Move to iOS Transfer Interrupted? Repair It Now [Why and How Guide]


Move to iOS is a wonderful tool you can use to transfer your data from an Android to an iPhone. It transfers all your photos, videos, and apps to the new iPhone. However, it sometimes comes across with some problems. One of those is that the Move to iOS transfer is interrupted before successfully moving data. As a result, the data transfer will fail. This is quite annoying. This article aims at helping you diagnose and fix those problems.

move to ios transfer is interrupted

Part 1: Why Does Move to iOS Keeps Getting Interrupted?
Part 2: How Do I Fix Move to iOS Transfer Interrupted?
Part 3: Try An Alternative to Bypass Move to iOS Transfer Error

Part 1: Why Does Move to iOS Keeps Getting Interrupted?

Before looking at the solutions for fixing the issue of "Move to iOS transfer interrupted", you have to know why this is happening. Here are the various reasons why this issue happens:

1. Weak or unstable internet connection

Most of the time, this problem occurs when you have a very bad connection. It is because Move to iOS needs 3G or 4G Internet to transfer data between your Android and iPhone. When the connection is weak, there may be delays in transferring data, resulting in an interruption of Move to iOS.

2. Your iPhone model is old

This can be a cause of the problem. The old-model iPhone, such as the first-generation iPhone, cannot handle Move to iOS. As a result, your data will not be able to transfer files to the new iPhone properly.

3. Your iPhone has an outdated version

It is highly recommended that you have the latest version of iOS installed on your phone. If you don't, Move to iOS will not be able to transfer data to your iPhone.

4. Malware on your Android

There is a lot of malware in the Google Play Store, even if it has a lot of security measures in place. Since Move to iOS is downloaded from the Play Store, it can be infected by malware. That will cause the issue of Move to iOS transfer interrupted while transferring data from Android to iPhone.

5. Other apps impact the transfer

There are other activities being conducted on an Android device, like surfing the internet. If you are doing other online activities on your Android such as surfing the internet or watching a video, it can prevent data transfer.

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Part 2: How Do I Fix Move to iOS Transfer Interrupted?

Below are some ways to fix the Move to iOS transfer interrupted issue:

1. Check your network connection status

First of all, you should check whether your internet connection is stable enough. Moving to iOS needs an internet connection to transfer data to your new iPhone. If you don't have a strong internet connection, then it will result in an interruption of the transfer process.

2. Enable the Airplane mode

Airplane mode allows you to disconnect from the internet and helps with the data transfer. If Airplane mode is enabled, then you will be able to successfully transfer data from your phone to the new iPhone. You can enable Airplane mode by following the below steps:

Launch Settings.
Toggle ON Airplane Mode and turn it OFF after a few seconds.
Then try using Move to iOS again to see if the procedure will finish.

enable airplane mode on the iphone when move to ios transfer is interrupted

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3. Close the Apps running in your background

The problem may occur because some of your apps are running in the background. Some apps like Gmail are constantly syncing with the server. This kind of issue can also cause Move to iOS to fail.

To fix this issue, you need to close all the apps that are not absolutely necessary for running the app itself or for transferring data, like Gmail. You only need to close those apps syncing with your email server continuously or running in the background during a certain period.

To close the apps, follow the steps below:

Swipe up your phone and hold the screen to see all apps you've opened.
Slide up all the apps you've seen on the screen to close them.

close the apps running in the background on the iphone to fix move to ios

This should fix the issue. So, try transferring your data now.

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4. Ensure there is no activity being carried out on the Android phone

Try not to use your Android phone while the data transfer is in progress. No calls should be made during the process. Also, do not surf the internet during that time.

5. Restart your mobile device

This is one of the most effective ways to fix the Move to iOS transfer interrupted issue. This method is used when the device is not responding properly in any manner. Actually, this method can fix bugs, malware, or even a corrupt operating system.

What you have to do is:

Long pressing the power button of the mobile device.
You'll see a slider on the screen. Slide it to where it indicates reboot.

restart the device when the transfer on move to ios is interrupted

After that, try using Move to the iOS application again and try transferring data to your iPhone.

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Part 3: Try An Alternative to Bypass Move to iOS Transfer Error

If the above solutions don't help, try using alternative tools to Move to iOS. Here is the best alternative to the Move to iOS tool to help you bypass the error.

1. Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is an alternative to Move to iOS. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone. With it, you can manage your data regardless of the platform (Android or iPhone). It also transfers data from one platform to another safely.

It allows you to copy single or multiple files to your iOS device. It also allows you to transfer data among different mobile devices like iOS and Android devices within a few seconds.

The function of this tool is to transfer data from your old device to the new iOS device. It can help you copy contacts, calendars, books, bookmarks, and more between different mobile devices.

windows version of coolmuster mobile transfermac version of coolmuster mobile transfer

Here is how to use the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer software:

Step 1: Launch the Program on the Computer

Once done, a toolbox will be displayed. From there, enter the Mobile Transfer to proceed.

Step 2: Make a Connection

Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable and enable USB debugging. Then the program will display your devices on the screen, and scan the data from the source device.

transfer data from android to iphone without move to ios

Step 3: Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Make sure the devices are in the correct places, or you can click the Flip icon to change their positions. Choose the files to transfer. Once done, select data types, and tap the Start Copy button to begin the procedure.

use move to ios alternative to copy android data to iphone

2. Google Drive

When it comes to transferring data from Android to iPhone, Google Drive is one of the best alternatives to Move to iOS. It works by automatically backing up your Android phone to Google Drive. You can move the data from Google Drive to your iPhone at ease.

To use Google Drive as a Move to iOS alternative, do the following:

Step 1: Download and install Google Drive on your Android phone, and log in with your Gmail address. Then click the + icon to upload your Android files to Google Drive.

Step 2: Install Google Drive on your iPhone, and you sign in to the same account. Then you can view and download the files uploaded from Android to your iPhone.

replace move to ios with google drive to move data from android to iphone

3. Wireless Transfer App

Wireless Transfer is a useful replacement for Move to iOS. This app transfers files from one device to another without requiring a USB cable. The only thing you need is an internet connection. It allows you to copy files between different devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It copies files at a faster pace than other apps that require cables or any other processes that have been proven to be unsafe in terms of security. To use this tool, do the following:

Step 1: Download Wireless Transfer App on both gadgets and log into the interface.

Step 2: Go to the app on your iPhone and click the Receive option. Then the app will then automatically detect the Android device.

Step 3: Choose the files to transfer, and click the Download option to start the transfer. Then you will receive the files on your iPhone.

send files from android to iphone via wireless transfer app without move to ios


1. What Happens If Move to iOS Transfer is Interrupted?

Don't fret when you see Move to iOS transfer interrupted. Your data will be safe and sound on an Android device. You may still again try to resolve the issue.

2. How Long Should Move to iOS Take?

Move to iOS should take about 10 minutes. Your phone will be fully transferred to your iPhone in about 20 minutes or less, including the backup of data on Android.


The Move to iOS tool is a great app for those who want to switch from an Android phone to an iPhone. However, there are instances where the Move to the iOS application might not be functioning, and it keeps getting interrupted during the transfer process. If you experience any of these problems, try the solutions listed above.

Also, you can use the alternatives to Move to iOS to transfer data to your iPhone, such as Coolmuster Mobile Transfer. This software can copy data from one mobile device to an iPhone/iPad without effort, and import iOS data to Android with ease. Hopefully, the guide will help you deal with them quickly so you can continue with your move process.

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