How to Convert PDF to PNG with High Quality? 8 Expert Tips and Tricks


PDFs are widely used for storing and exchanging data because of their accessibility and reliability in preserving the originality of each file. There are times, though, when you'll want to change the format of a PDF to something else, like PNG (Portable Network Graphics).

The PNG image format is great for graphics, illustrations, and transparent pictures because of its high quality and lossless compression. This detailed tutorial will show you how to convert PDFs to PNGs, whether you want to extract photos from a PDF or convert the whole document.


Part 1. How to Convert PDF to PNG Offline

Offline PDF to PNG conversion lets you quickly and easily convert PDF files into high-quality PNG images without an active internet connection. When working offline, you have more command over your files and can rest assured that any private or secret data is safe.

Plus, offline tools typically have more advanced functionality and customization options so that you may adjust the converting process to your liking. Here are some offline software to ensure a seamless PDF-to-PNG conversion.

Method 1. How to Convert PDFs to PNGs Using Coolmuster PDF to JPG Converter (Hot)

Coolmuster PDF to JPG Converter can convert your PDFs into high-quality images with only a few clicks. Hence making it simple to edit and share your PDFs in a visually appealing format. It supports converting PDFs to various image formats, including PNG, JPG/JPEG, TIF, GIF, and BMP. You can pick distinct pages or page ranges at will and convert multiple PDF files to picture formats simultaneously. This way, you will process massive volumes of documents quickly and efficiently.

Coolmuster PDF to JPG Converter includes a built-in file reader that allows you to preview any PDF file, which is helpful if you're having difficulties locating specific pages for conversion. During converting, it keeps your PDF files' original layout, photos, text formatting, tables, hyperlinks, and graphics.

Key Features:

  • Convert PDF files to PNG, JPG TIF, BMP, and GIF formats effortlessly.
  • Preserve original formatting, typefaces, and visuals.
  • Convert a finite amount of PDF files into images at a go.
  • Preview and select certain pages or page ranges before converting.
  • Provide quick and accurate conversion output with an intuitive UI.
  • Protect the privacy of sensitive data.

Here's how to convert a PDF to a PNG using Coolmuster PDF to JPG Converter:

01Launch the PDF to JPG Converter after downloading and installing it.

02Then, import the PDFs you want to convert to PNG by clicking Add File or Add Folder.

import all the PDF files you want to convert

03Select the PDFs you intend to use and choose the appropriate image format (JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, or GIF) by clicking the corresponding icon in the Mode column. Then, set up the Output Folder location.

select pdf files and set output options

04Click the Start button to convert PDF files to images (PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP, and GIF). The progress of the job will be shown by a percentage bar. When it reaches 100%, the conversion is complete. To see a preview of the completed project, select Show in folder from the dialog box.

how to change a pdf to a png using coolmuster pdf to jpg converter

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Method 2. How to Change PDFs to PNGs Using Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, which works on both Windows and Mac, is a great option for anyone looking to learn how to convert PDF to PNG images. As the best PDF program available, it lets you easily convert many PDFs to PNG images in a single batch or export a single file in PNG format.

Here is the simple procedure for using Adobe Acrobat DCto ensure PDF to PNG high-quality conversion process:

Step 1. Launch Adobe Acrobat DC. Navigate to the Tools menu and Export PDF.

choose export pdf tools

Step 2. Choose Image and then PNG from the drop-down menu. Finally, click Export. You can now download your PNG.

how to convert pdf to png with adobe

Method 3. How to Turn a PDF into a PNG on Mac Using Preview

Preview, a built-in application on macOS, can read PDFs and see photos, and it also offers the option to convert PDFs to PNGs/ JPEG /TIFF. In addition, you may use this software to sign PDFs, merge many PDFs into a single one, and add comments to them. Here's how to turn a PDF into a PNG file using Preview on a Mac:

Step 1. Right-click the PDF you wish to edit and open with Preview. Click the File menu at the top and then Export.

