What Are the Best PDF Compressor? [10 Offline & Online Tools Introduced]


Are you seeking the best PDF compressor tools? In this article, we will introduce you to a list of top-notch tools designed to reduce the size of your PDF files effectively while ensuring the quality of your documents remains intact. Whether you're seeking free solutions or premium options, this list covers a range of PDF compressors to suit your specific needs. Join us as we explore the finest tools available for optimizing your PDF files and enhancing your document management experience.

best pdf compressor


Part 1. The Best PDF Compressor Software

In this part 5 top PDF size reducer tools are introduced. Read and check which one shall be the best PDF file compressor to suit your situation.

#1 PDF Compressor (Windows)

Are you looking for a dedicated & small-size tool to achieve the best PDF compression? PDF Compressor might be the one that you need. Just as the name indicates, PDF Compressor is specifically designed for the work as a PDF file size reducer.

What's Special About This Tool?

  • The compression speed is REALLY fast.
  • It goes with a SLIDER to control the compression quality.
  • It supports PDF compression in bulk.
  • It supports restricted PDF file compression.
  • It supports scanned PDF file compression.
  • It supports compression at various DPI settings.
  • ...

It is a Windows application designed to efficiently reduce the size of PDF files and can shrink large PDFs, typically over 30 MB, down to a much smaller size (usually between 1 and 3 MB), achieving a compression ratio of around 10%. This tool empowers users to customize compression settings for improved results and content quality. Additionally, the program offers batch processing, enabling users to compress hundreds of documents simultaneously.

This is how to use PDF Compressor to compress your files:

01Download, install, and launch PDF Compressor. Then, click the "Add" or "Add Folder" button to import your files. Alternatively, you can simply drag & drop your PDF files into the application window.

file compressor pdf

02Customize your compression preferences:

  • Select the PDF type; opt for "Scanned PDF" if the document was created using a scanner, or choose "Text PDF" for files generated by software like Microsoft Word.
  • Change the DPI value to get a better compression ratio if you are compressing a scanned PDF.
  • Drag the "Compress Quality" slider to change the compression quality.
  • Choose the desired output path for the compressed files.

customize your compression preferences

03Click the "Start" button to initiate the PDF compression process. A progress bar at the bottom of the window will keep you informed about the conversion progress. Once the compression is complete, PDF Compressor will automatically open the output folder.


  • $29.95 USD

#2 Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a comprehensive PDF editing tool. With this software, you can perform not only basic PDF compression but also a range of other functions, including editing, converting, and adding password protection to PDF files. For users who don't want to install separate software solely for occasional PDF compression, this all-in-one editor is an excellent choice.

Pros of Wondershare PDFelement

  • Support a variety of editing operations, including adding text, images, and shapes to PDFs.
  • Allow conversion of PDFs into multiple formats, such as Word, Excel, PNG, JPG, and more.
  • Recognize scanned PDF files and automatically identifies fillable forms within PDF documents.
  • Cost 50% less than Adobe Acrobat.
  • An intelligent PDF solution compatible with all devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and cloud platforms).
  • ...

Cons of Wondershare PDFelement

  • The PDF compression feature needs the Premium version.
  • The PDF compression feature is not as detailed as PDF Compressor.

This is how to achieve PDF compression using Wondershare PDFelement:

01Download, install, and launch Wondershare PDFelement. Then drag & drop your desired PDF file into the PDF editor. You can also click the "Open PDF" button to open your file.

how to use pdfelement's pdf compressor

02Locate the toolbar > "Tools" > "Compress". Customize your compression preferences in the pop-up window and hit "Apply".

compress pdf


  • Perpetual Plan: $129.99 USD
  • 2-Year Plan: $109.99 USD
  • Yearly Plan: $79.99 USD

#3 Neevia PDFcompress (Windows)

neevia pdf size compressor

Neevia PDFcompress is a swift and dependable software tool designed for reducing the size of PDF files by compressing text, graphics, etc., and optimizing document structure.

To use the tool to compress your PDF files, simply click the "Add File(s)"/"Add Folder(s)" button to upload your files, customize your compression preferences, and hit the "Compress PDF(s)" button.

customize your compression preferences

Pros of Neevia PDFcompress

  • Batch compression support.
  • JBIG2 compression, supporting both lossless and lossy modes.
  • Capabilities to remove bookmarks, annotations, forms, page labels, layers, and article threads.
  • Support for object streams.
  • Linearization (Fast Web View) support.
  • ...

Cons of Neevia PDFcompress

  • Configuring the settings for PDF compression can be quite complicated.
  • The tool is a little expensive for single compression usage.


  • $99 USD

#4 Cisdem PDF Compressor

cisdem pdf compressor software

Cisdem PDF Compressor can shrink PDF file sizes by as much as 90%, all while maintaining the highest possible quality. With both preset and custom filters, you have the flexibility to choose the size and quality of your PDFs according to your preferences.

To use the tool to compress your PDF files, simply click the "Add Files" button to upload your files (you can also directly drag & drop your files into the window), customize your compression preferences by clicking at the "Gear" icon and hit the "Compress" button.

customize your compression preferences

Pros of Cisdem PDF Compressor

  • 4 compression modes available: Small File Size (Low Quality), Medium File Size (Medium Quality), Large File Size (High Quality) and Custom.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac systems.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Go with a slider to control the compression quality.
  • The compression speed is quite fast.

