How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Android (6 Methods)


When you want to keep or print important Android conversations, save sentimental SMS, or transfer texts from a broken phone to a new one, you may wonder how to transfer text messages from Android to Android. Well, we shall walk you through several workable methods to help you out, from employing dedicated tools to the simplicity of using built-in features. Hopefully, your Android messages will be securely transferred afterward.

how to transfer text messages from android to android


Option 1. How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Android in Bulk (1-Click Solution)

Can you efficiently batch-transfer text messages from one Android device to another? The answer is a resounding YES. Give Coolmuster Mobile Transfer a go. This intelligent software lets you seamlessly move various data types between two mobile phones, regardless of their operating systems. To accomplish SMS transmission effortlessly, download and install it on your computer and ensure you have two applicable USB cables ready.

What Makes Coolmuster Mobile Transfer Exceptional?

  • One tap to transfer text messages from Android to Android in batches.
  • Copy data from Android to Android, Android to iOS, iOS to Android, and iOS to iOS.
  • Seamlessly transfer various data types, including SMS/messages, call history, contacts, pictures, videos, music, documents, apps, and more.
  • Ensure data integrity while valuing your privacy.
  • Perform functions on virtually most Android/iOS devices, covering Samsung Galaxy series, HTC, Sony Xperia, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme, Google Pixel, etc.

How to transfer texts from Android to Android in bulk via Coolmuster Mobile Transfer?

01Start Mobile Phone on Computer

Begin by installing Coolmuster Mobile Transfer on your computer and opening it. Click on "Mobile Transfer" from the toolbox.

run the software

02Attach Phones to Computer

Connect your phones to your computer using appropriate USB cables. Follow the on-screen hints to enable USB debugging on both devices to get them detected. Next, ensure they are correctly positioned; if not, you can click "Flip" to align them.

attach phones to computer

03Transfer Text Messages from Android to Android

To make Android transfer text messages to a new phone, pick "Text Messages" and click the "Start Copy" button to initiate SMS migration in a single operation.

transfer texts from android to android

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Option 2. How to Transfer SMS from Android to Android Selectively (Export & Import)

Is there a way to transfer text messages while keeping a copy of them on a computer? Certainly, for selective SMS transfer, accordingly, try Coolmuster Android Assistant. This product simplifies file transfers between your Android device and computer, including text messages, call logs, contacts, media, and more. Specifically, it supports exporting Android SMS conversations from your old Android to your PC before importing them to your new Android gadget. Moreover, it also facilitates phone management, coupled with its built-in 1-click backup & restore functionality. Click the button below to download and try it out.

Here's a detailed guide for Android SMS transfer via Coolmuster Android Assistant:

01Run the Software and Link Devices to the Computer

Once you've installed this tool on your PC, open it and choose "Android Assistant" from the toolbox. Use a USB cable to link your source Android phone to the computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to get the device connected.

run the software and link devices to the computer

02Export Messages from Old Android Phone

Select your old Android device under "My Devices". Then, go to the "SMS" section, choose the text messages you wish to transfer, and click "Export" in the top menu. Opt to back up these messages as XML, CSV, etc., and specify the location on your PC where you want to save them.

transfer sms from android to android

03Import Text Messages to New Android Phone

Now, unplug your old cellphone and link your new device to the computer. Here, determine the smartphone from "My Devices" and select "SMS" from the left panel. Tap "Import" and pick the file that contains your old phone's texts. Finally, click "Open" to import the messages to the linked phone.

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Option 3. How to Transfer Text Messages from One Phone to Another via SMS Backup & Restore

Is there any app to transfer text messages across Android devices wirelessly? Sure. SMS Backup & Restore allows you to wirelessly back up your Android SMS, MMS, and call logs to cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Once the backup is made, you can easily restore it to another phone.

How to copy texts from Android to Android using SMS Backup & Restore?

