Coolmuster iCloud Backup Recovery Guide


Welcome to the guide of Coolmuster iCloud Backup Recovery. You will know all the features and steps of this software here. There is no difficulty to restore iCloud backup on your computer without an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you have want to know more details about the program, you can contact our technical team via email: support@coolmuster.com.

Part 1. Getting Started

1. iCloud Backup Recovery Overview

What are the highlights of iCloud Backup Recovery? Open this link to learn about this software, and you will know what can the software help you when you need your iCloud backup files.

2. How to Use iCloud Backup Recovery

How can the recovery software get your iCloud backup files back? Follow this guide, and you can selectively restore your files by category.

3. iCloud Backup Recovery Supported File Types & Models

What data types can you extract from your iCloud backup? Take a look at this page, and you will know the supported file types and models of iOS devices.

Part 2. Recover Data from iCloud Backup

1. Recover iCloud Backup Files Easily

Want to preview and restore your iCloud backup files on your computer? As long as you log in to your Apple ID, you can easily extract your files from your iCloud account.

2. How to Recover Deleted Photos from iCloud

Deleted your memorable photos from your iPhone? Then you can restore them from your iCloud backup without a hitch.

3. Extract Your Contacts from Your iCloud Backup

Your contacts disappeared from your iPhone suddenly? Use these easy methods to retrieve deleted contacts from iCloud.

4. Restore Your Reminders via Easy Ways

It is not difficult to restore your reminders if you have a backup on iCloud. You can get the data back and transfer data to your PC.

5. Retrieve Deleted Notes from iCloud Backup

Deleted your useful notes? Calm down. You can restore the notes from your backup data on iCloud with simple clicks.

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