Cons of Cisdem PDF Compressor

  • Compared to PDF Compressor or Neevia PDFcompress, the compression setting is not as detailed.


  • One-Year Subscription: $19.99 USD for 1 PC
  • One-Time Purchase: $39.99 USD for 1 PC

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#5 Compress PDF File (Phone App)

compress pdf file app

Unlike any of the tools mentioned above or below, Compress PDF File is a mobile app. With this software, you can conveniently compress your PDF files to your desired quality anytime, anywhere.

Pros of Compress PDF File

  • 1 click to get the compression work done.
  • The compression speed is quite fast.
  • Free to use

Cons of Compress PDF File

  • Pop-up ads included.
  • The app's design lacks aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness.
  • Compression in bulk not supported.

How to use Compress PDF File to compress your PDF files:

Step 1. Download Compress PDF File from the Google Play Store. Then launch the tool and tap the "Open PDF" button to upload your file.

Step 2. Customize the compression quality by tapping the option beneath the "Compression Level" hint. Tap the "Compress" button to start the process.

Part 2. The Best PDF Compressor Tools Online

Can I have the best PDF compression without desktop tools? - Of course. In this part, we are introducing 5 top PDF size compressor tools online. Read to learn about them.

#1 iLovePDF

ilovepdf pdf compressor tool

iLovePDF is also a highly convenient online tool for PDF compression. Similar to Adobe Acrobat, this website offers a variety of other online PDF tools for your use.

To compress your PDF files using iLovePDF's online tools, simply click the "Select PDF files" button to upload your file, choose the compression quality, and then click "Compress PDF" to begin.

compress pdf


  • Free to use.
  • Fast compression speed.
  • User-friendly website, support batch compression.
  • You can save the compressed files to Dropbox or Google Drive, and also generate shareable links.


  • There are limitations on the number of times and the quantity of files you can use (Premium users can process up to 10 files per task).

#2 Adobe Acrobat

adobe pdf compressor tool

In addition to its popular office software, Adobe Acrobat offers a range of highly convenient online PDF tools. If you are seeking the best way to compress PDF files online, Adobe Acrobat is sure to be your top choice.

To perform PDF compression using Adobe Acrobat, all you need to do is click the "Select a file" button to upload your PDF file, select your desired compression quality, and then click the "Compress" button.

compress pdf


  • The official website is secure, reliable, and free to use.
  • After compressing a PDF file, it provides an immediate file preview.


  • Registration is required for downloading files.
  • Compression speed is not very fast.
  • You can only compress a single file at a time. The batch PDF compression feature is available in Acrobat Pro (but Adobe Acrobat offers a 7-day trial).
  • You cannot upload files from cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive; only local file uploads are supported.
  • You cannot save files to cloud services, but you can generate shareable links.

#3 Foxit

foxit pdf compressor tool

Foxit offers a popular PDF Editor tool, but in addition to that, this website also provides its own set of online PDF tools, making it convenient for you to compress your files.

To compress PDF files using Foxit, you can simply drag and drop the files directly into the window or click the "CLICK TO SELECT" button to upload your files. Then, click the "START NOW" button. The website will automatically compress the uploaded files, and you can download your files from the pop-up window.

compress pdf


  • Free to use, no registration required.


  • It does not support choosing compression quality.
  • The batch file compression feature is not stable; it's best to compress one file at a time.
  • When compressing files in batches, it does not create a compressed archive of the already compressed files but merges them into a single PDF file.
  • You cannot upload files from cloud services (such as Dropbox or Google Drive); only local file uploads are supported. Also, you cannot save files to cloud services.

#4 GoPDF

gopdf file compressor pdf

GoPDF is a platform dedicated to providing a range of online PDF services. To compress your files using GoPDF, simply drag and drop your PDF file into the window or click within the window to upload the file, and then click the "Upload File" button. After a successful upload, click the "Compress PDF" button to initiate the compression process.


  • 1MB minimum size limit & 500 pages maximum page limit.
  • Registration is required to download files.
  • You can only upload a single file for compression.
  • You cannot upload files from cloud services (such as Dropbox or Google Drive); only local file uploads are supported. Also, you cannot save files to cloud services.

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#5 DocFly

docfly pdf size compressor

Utilizing DocFly's online tools to compress your PDF files is a very convenient choice. This website is completely free, with a clean and ad-free design. To compress a PDF using DocFly, simply click the "Click to upload PDF" button to upload your PDF file, select your desired compression quality, and then click the "Optimize PDF" button.

compress pdf


  • Free to use.
  • Can upload from cloud services.


  • Unstable performance due to network conditions.
  • Slow compression speed.

Ending Part

In conclusion, we've delved into a comprehensive selection of exceptional PDF compressor tools, all tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer free options or are willing to invest in premium features, this list provides a range of choices to help you reduce the size of your PDF files while maintaining the quality of your documents. With these top-notch tools, you can optimize your PDF files and enhance your overall document management experience. No matter your requirements, you're now well-equipped to choose the best solution for your PDF compression needs.

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