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How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Pixel? (7 Hassle-Free Options)


Charmed by the reasonable-priced Google Pixel with solid battery life and fantastic camera, many Android users have switched from their old smartphones to new Google Pixel phones. Samsung users are no exception. After many scandals broke out, the Samsung phone has fallen from the previous "Android ceiling" to lagging behind other Android brands, including Google Pixel, which has gradually divided Samsung's position in the market.

If you have changed to a Google Pixel phone from Samsung, do you know how to transfer data from Samsung to Pixel? Thankfully, various methods can transfer from Samsung to Pixel. In this article, we will introduce the top 7 tricks.

transfer data from samsung to pixel


Way 1. How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Pixel by Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer stands out as a reliable third-party app designed to simplify the data transfer process between different smartphones. It supports seamless data transfer between Android devices, iOS devices, and across Android-to-Android or iOS-to-iOS platforms. The tool covers a wide range of common data types, including contacts, text messages, call logs, calendars, photos, music, videos, documents, apps, eBooks, and more.

Key features of Coolmuster Mobile Transfer:

  • One-click to transfer data between smartphones.
  • Multiple transmission modes: Android and Android, iOS and iOS, iOS and Android.
  • Support various data types like contacts, bookmarks, eBooks, contacts, music, apps, photos, etc.
  • Work with all generations of Samsung, Pixel, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Sony, LG, Huawei, ZTE, Motorola, etc.

To use Coolmuster Mobile Transfer to transfer data from Samsung to Pixel, follow these steps:

01Install and open this software on your computer. Next, select the "Mobile Transfer" mode on the interface to move on.

run the software

02Plug the Samsung and Google Pixel into the computer using two suitable USB cables and enable USB debugging on each phone. Please ensure that Samsung is in the Source position. If needed, click the "Flip" button to switch them.

connect phones to computer

03Tick the data types you wish to move from the table and hit the "Start Copy" button to start the data migration.

transfer data from samsung to pixel

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Way 2. How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Pixel 6/7/8 via Quick Switch Adapter

Google provides a Quick Switch Adapter to facilitate the transfer of data, including apps, contacts, and photos, from a Samsung device to a Google Pixel 6/7/8. Follow these steps for a smooth transfer:

Step 1. Power on the Pixel phone and click the "Start" button to start setting it up.

Step 2. Set up the network on Google Pixel and tap the "Next" button.

Step 3. Plug the Quick Switch Adapter into the Google Pixel and connect the USB. One end of the cable connects to the adaptor, the other to the Samsung phone.

Step 4. Unlock your Samsung phone, touch the "Copy" button, and select the data types you want to transmit. When the transfer is complete, click "Next" > "Done".

how to transfer data from samsung to pixel


  • This method is specific to Google Pixel 6/7/8, excluding users with different Pixel models.
  • Quick Switch Adapter may not transfer some data types, leading to potential data loss.

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Way 3. How to Transfer Data from Old Phone to Pixel 7/8 with Google Account

Utilizing your Google account is a native and straightforward method for transferring data. Here's how you can transfer data from an old phone to a Pixel 7/8 using Google account:

Step 1. On your Samsung phone, go to "Settings" > tap the "Backup & restore" option > enable the "Back up my data" option > select the Google account to back up the Samsung data.

transfer from samsung to pixel

Or, you can also back up your data by tapping Samsung's "Settings" > "Accounts" > "Google" and enable the data types you want to back up.

Step 2. Unlock your Google Pixel phone and sign in with the same Google account and password. After that, open "Settings" > "Backup & restore" > "Restore" > "Restore from Backup". Once you select the backup file, it will begin to restore files to your Google Pixel.


  • This method requires a stable internet connection.
  • Only data synced with your Google account will transfer, potentially leaving out non-Google apps and data.

Way 4. How to Transfer Data to Pixel 7 Pro/8 Pro Through USB Cable

A classic method involves using a USB cable to directly transfer data between devices. But this way only goes for media files and documents. If you want to copy other data as well, please choose other methods. To switch from Samsung to Pixel via USB cable:

Step 1. Connect the Samsung and Pixel to the computer using two working USB cables.

Step 2. Unlock your Samsung phone and swipe down the screen. Afterward, tap the message in the Notification panel to enter the Use USB for window and pick the "Transfer files" option. Next, repeat the operation on your Google Pixel phone. Once done, the computer will recognize your devices as portable USB storage.

transfer data from samsung to pixel 6/7/8

Step 3. Double-click "My Computer/This PC" on the desktop and open Samsung and Google Pixel under Portable devices in two windows.

Step 4. Later, find the DCIM or Documents folder on the Samsung internal storage, choose the wanted files, and drag & drop them to the Google Pixel phone.


  • This method may take more time, especially for users with a large amount of data.
  • Interruptions during the transfer process may lead to data corruption or loss.

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Way 5. How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Pixel Using Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is a mobile device data transfer tool provided by Samsung, designed to assist users in transferring data between different devices. Of course, it can also be used to transfer data from a Samsung to a Pixel. Follow these steps to transfer data from Samsung to Pixel 6/7/8.

Step 1. Download and open the Smart Switch app on both devices and ensure both phones are connected to Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Tap "Start" on the old phone and "Receive" on the new smartphone. Opt for the "WIRELESS" option on both devices to facilitate automatic connection.

switch from samsung to pixel

Step 3. On the sending phone, choose the data and files you want to transfer. Press "Transfer" to initiate the copying process. Your data will be successfully transferred to the new phone.


  • Smart Switch may not work seamlessly with non-Samsung devices, potentially causing compatibility issues.
  • There might be some specific settings or application data that may not be fully transferred.

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Way 6. How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Google Phone by Bluetooth

Bluetooth offers a wireless option for transferring data between Samsung and Pixel devices. Here's how to use Bluetooth for data transfer:

Step 1. Enable Bluetooth on both devices and pair the devices.

how to transfer data from samsung to google phone

Step 2. Select the files on the Samsung device and choose to send them via Bluetooth.

Step 3. Accept the incoming Bluetooth transfer on the Pixel device.


  • Bluetooth transfer can be slow, especially for large files or a significant amount of data.
  • Bluetooth may not support all file types, leading to incomplete transfers.

Way 7. How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Google Pixel with Email

For smaller files and documents with no more than 25 MB, email can serve as a simple and effective transfer method. Below are the detailed steps of how to transfer data from Samsung to Google phone using email:

Step 1. Run the email client app on the Samsung phone and compose a new email.

Step 2. Tap the "paperclip" icon to add the desired file as an attachment, fill in the recipient information, and send the email.

how to transfer data from samsung to google pixel

Step 3. Open the same email app on your Google Pixel phone, log in with the same email address and password, and download the attachment you sent a few minutes ago.


  • Email services may have file size limitations, restricting the transfer of larger files.
  • This method is more suitable for smaller amounts of data, as it requires manual effort for each file.


To sum up, there are a variety of ways to transfer data from a Samsung smartphone to a Google Pixel, and each has pros and cons of its own. You must take into account a number of things while choosing the best transfer method, such as your tastes, the models of your devices, and the volume of your data. The goal is to provide a safe and seamless transfer to the new device, whether you use Google services or a third-party solution like Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, Bluetooth, or email as your wireless method.

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