How to Delete Browsing History on iPhone


You iPhone is a mobile repository of everything you have ever searched for on the internet while on the go. There may be times when having an easy shortcut to your favorite website is oh-so convenient. But there are also times when you may not want the things to do online to be recorded forever. Browser history is an easy way for marketers and spammers to target you with unwanted products. And your browser history can leave important passwords and log-ins exposed via web cookies. And even if you delete certain files from your device, you are only deleting the link that directs you to it. The data is still stored in your device and is only marked for "being written over". Also, too much data or saved files on your smartphone can slow down its performance and mar its efficiency.

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This is why you may need to erase all the browsing history on your iPhone completely with the help of Coolmuster iOS Eraser. This awesome app permanently erases deleted files, clears your browser history and the pesky caches that may leave data you want gone behind, clears away any junk files, compress photos to make them take up less space and helps to protect your personal information by limiting any traces of it on your smartphone after clearing it away. This helps optimize and speed up your iPhone overall processing power. It even uninstalls unwanted apps that gobble up precious memory and data file storage space.

Using Coolmuster iOS Eraser is surprisingly easy. You just download the program onto your Windows PC or Mac computer (Coolmuster Apps work on both Mac and PC). After installing the app, click on the icon for it to launch this app. Then, reading on the following guide to see how to erase search history on your iPhone 14 Pro/14/13/12/11/X/8/7/6.

Process of Deleting iPhone Browsing History with iPhone Data Eraser

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer

Connect your iPhone (Coolmuster iPhone Data Eraser also works on iPad and iPod Touch) to the computer via its USB cable connector. Next, iPhone Data Eraser will scan your iPhone until it recognizes it, which will be indicated by the main window popping up and an icon for your smartphone appearing in its interface.

Step 2. Select the files you want to erase

On the side left panel, you will see all the different functions this app is capable of. From here, you simply click on "Erase Private Data" in that left column. Tap the "Start Scan" button for Coolmuster iPhone Data Eraser to start scanning your device for junk files. It will present to you all the data it found and allow you to choose what you want to permanently erase.

Step 3. Start to Erase browsing history on iPhone

After selecting all the browsing history you want to delete, simply click the "Erase Now" button to erase all the data you had selected. A window will pop-up on the right and indicate how long it has been since you last cleaned your device as well as how much storage space is available.

This makes having Coolmuster iPhone Data Eraser an essential aid in your mobile tool kit.

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Know more on deleting history on iPhone

To remove unwanted history on iPhone device, you can also try another way. Moreover, you can even delete history on iPhone within the device itself.

1. Delete Browsing History in Safari

- Open your iPhone and go to Home screen and then Settings.

- From the setting window, tap on Safari option.

- Once the Safari window opens up, locate and tap Clear History and Website Data.

- On the promo dialogue, tap Clear History and Data option to continue the process.

delete search history on iphone

2. Clear Browsing History in Chrome

- Open the Chrome app on your iPhone.

- Tap the Menu button and scroll down to the Settings option.

- Click on Privacy option to go on. Then choose the Clear Browsing History option.

- Also, you can tap on Clear All to delete all your browsing data in one click.

delete search history on iphone


Deleting your browsing history on iPhone is essential for maintaining your privacy and freeing up storage. Whether you choose to use Coolmuster iOS Eraser or follow the built-in options in Safari or Chrome, regularly clearing your browsing history helps protect your personal information, prevents unwanted targeting, and frees up valuable storage space.

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