Effortless PDF Size Reduction: Reviewing Free PDF Compressor Software


PDFs are a widely used format for sharing documents, but they can sometimes be hefty and take up valuable storage space. In such cases, a PDF compressor can come in handy. There are numerous free PDF compressor tools available, each with its own set of features and benefits. In this article, we'll explore eleven free PDF compressors, including their key features, pros, and cons. Let's take a look together.


1. Free PDF Compressor

Free PDF Compressor is a free PDF compression tool designed to efficiently reduce PDF size free. The software boasts a user-friendly interface that allows you to compress PDF for free easily with just a few clicks, making it an essential utility for anyone looking to save storage space or optimize file sharing.

How to compress a PDF for free using Free PDF Compressor? Simply select your desired PDF file, click the "Compress" button, and watch as it dynamically creates a compressed PDF file page by page. A progress bar keeps you informed about the compression process from start to finish.

free pdf compressor

Key Features:

  • Efficiently compress PDF free.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offer five distinct compression options.
  • Free to use.


* Easy-to-use interface.

* Effective compression.

* Free for personal and non-commercial use.

* Page-by-page compression for consistent quality.


* Limited features, mainly for compression.

* Not ideal for commercial use.

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2. PDF2Go

PDF2Go is a top-notch free PDF compressor for effectively compressing PDF files free. It is a versatile online platform that offers a wide range of tools for managing and editing PDF files. With a user-friendly interface and a no-registration requirement, PDF2Go makes it easy for anyone to perform tasks such as PDF compression, conversion, merging, splitting, and editing without the need to install any software.

compress pdf for free via pdf2go

Key Features:

  • Compress PDF for free to reduce their size.
  • Convert files to and from various formats.
  • Edit PDFs with text, images, and annotations.
  • Merge multiple PDFs into one document.
  • Split or extract specific pages from PDFs.
  • Add password protection for security.
  • Organize PDFs by rearranging, deleting, or rotating pages.
  • Access the tool online from any device.


* Convenient online access.

* Offer many features for free.

* User-friendly and intuitive.

* Cross-platform compatibility.

* Assure some level of data privacy.


* Require an internet connection.

* May have limited advanced features.

* Potential file size limitations.

3. iLovePDF

Another free PDF size reducer is iLovePDF. iLovePDF is an online platform and suite of tools that focuses on the management and manipulation of PDF files. It offers a range of features designed to help users work with PDF documents effectively.

With a user-friendly interface and support for multiple languages, iLovePDF makes it easy for anyone to perform tasks such as PDF compression, conversion, merging, splitting, and editing without the need to install any software. It's a convenient solution for handling PDF documents quickly and efficiently.

reduce pdf size free via ilovepdf

Key Features:

  • Compress PDF file for free.
  • Transform PDFs into various file formats.
  • Combine and divide PDF documents.
  • Enhance security with password safeguarding and redaction.
  • It is accessible on various devices and operating systems.


* User-friendly and intuitive interface.

* Cross-platform accessibility from any device.

* Offer a free basic version.

* Privacy-focused with file deletion options.

* Versatile and comprehensive toolset for PDF management.


* Require an internet connection to use.

* Some advanced features may be limited.

* File upload size restrictions in the free version.

4. SmallPDF

When it comes to online PDF compression tools, SmallPDF ranks as one of the top choices. While its free version doesn't provide extremely high compression, the Basic compression level is quite effective for printing and other non-electronic viewing needs.

SmallPDF is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide array of PDF management tools. For business users, we recommend a Pro subscription as it unlocks additional features like OCR, which are not available in the free version. However, the free compression function should suffice for most common usage scenarios.

smallpdf pdf file compressor free

Key Features:

  • Compress a PDF file for free.
  • Convert PDF files to other formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and images.
  • Edit PDF files by adding text, images, and shapes.
  • Password-protect your PDF files.
  • Add/remove watermarks in PDF.


* Use SmallPDF easily without installation.

* Access SmallPDF from anywhere with an internet connection.

