How to Transfer Data from Motorola to Samsung [You Probably Don't Know]


Samsung mobile has the highest market share in the world, some of Motorola loyal customers have changed their minds and moved to "troops" of Samsung devices due to some reasons. Thus, transferring files to a new phone would be worthy of consideration. So how to transfer data from Motorola to Samsung easily?

Generally speaking, photos, videos, music and other multimedia files can be imported into Samsung mobiles through ordinary software, but some files such as contacts, call records, apps and others require professional tools to cope with. What program will support data transfer between Motorola and Samsung?

Follow this article to have a closer look at them.

transfer data from motorola to samsung


#1: How to Transfer Data from Motorola to Samsung - Coolmuster Mobile Transfer (Sought-after)

If you just brought Samsung mobile phones and want to transfer the important data from your old Motorola, you should pay more attention to this useful Motorola to Samsung transfer software - Coolmuster Mobile Transfer. It ensures zero error in the transferring process and it supports a wide range of data types.

Let's get to know more about Coolmuster Mobile Transfer:

* Operate on almost all the Android devices, including Samsung and Motorola from Android 5.0 to Android 14, such as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23, S23+/S22 Ultra/Z Fold5/Z Fold4/S22+/Z Flip4/S22; Motorola Razr 40 Ultra/40/Edge+/Edge+ 2023/Edge 30 Fusion/ThinkPhone/Edge 2022/G Stylus/G/G Power (2023/G Stylus (2023), etc.

* Copy files between two different mobiles with 1 simple click.

* Transfer contacts, SMS, call logs, music, videos, photos, eBooks, apps from Android to Android.

* Support Android to iOS, iOS to Android, iOS to iOS transfer as well.

* Completely foolproof and readable with totally green environment without spyware.

Download it to give it a try now.

How do I transfer data from my Motorola to Samsung with Coolmuster Mobile Transfer?

Step 1. After installing Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, launch it on your computer, you will see the main interface as below.

the interface of motorola to samsung transfer

Step 2. Connect both your Moto (source phone) and Samsung (destination mobile) to PC via USB cords (click Flip if the mobiles are wrongly placed). Toggle on USB debugging on both your phones. Then the tool will conduct automatic detection. After that, choose your needed file category.

connect phones to pc to transfer data from motorola to samsung

Step 3. Hit Start Copy at the bottom of the window. Then your desired data will be sent from Motorola to Samsung phone shortly after.

how to transfer data from motorola to samsung


Samsung mobile can be updated quickly. If you go after the fashion, you can also consider selling the Samsung mobile phone after erasing all data on Samsung phone and buy its latest version.

Want to connect a Samsung phone to a PC without effort? Please try these 5 practical ways.

#2: How to Transfer from Motorola to Samsung - Coolmuster Android Assistant

The data transfer between Android mobiles above is to connect two phones to the computer through the cords, and directly carry out this task. Actually, to carry out the Moto to Samsung transfer task, you can also transfer (or back up) Moto data to the computer, and then download (or restore) them from PC to Samsung phone. Here comes the second transfer approach - Coolmuster Android Assistant.

It is a multi-functional data management tool that allows you to transfer everything from Motorola to Samsung. Also, you can use it to manage your Samsung phone or Motorola phone easily, such as uninstalling the software on the gadget, creating, mass sending and resetting SMS, Android data backup & restore, etc.

Next, I'll introduce this software by taking how to transfer contacts from Motorola to Samsung as an example:

Step 1. Connect your Motorola and Samsung to PC via USB cables respectively. Then enable USB debugging on both phones for automatic detection by the tool. Then navigate to Super Toolkit to find out Backup and Restore icon.

connect moto and samsung to transfer from motorola to samsung

Step 2. Touch Backup > select your Motorola phone from the drop-down menu > choose data types you want to back up, for example, contacts > decide the location to save the files on your PC > press Back Up to move the files from Moto to PC.

how to transfer data from motorola to pc

Step 3. Tap Restore > select your Samsung device > choose your backup records > hit Restore to transfer them from your computer to Samsung.

transfer data from motorola to samsung using coolmuster android assistant

Tips: You can select other optional data to conduct the transfer from Motorola to Samsung mobile by following the steps above. This is a good way to perform a full backup to Samsung smartphone from Moto Z2 or other Moto phones.

