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Easy Way to Recover Notes from iCloud - The Best Way 2023


We carry notes everywhere, whether in an actual physical notebook or digitally on our mobile devices. The need to jot down something temporarily for later retrieval will always be there. The most secure backup storage for notes is the iCloud. You can conveniently access the information you backed up from nay device with an internet connection.

Why you would need to recover notes from iCloud?

You might have mistakenly deleted notes from your phone. The iCloud backup will come n handy in this case. In case you lose your phone; you can still retrieve the saved information from the cloud. To do this, just log into your iCloud account and select the appropriate icon. In this case, you can retrieve your notes conveniently.

User Guide: How to Recover Notes from iCloud

- Log into your iCloud account, locate Notes and copy-paste everything you need to retrieve. The reason for this is to ensure you have the notes somewhere else other than the iCloud. Open it and select the notes you want to retrieve. You still do not have your notes on your phone at this stage.

- Go to your phone. Go to Settings and locate the iCloud control panel. Disable "sync". Your notes will now be local and not sourced from the iCloud.

- Still on your phone, go to Notes and turn Sync on. The notes will now appear on your phone.

Things to Take Care

1. You may not have access to your iCloud account while trying to retrieve the notes. If this happens, click on the "forgot password" option beneath the login panel. Follow the prompts and you will be able to recover your account.

2. When you delete the notes you made from your phone, and it happens "sync" was deactivated, you will have lost your notes. This is because backup works with Sync and once you create a note it is automatically saved to iCloud via Sync.

3. Your Notes might have been corrupt rendering them unreadable. You might also have formatted your phone accidentally or willingly, but you cannot access the Notes sine iCloud Sync was not enabled. Sometimes the iOS software updating process fails, rendering the information on your device inaccessible. Your only option would be to use third party retrieval software, of which is available.

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Extra Bonus: What if you don't want to sync all notes from your iCloud backup?

If you want to selectively sync your backup notes from iCloud, you can choose this Coolmuster iCloud Backup Recovery. This software is a revolutionary data recovery tool that works to restore nine types of data straight back to your device. You can retrieve any file format type including Contacts, Photos, Notes, Note Attachments, Reminders, and Calendars. Of course, it will support more and more file types in the future.

As long as you log in to your iCloud account, the program will list all your backup files on the interface. Then you can pick what content you want directly, which is a straightforward way for iCloud backup restoration.

How to use it;

Step 1 - Open the installed software on the computer and then input your Apple account and password.

Step 2 - Go through the authentication if you enable it on your iDevice, and tap "Verify". Next, choose the "Notes" option and hit "Next" to continue.

recover notes from icloud backup easily

Step 3 - The software will display all your backup notes. Please tick out what notes you want, and tap the "Recover to Computer" icon to extract your notes from iCloud backup.

directly restore icloud backup notes

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