* Use 20+ PDF tools via its website and mobile app for free.


* Limited features in the free version compared to the paid version.

* You can only process two files for free each day.

* To use SmallPDF in offline mode, you need to pay an additional fee.

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5. PDF24 Tool

PDF24 is a versatile and user-friendly software and online platform renowned for its suite of PDF tools. Among its key features is a free PDF compressor that enables users to effectively compress PDF files for free. With a user-friendly interface and a range of PDF management capabilities, PDF24 simplifies document handling and enhances productivity. It's a valuable resource for individuals and professionals seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions for their PDF compression needs.

compress a pdf file free with pdf24

Key Features:

  • Reduce PDF size free without losing quality.
  • Create PDFs from various sources.
  • Split and merge PDFs easily.
  • Electronically sign PDF documents.
  • Manage and organize your PDFs.
  • Virtual PDF printer for easy PDF creation.
  • Perform OCR to recognize text in scanned documents.


* User-friendly interface.

* Versatile PDF tools.

* Cross-platform availability.

* Free basic features.

* Security measures in place.

* Convenient virtual PDF printer.


* Lack of some advanced features.

* File size limitations for free users.

* Require an internet connection for online use.

* Privacy concerns with online services.

6. PDFCompressor

Whether you require the reduction of PDF file sizes for sharing, email attachments, or storage purposes, PDFCompressor stands out as a reliable free PDF file compressor for this task. As a top-tier free PDF compression tool, it can efficiently compress multiple PDFs simultaneously without compromising image quality. Additionally, the platform offers versatile tools for converting PDF files to DOC or PDF to JPG and vice versa, enhancing its utility for various document management needs.

compress pdf file for free with pdfcompressor

Key Features:

  • Compress PDF free quickly.
  • Process multiple PDFs at once.
  • Convert PDFs to other formats.
  • No cost involved.
  • Easy for all skill levels.


* Free of charge.

* Batch compression support.

* PDF conversion capabilities.


* Absence of compression level options.

* Occasional pop-up ads on the website.

7. Adobe Online Compressor

Adobe Online Compressor is a free PDF compressor offered by Adobe for optimizing and reducing the file size of various digital documents and media files. It's a versatile solution for efficiently compressing a wide range of file formats while maintaining content quality. This tool is particularly useful for individuals and businesses seeking to enhance file sharing, storage, and document management.

compressing pdf files free via adobe

Key Features:

  • Efficiently reduce PDF size free.
  • Work with various file formats.
  • Preserve content quality during compression.
  • Easily navigate the tool's interface.
  • Tailor settings to your specific needs.


* Adobe is a reputable and trusted software provider.

* Work with a wide range of file formats.

* Compress files while maintaining their quality.

* Secure file storage in Adobe's cloud.


* Advanced features may require a paid subscription.

* Rely on a stable internet connection.

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8. PDF Converter

PDF Converter is a versatile online tool that offers a range of features, including the ability to reduce the size of PDF files for free. With its user-friendly interface and focus on file size reduction without compromising quality, PDF Converter is a valuable resource for simplifying document management. Whether you need to shrink PDFs for sharing, emailing, or storage, this tool provides a cost-effective and efficient solution.

how to compress a pdf for free via pdf converter

Key Features:

  • Reduce PDF file sizes for easier management.
  • Change PDFs into various formats, like Word or images.
  • Access the tool from any device with an internet connection.
  • Navigate the platform with ease.
  • Benefit from cost-effective PDF size reduction.


* Make PDFs more manageable for sharing and storage.

* Convert PDFs into different formats for flexibility.

* Use it from any location with internet access.

* Suitable for users of all levels of experience.

* Offer free options for basic PDF tasks.


* Require a stable internet connection for access.

* Free versions may have limitations compared to paid alternatives.

* Consider data and document privacy when choosing a platform.