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#3: How to Transfer Data from Motorola to Samsung - Google Drive

Google Drive allows users to store personal files on Google server and access data through the network. If you have too many files, but don't want to spend too much time on data transfer, then this method may be suitable. Moreover, Google Drive can cancel document download, print or copy permission. However, in recent years, this software has some security problems sometimes.

How can I conduct Motorola to Samsung transfer with Google Drive:

Step 1. On your Motorola phone, go to Settings > Backup and reset > enable Back up my data to back up Moto data (activate the automatic backup feature is another option). Then enter Backup account when the window pops up the similar prompts.

Step 2. When the backup is finished, go to Samsung Settings > Backup and reset to add the same Backup account to see Moto backups. Choose your needed data types and click Restore to migrate data from Motorola to Samsung.

transfer data from motorola to samsung via google

#4: How to Transfer Data from Moto G to Samsung - Bluetooth

Bluetooth has been produced in the same period since the smart phone sprang up. Now, Bluetooth has developed to the fifth generation. To transfer data from Motorola to Samsung using this way, one of the characteristics is that there is no physical connection, but for the mobile pairing for the first time, you need to enter the pin code. In addition, it is a good choice when there is not much data for transfer. Yet, in terms of its security, Bluetooth hackers can check the SMS and phonebook of each other's phones, and can remotely control their calls as well once in a while.

Let's focus on how to transfer data from Motorola to Samsung with Bluetooth:

Step 1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth to switch on it on both your Moto and Samsung cellphones. Then keep the phones close together to pair them to for virtual connection.

turn on bluetooth to transfer data from motorola to samsung

Step 2. It's time to share your phone data now. Please choose what you want your want to share and touch Share to choose Bluetooth option. Then set your Samsung phone as a receiver to execute Motorola to Samsung transfer.

how to transfer data from motorola to samsung via bluetooth

Note: In order to make your smart phones more power-saving, it is recommended that you turn off the Bluetooth feature after using it.

#5: How to Transfer Contacts from Motorola to Samsung - Samsung Smart Switch

Some people may ask "Can you use Smart Switch on Motorola?" Well, it depends, since Samsung Smart Switch is primarily designed to transfer data from non-Samsung devices to Samsung devices.

Some people may ask "Does Samsung Smart Switch work on Motorola?" Yep, but it depends.

Since Samsung Smart Switch is primarily designed to transfer data from non-Samsung devices to Samsung devices, that means as a data transfer software developed by Samsung Inc, you can easily transfer data from an Android OS phone, iOS device (iOS 5.0 or above) or iTunes to Samsung mobile; but note that the receiver must be Samsung Galaxy (Android 4.0 or above). It supports file types like contacts, calendars, SMS, notification record, photos, music (music in DRM), videos, etc.

Generally, for Galaxy S2 and older operating systems, there may be compatibility problems while connecting phones, but you can try it again by updating the firmware.

Guide on how to transfer contacts from Motorola to Samsung with Samsung Smart Switch:

Step 1. Download Samsung Smart Switch from Samsung official website to Motorola and Samsung phone. Then install and start it on your two phones.

Step 2. Choose Motorola as Sending Device, and select your Android device - Samsung as Receiving Device one after another.

Step 3. Select your needed file types, such as "Contacts" from the data board to carry out data migrate from Motorola to Samsung.

transfer data from motorola to samsung with samsung smart switch

Tips: Motorola has a function of Motorola Migrate. But note that it can only move data from other Android mobiles to Motorola phones, not to Samsung ones.


After reading these 5 solutions about how to transfer data from Motorola to Samsung, do you have a rough understanding of them? As far as I'm concerned, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer and the supplementary means Coolmuster Android Assistant have the traits of strong compatibility, multiple supported data, zero error, etc.

So you can choose the software reasonably according to the importance of your data. If you choose several other tools or features, you must check the supported mobile model and data types before using. Otherwise, you may not be able to complete data transfer from Motorola to Samsung, or your phone data might be damaged.

Finally, if have any questions about mobile data maintenance while trying the software, please leave us a message at your convenience.

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