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My iPhone is running slowly and it takes a long time to open applications, let alone loading games or downloading other apps. Is there any way that I can do to optimize my iPhone performance? Thanks in advance!

The longer you use your iDevice, taking iPhone as example, it is no strange thing that you may find your iPhone is running slower and slower. Since on one hand, the storage capacity of your iPhone is limited, on the other hand, you are continuing importing new files to your iPhone. It comes natural that space on your iPhone is getting smaller and smaller, which results in the slow speed of your iPhone. But actually you can avoid such embarrassing situation through regular health check of your iPhone, iPad and iPod. As to how to maintain the good health of your iOS devices. The following tips may be useful for you. Just check them out and put them into practice as you needed!

Useful Tips to Keep Your iDevice in Health

Tip 1. Back up Files from iDevice to Computer

There is no denying that the passage of time will lead to more and more files saving on your iDevice. At this time, you need to back up files from your iDevice to computer, so as to reduce the burden of your iDevice. Since after that, you can delete these files already backed up to free up more space on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. As to back up files from your iDevice to computer, you are suggested to rely on this iPhone to Computer Transfer, especially when it comes to a large amount of files. With this software, it is as easy as pie to transfer files from iDevices to computer in a few simple clicks. Moreover, this software is able to suit all generations of iOS devices, including iPhone/iPad/iPod. In this way, you can delete files from iPhone to save space and also save them on the computer in case of data losses due to various reasons such as mistaken deletion and virus infection. Here to learn how to backup files from iPhone to computer.

Tip 2. Update to the Latest iOS 9

To keep your iPhone/iPad/iPod healthy, you can update your iDevices to the latest iOS 9. The new operating system is much more advanced and functional then the earlier iOS. For example, this software includes a more intelligent spotlight search, you can easily and precisely locate the files you want to find through this application. When you update your iDevice to the latest iOS 9, you will find the battery life of your iDevices is extended. Then it is natural that your iPhone/iPad/iPod will be healthier and healthier. Now, you can follow this tutorial to update to the newest iOS 9.

Tip 3. Remove Unwanted Apps from iDevices

Since the storage capacity of your iDevice is quite limited, it is quite necessary to delete some unwanted and unused apps from your iDevices. Here, you might say this is easy. Just delete them within the device. However, the truth is that these removed applications can be easily recovered with a professional software. Therefore, you need to use this Coolmuster iOS Data Eraser to wipe out the unwanted apps from your iDevice with zero possibility of being recovered. This software also allows you to delete all files saved in these applications. Click here to know how to delete apps from iPhone in one click.

Tip 4. Rely on Professional Battery Optimizer

According to many iPhone users, the poor battery life comes to the top when it comes to the most annoying aspect within iPhone. Since with increasing RAM, storage and processing power, the only aspect of smartphones that is still lagging behind is the battery life. But, things can be different with some useful applications. You can click here to know the best battery optimizer to optimize the battery life of your iPhone. (Note: this passage also includes some battery optimizer for Android phones.)

Tip 5. Clean up Junk Files from iDevices

When you are enjoying your iDevices, actually junk files are also saved on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. For example, when you are downloading files such as photos, videos and etc. to your iPhone, the corresponding download temp files will be created on your iDevices. And these files are useless! Therefore, you should use this FREE Coolmuster iOS Cleaner (Mac) to clean up useless junk files from iDevices. Here, you can click here to know how to remove junk files from iPhone or iPad in an easy and efficient way!

Tip 6. Trivial Things Worth Your Attention

Actually, to keep your iPhone/iPad/iPod in health, many small things requiring the least efforts can be done to maintain the health of your iDevices. For example, don't leave your phone charging over night which will put excessive heat on the battery and reduce the life span of it; don't plug in your phone unless it has 30% battery or less; keep the lighting dim; don't play games for a long period of time; turn off the wifi off when you're not using wifi.

Words in The End:

If during the process of maintaining the health of your iPhone/iPad/iPod, you have mistakenly deleted files from your iDevices. Don't worry! Just take it easy! You can use the professional Coolmuster iOS Data Recovery to recover the deleted files from your iDevice within a few simple clicks!

maintain health of iphone ipad ipod

Now, just get the free trial version and give it a try by yourself!

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