Full Guide - How to Make File Size Smaller Without Losing Quality


Does compressing a file make it smaller? Yes, depending on the file compression method and tool you choose. A reliable file size compressor can reduce the file sizer significantly, allowing easier file management as well as faster upload times. In this article, we will discuss how to make file size smaller without losing quality.

how to make file size smaller


Part 1. Why Should You Make File Sizes Smaller?

Compressing files is recommended for several reasons, including:

  • Storage Efficiency - Smaller file sizes take up less disk space or memory, allowing you to store more files within the available storage capacity.
  • Faster Transfers - Smaller files can be transmitted faster over networks or the internet, especially when sharing files with others, uploading or downloading files, or streaming media content.
  • Bandwidth Conservation - Smaller files consume less network bandwidth. This is crucial in scenarios where internet connectivity is limited, expensive, or slow. By reducing file sizes, you can conserve bandwidth, making it more accessible for other activities or users.
  • Improved Performance - Smaller file sizes can lead to improved performance in various applications. For example, websites with smaller image and video files load faster, resulting in a better user experience.
  • Compatibility - Some systems, devices, or platforms have limitations on file size. By reducing file sizes, you ensure compatibility with these restrictions. For instance, email providers often impose size limits on attachments, and multimedia platforms may have restrictions on file sizes for uploads.
  • Cost Savings - Smaller files require less storage space and consume fewer network resources, resulting in lower storage and data transfer costs.

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Part 2. How to Make Video File Size Smaller

Naturally, a dedicated file compressor tool can solve your varying compression needs, whether videos, images, documents, etc. File compressors can be online platforms accessible via web browsers or downloadable software. In this section, you will discover how to make video file sizes smaller using online and downloadable solutions.

Method 1. Make a Video Smaller in File Size via Video Converter Ultimate [Offline]

Video Converter Ultimate is a comprehensive solution for converting and reducing video and audio files in multiple formats. It can make video file sizes smaller without losing quality. It is available to Mac OS X 10.12 or higher, as well as Windows 11/10/8/7 users. This tool is widely popular among millions of users; it is a fan favorite, especially due to its simple layout and ease of use.

Features of Video Converter Ultimate

  • Compress large video files fast using Video Converter Ultimate's enhanced engine.
  • Convert and compress video and audio files in multiple formats while preserving quality.
  • Edit videos using the available wide range of video-editing tools.
  • Compress bulk videos simultaneously.

Here is a general guide on how to make file sizes smaller with Video Converter Ultimate.

01Download and install Video Converter Ultimate.

02Launch the app and select Video Compressor from the Toolbox. Click Add Files or the rectangular section to add a file for compression.

make video smaller in file size with video converter ultimate

03Edit the video's resolution, bitrate, output format, name, and size. Click Preview to preview the video file before compressing. Once you're satisfied with the settings and outcome, click Compress to begin compression.

compress video

Video Converter Ultimate allows you to make your file sizes smaller for free. However, you can choose to get the premium version which comes with more features and functionalities.

Method 2. Compress a Video to Smaller Size via Media.io [Online]

Media.io's online video compressor offers some of the best file compression capabilities. It is a free video compressor that allows you to reduce video file sizes online without losing quality. The file compressor can compress batch files relatively fast and efficiently. Since it's available online, you don't need to download any software to make your file sizes smaller.

Here is how to reduce a video file size using Media.io.

Step 1: Go to Media.io's online video compressor page. Click Choose Files to upload the file you wish to reduce in size.

get the smallest file size with media io

Step 2: Click the settings icon to customize the compression method and intended file size, then Click COMPRESS to reduce the file size according to your specifications. If prompted, sign in to your Media.io account and access the compressed file.

compress video with media io

Part 3. How to Make PDF File Size Smaller

In this section, you'll be introduced to some convenient PDF compressors. Read on and learn how to reduce the size of PDF files.

Way 1. Get the Smallest PDF File Size via PDF Compressor Server [Offline]

PDF Compressor Server is a Windows software program that compresses large PDF files into smaller ones. You can use PDF to monitor network-shared folders and compress PDF files immediately once new PDF files are added.

Features of PDF Compressor Server include:

  • Monitor folders and compress PDF files automatically and instantly.
  • Delete original PDF files after compression.
  • Customize the file compression and file output location.
  • Pause and resume the folder monitoring process.

Here is a general guide on using PDF Compressor Server to make file sizes smaller.

01Download, install, and launch PDF Compressor Server on your computer. Click the Add a Folder icon to add the PDF files you wish to compress.

how to make pdf file size smaller with pdf compressor server

02Click the PDF Type drop list to select a PDF type. Set the file compression settings. Click on the Start button to monitor and compress the added files.

choose pdf type

Way 2. Compress a PDF to Smaller Size via Adobe Acrobat PDF Compressor [Online]

Adobe Acrobat is a popular file management software, with multiple capabilities, including compressing PDF files, but do you know that there's also an online tool for compressing PDF files? With this tool, you can compress your PDF files online, eliminating the need for downloading third-party applications.

Here is how to make file sizes smaller using Adobe Acrobat PDF Compressor.

Step 1: Go to Adobe PDF Compressor's online page via your web browser. Click Select a file to add your PDF files for compression.

compress pdf with adobe acrobat pdf compressor

Step 2: Select the preferred compression level. Click Compress to make your file size smaller.

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Part 4. How to Compress Large Files to Small Size Effectively

Are you having large files to be managed? Pick a nice compressor for yourself! Here're some of the most popular ones around the world. Let's run through them:

Tool 1. Make File Sizes Smaller via BandiZip

BandiZip is a popular file-compressing software tool that you can use to make your file sizes smaller. It is primarily designed to create and manage archives, though it can compress files effectively.

Here is how to make file sizes smaller with BandiZip.

Step 1: Download, install, and run BandiZip. Click the New Archive box.

how to get a smaller file size with bandizip

Step 2: Hit the Split to Volumes menu to select the preferred compression size.

new archieve

Tool 2. Compress Large Files to Small Sizes via WinZip

WinZip is a popular file compression tool compatible with multiple operating systems and devices. It is easy to use and provides several advanced file-sharing tools.

Here is how to make file sizes smaller with WinZip.

Step 1: Download, install, and run the WinZip app. Click File to select the files you want to compress. Hit the Add to Zip icon.

how to make a file size smaller with winzip

Step 2: Hit the Save as button and select the destination folder, then click Save.

Key Takeaway

Are you still having difficulty making your file sizes smaller? A dedicated file reducer is your best fix if you want to learn how to make a file size smaller on Mac.

Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one solution to make file sizes smaller for free. It is available for Windows and Mac users who want to compress their file sizes without exposing their data to unauthorized access and quality loss.

Download Video Converter Ultimate today to compress your files in simple steps. If you have any questions or concerns about our compression tool, contact our support team for immediate help.

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