9. Compress2Go

Compress2Go is a user-friendly online free PDF size reducer tool designed to simplify the process of compressing various types of files. With a focus on ease of use, it enables individuals and businesses to reduce the size of their documents, images, and other media files for efficient sharing, emailing, and storage. Compress2Go offers a quick and accessible solution to optimize file sizes while maintaining quality, making it a valuable resource for streamlined document and media management.

compress2go free pdf file compressor

Key Features:

  • Efficiently compress large PDF files online for free.
  • Compress PDFs, images, and videos.
  • Choose between lower and higher compression levels and various image quality options.


* Reduce the size of large PDF files without cost.

* Extend compression to images and videos for efficient storage and sharing.

* Tailor compression settings to meet specific needs.

* Enjoy a straightforward and user-friendly interface.


* Primarily focused on compression, lacking advanced PDF editing tools.

10. PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor, a Windows application, has the capability to actively monitor one or more folders within a Local Area Network (LAN) for newly added PDF files. It swiftly compresses these PDFs into smaller files. Users of PDF Compressor can conveniently supervise shared network folders, enabling instant PDF compression when new files are added. The tool also provides the option to delete the original files in the folders after compression or move them to a different location. The monitored folder can be shared across the LAN, allowing all network users to copy their PDFs into this shared folder for processing by the PDF Compressor.

Key Features:

  • Automate folder monitoring and instantaneous PDF compression.
  • Compatible with both scanned and text-based PDF files.
  • Monitor numerous network-shared folders within a LAN.
  • Flexibility to delete original PDF files or relocate them.
  • Tailor DPI and compression quality ratios.
  • Pause and resume monitoring as needed.
  • Customize the location of the output folder.

How to Compress a PDF for Free Using PDF Compressor:

01Begin by downloading, installing, and launching PDF Compressor on your computer.

02Next, click on the Add icon to import the PDF files you wish to shrink.

add a folder to monitor

03Choose a PDF Type from the drop-down list. Adjust the file compression settings to your preferences. Then, commence monitoring and compressing the added files by clicking the Start button.

how to reduce the size of a pdf file via pdf compressor server


* Efficiently compress PDF files for better management.

* Customize compression settings to match your requirements.

* Choose to delete the original files or move them to another location.

* User-friendly interface.


* Limited to Windows operating systems.

* Some features may require a paid license.

* Dependent on a local area network (LAN) for operation.

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11. PDFelement

PDFelement is a comprehensive software solution designed to simplify and enhance the way you work with PDF files. One of its standout features is its built-in PDF compressor, which allows you to efficiently reduce the size of PDF documents. With PDFelement's PDF compressor, you can optimize file sizes without compromising the quality of your content. This makes it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses seeking to streamline document storage, sharing, and management, all within a user-friendly and feature-rich platform.

Key Features:

  • Edit PDFs with ease, including text, images, and pages.
  • Create PDFs from various file formats.
  • Convert PDFs to other formats like Word, Excel, and images.
  • Compress PDFs to reduce file sizes without quality loss.
  • Handle interactive forms, from creation to extraction.
  • Utilize OCR for converting scanned documents into editable text.

How to Reduce PDF File Size Free Using PDFelement:

01Download, install, and launch the application.

02The application offers two methods for compressing your PDFs:

The first method, upon the application's homepage, provides the option to compress PDFs.

how to reduce pdf file size free via pdfelement

Alternatively, you have the choice to compress a PDF by accessing the option located within the Tools section.

pdfelement compress tool

03After choosing either of the above methods, select the desired compression level. Once the compression is complete, review the reduction in your PDF document's size as shown by the application.


* Benefit from a comprehensive set of PDF editing tools.

* Create and convert PDFs, providing document flexibility.

* Use the built-in PDF compressor to optimize file sizes.

* Efficiently manage interactive forms within PDFs.

* Convert scanned documents into editable text with OCR.


* Access to advanced features may require a paid license.


In conclusion, PDF compressors are essential for reducing the size of PDF files, and we've explored eleven free PDF compressors. Two notable choices are PDF Compressor, which efficiently manages and compresses PDFs within a LAN, and PDFelement, a versatile software with a built-in PDF compressor for streamlined document management. Choose the one that best suits your specific needs and preferences.

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