Step 2. Select PNG as the file type in the resulting dialogue box. Save and choose a location for the PDF to PNG image.

change pdf to png on mac with preview

Method 4. How to Save a PDF as a PNG Using Soda PDF Desktop

Soda PDF is a full-featured PDF editor that allows you to do various things with your PDFs. Soda PDF offline makes it easy to convert PDFs to PNGs, allowing you to save individual images from a PDF. Here's how to change a PDF to a PNG using Soda PDF offline:

Step 1. Download, install, and run Soda PDF desktop. In the Create & Convert module, click on the PDF to Image option.

choose create and convert module

Step 2. Choose the PNG format. Decide on the dpi resolution. Click on the three dots for additional settings. Alter the default saving location by clicking the folder icon. To keep the folder from opening after the conversion, deselect the Open folder with image files after conversion.

Step 3. Select the Make Default button to make the current preferences the default.

Step 4. Click Export to convert your PDF to PNG. This alert will appear after the conversion of your file is complete.

converting pdf to png using soda pdf offline

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Part 2. How to Convert a PDF to a PNG Online

Converting PDFs to PNGs online is a cost-effective and convenient alternative. With only a few clicks, you may convert PDFs to PNGs in great resolution using one of many available online tools. The online tools are also helpful if you only need to convert PDFs to PNGs once and don't want to download additional software. Learn how to turn a PDF into a PNG using online tools in this part.

Method 1. How to Turn PDF into PNG Using PDF Converter

PDF Converter makes converting PDFs to PNGs free without additional third-party programs. In a matter of seconds, you may obtain a high-quality PNG image from this trustworthy website. Discover how to change a PDF to a PNG using PDF Converter in 3 simple steps:

Step 1. On the PDF Converter web page, Click Choose PDF file.

choose pdf files

Step 2. After uploading the files you want to convert, click on Apply Changes.

save pdf as png with pdf converter

Step 3. Once done, download your PNG.

Method 2. How to Save PDF as PNG Using Adobe Acrobat Online

With Adobe Acrobat, you can quickly and effortlessly convert PDF to image formats like PNG, TIFF, and JPG online. The interface is designed to be easy to use for everybody. Here's how to change a PDF to PNG with Adobe Acrobat online:

Step 1. Access Adobe Acrobat's online Converter PDF page, and click Select a file.

upload your pdf files

Step 2. After uploading the PDF files you want to convert, then, choose Convert to PNG.

convert pdf to png free with aobe online

Step 3. Once done, click Download to download your PNG file.

Method 3. How to Change a PDF to a PNG Using PDFCandy

With PDFCandy, you can quickly and easily convert PDF files to PNG images from anywhere with an internet connection. You can alter the quality of the converted photographs to your desire by choosing from High, Medium, or Low. Here's how to change PDF to PNG without spending anything with PDFCandy:

Step 1. On the PDFCandy website, click Add File or drag and drop PDF.

upload the pdf files

Step 2. Once uploaded, click Convert PDF.

how to change pdf to png with pdfcandy

Step 3. Click the Download file button to download and save the converted files.

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Method 4. How to Convert PDF to PNG Using PDF to PNG Converter

PDF to PNG is a free online PDF converter that allows you to turn a PDF into a collection of independent PNG pictures, maintaining the highest possible image quality and smallest possible file size. Learn how to save a PDF as a PNG using a PDF to PNG online converter:

Step 1. Go to the PDF to PNG Converter online website and click Upload Files. Alternatively, you can drop your files here.

Step 2. This online tool will automatically convert the PDF files to PNG. Once done, download the PDF file.

how to convert a pdf to png with pdf to png converter


In this post, we looked at how to convert PDFs to PNGs using different ways, including reputable internet converters and professional tools. However, we advise you to use Coolmuster PDF to JPG Converter, which guarantees high-quality pictures in just a few clicks. Download it now for simpler PDF-to-PNG conversion.

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