Top 5 Causes of iPhone Data Loss


You think it will never happen to you, yet iPhone data loss is an issue we all have struggled with in our everyday routine. We keep so much of our lives in our smartphones that when we lose it all, it may feel like we've lost a major part of our self. And the causes of data loss can be both benign and insidious.

We summed up 5 main causes of iPhone data loss:

1. First, you could suffer hardware or system software malfunction. This is the most common source of data loss and it can be caused by anything from dropping your phone one time too many to interrupting your phone during charging or taking out the battery during an important firmware update.
2. Another cause of data loss is just simple human error. Sometime we accidentally hit the delete button when we really meant to push save. This also includes handling your phone roughly as to cause damage. Keeping your phone in a high traffic area might also not be a good idea.
3. Thirdly, your iPhone may suffer software corruption and an app might shut down while you're using it. You can save this data often, but what if you didn't have a back-up? Sometimes even security apps or virus detecting software can cause software corruption of your iOS.
4. Another cause of data loss could be a Mac-oriented virus causes software corruption or -even worse- deletion of everything. More and more hackers are trying to gain remote access to iPhones of other people and more and more viruses and malware are being designed for iOS. Even the best anti-virus app may not stop the next one.
5. Finally, sometimes mother nature just takes things out of our hands. Flooding, storms, snowstorms and even earthquakes can put our mobile devices at risk and cause irreparable data loss. And sometimes we even suffer a total breakdown of our device and we need to restore all of our old data onto a new phone. Anything can happen.

That's why back up your iPhone is essential. But if you have already lost your iPhone data, you have to search for a way to recover those lost data. The Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery allows you to recover up to 9 types of data directly from all iPhones, iPads and iPods' iTunes backup records, such as call history, messages, contacts, notes, web history, calendar, voice memos, photos, videos and more. You even have the ability to preview any data you lost before recovery.

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Using Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone is easy, as well. Just download the software from the following button. It works on both PC and Mac computers, so you need to choose the right version first.

How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone?

Step 1: Run the program and scan iPhone backup file

Launch the installed iPhone data recovery software on the computer you last synced up with your iPhone you've connected. It will detect the last backup file for this phone made. Find the back-up for your connected iPhone and hit the "Start Scan" button.

launch the program

Step 2. Preview and select the iPhone data for recovery

Preview the data you think is missing from your phone (if not all of it) by clicking on the category icons on the left hand column, from photos to call history to videos to apps. Select all the files you want to retrieve for your iPhone.

preview photos before recovery

Step 3. Begin to recover lost data from your iPhone

Once you have selected all the files you wish to restore onto your iPhone, hit the button marked "Recover" to retrieve your lost data from your iPhone back-up and select a location on your computer to save the recovered iPhone data.

With Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone, you can finish recovering lost data from your iPhone in an easy and reliable way.

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