positive reviews from millions of worldwide users make it a go-to option for anyone who wants to transfer data from an iOS device to a computer.

Key Features:

  • Transfer data from an iOS device to a computer with one click.
  • Support various data types, such as messages, videos, photos, call logs, applications, etc.
  • Back up and restore their iOS devices' data.
  • Select and preview specific data before transferring.
  • Manage iOS and iTunes backup files.

Here are the simple steps on how to download iPhone text messages to a computer:

01Move to the Coolmuster iOS Assistant application's official website and download the right application for your Windows or Mac computer.

02Launch the software on your computer and connect the iPhone to the computer using a lighting cord. Authenticate the connection by tapping on the Trust button.

tap trust on ios assitant

03The main interface will appear as depicted below after the successful detection of your device by this software.

the interface of ios assitant

04Locate the Messages folder on the upper left section of your computer screen, and all your device's messages will be displayed. Select all the messages you wish to transfer, hit the Export button on the application's interface, select the output file format, and choose a location on the computer where you wish to store the data.

how to download messages from iphone using ios assistant

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Method 2. How to Download Text Messages from iPhone to Gmail

Gmail allows users to back up their messages and other data. So, if you have a Gmail account, you can easily export text messages from iPhone to the account as a backup. Alternatively, you can as well forward your text message to another number. Here are steps to download texts from iPhone to Gmail:

Step 1. Go to the Messages app on your iPhone and open the conversation you want to save. Tap and hold the particular message, then click More.

Step 2. Pick all the messages that you would like to save by clicking on them.

Step 3. Click the Forward button. Enter the Gmail account or phone number to which you want to send your messages. Then click the Send button.

Step 4. Log in to your Gmail account on the computer and download the messages.

download iphone messages to gmail

Method 3. How to Export Text Messages from iPhone Using Copy and Paste Feature

Copy-pasting is a simple method for saving or sharing texts on your device. Whether you want to keep a record of sentimental chats, store vital information, or share a conversation with a friend, the copy-and-paste feature will come in handy. Below are steps to download iPhone text messages using copy and paste feature:

Step 1. Open the Message application on your smartphone. Locate the conversation you want to save.

Step 2. Long press on the text message and then click the Copy option.

Step 3. Navigate to the location or app where you want to paste the text message. Long-press the input field and click the Paste option.

This method works across all note-taking apps, email clients and messaging apps. It enables you to share your text messages with just a few clicks. If you've pasted your text messages to your note-taking apps, log in to your iCloud account on your computer to access your notes.

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Method 4. How to Download iPhone Message via Screenshots

Taking screenshots from your iPhone is the fastest and easiest way to download text messages, particularly if you don't have a computer. You can print messages as they appear with conversation dates, emojis, timeframes, and recipients. Besides, you don't need to install any additional tools. However, this method comes with downsides. It is very hard to print long conversations. Though you can reduce the font size of the conversation to take fewer screenshots, it is a tiresome task. Here's how to download text messages from iPhone using screenshots:

Step 1. Launch the Message app and open the conversation you want to save.

Step 2. Press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot of the conversation. Repeat the process on each message that you want to capture.

Step 3. Navigate to the Photos application to see the screenshots you created.

Step 4. Long press on all the screenshots and click the Add to Shared Albums icon.

Step 5. Choose the Printer Options and follow the on-screen guide to print the screenshots.

Now that you have successfully saved the message screenshots on your Photos app, you can send or export them to your computer.

how to download iphone text messages via screenshots

Method 5. How to Export Messages from iPhone to iCloud

iCloud allows iPhone users to safely back up all kinds of data, including messages, pictures, and contacts. However, this method requires a lot of tweaks in your device settings to back up your text messages. Here are steps for downloading text messages from iPhone to iCloud:

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone device. Click your name at the top of the screen.

Step 2. Next, tap on the iCloud tab and find the Messages option. Turn on the green switch. All your text messages will be saved on iCloud. You just need to ensure enough space in your iCloud account.

Step 3. Log in to iCloud on your computer to access and download your messages.

download messages from iphone to icloud

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Method 6. How to Download Messages from iPhone via iTunes

If you want to save or transfer text messages from your iOS device to your computer, iTunes can be a lifesaver. With iTunes, you can transfer all data from your iPhone to your PC, including photos, contacts, videos, etc. The following steps will help you download iPhone messages to your Windows PC or Mac:

Step 1. Download the latest version of iTunes on your computer and install it. Launch the software and connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 2. A pop-up message asks whether you trust the source. Tap on Trust.

Step 3. Click on the device icon on the iTunes interface and select the Summary option. Tap This computer and locate Backups. Then tap on Back Up Now.

Step 4. Click Apply to download your text messages on your PC. Wait for the transfer process to complete.

download texts from iphone via itunes

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The above are various techniques for downloading text messages from iPhone. Among the methods discussed, we recommend you use the Coolmuster iOS Assistant application as it is fast, easy to use, secure, and reliable. Download Coolmuster iOS Assistant now to download text messages from iPhone from now on.

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