Step 1. Install SMS Backup & Restore on Both Android Devices

Download and install SMS Backup & Restore from the Google Play Store on both of your devices. When prompted, grant the necessary permissions.

Step 2. Back Up Text Messages on Source Phone

Open the app on your old Android phone. Set up a backup, choose the messages you want to back up, select your preferred cloud storage for storing the backup, configure the backup settings as prompted, and then tap "BACK UP".

android transfer text messages to new phone

Step 3. Restore SMS to the Destination Device

Launch SMS Backup & Restore on your new Android phone. Tap the three-dash icon, go to "RESTORE", select the backups you wish to restore by ticking the checkboxes, tap "RESTORE", and confirm with "OK".

Make sure to regularly back up your text messages to ensure you have the latest data ready for transfer. Additionally, choose a secure cloud storage option for your backups, like Google Drive or Dropbox, and remember to keep your app updated for the smoothest experience.

Option 4. How to Transfer SMS from Android to Android with Google Backup

You're empowered to leverage your Google account to back up and transfer SMS between devices linked to the same account. However, a stable internet connection is essential as messages are uploaded to and downloaded from Google servers. This job may be time-consuming with many messages or a slow network.

How to get text messages from one phone to another via Google Backup?

Step 1. On your sending device, navigate to "Settings" > "Backup & reset" > tap "Back up my data". Ensure that SMS and MMS messages are listed before tapping "Back Up Now".

tap back up now

Step 2. On your recipient device, go to "Settings" > "Accounts" > "Add Account" and add the same Google account.

Step 3. To restore the Google backup to the receiving phone, navigate to "Settings" > "Backup & reset" and enable "Automatic restore".

how to transfer text messages from one phone to another

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Option 5. How to Transfer Text Messages to a New Phone Through Bluetooth

Can you transfer text messages to a new phone wirelessly without a tool? If you have only a few messages to transfer, you can utilize Bluetooth for the job. The sole prerequisite for employing this method is that both devices must work well with this function.

How can you import text messages from Android to Android over Bluetooth?

Step 1. Activate the Bluetooth feature on both Android devices and establish a connection by confirming the passcode.

Step 2. After that, access the Messaging app on the source device and pick the specific texts you intend to transfer.

Step 3. In the app's settings, opt to "Share" the selected SMS threads and choose "Bluetooth" as the sending method.

how to transfer sms from android to android

Step 4. A list of available Android devices will appear; simply tap the target device to initiate the SMS transfer.

Step 5. A notification will pop up on the target gadget, prompting you to accept the incoming message. Lastly, select "Agree" to commence the SMS transfer.

For Bluetooth-based SMS transfer between Android devices, keep them close together with Bluetooth enabled on both. This ensures a stable and swift transfer. If dealing with a large number of text messages, exercise patience, as the process may take some time.

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Option 6. How to Transfer Text Messages to New Phone Android by Smart Switch (Samsung Only)

When switching to a new Samsung Galaxy device, you can pick Smart Switch, an excellent app for transferring messages. This app enables you to transfer various data types, including contacts, calendars, media, call logs, memos, and documents, from a mobile phone/tablet to a Samsung device.

Now, let's go over the guidelines for transferring SMS between Android phones using Samsung Smart Switch:

Step 1. Run Samsung Smart Switch

Install and open the Samsung Smart Switch app on both the source and destination devices.

Step 2. Send Text Messages to Samsung

On your source device, choose a transfer mode, such as "WIRELESS". Then, select the "Messages" option and press "SEND".

how to transfer text messages to new phone android

Step 3. Accept SMS from Old Phone

On the target Samsung phone, tap "Accept" to receive the incoming text messages immediately.


In conclusion, transferring text messages from one Android device to another may seem like a daunting task, but with the right methods and tools, it becomes a seamless process. By following the step-by-step instructions outlined in this article, you can ensure that your valuable text messages are safely transferred to your new Android device. Remember to back up your messages regularly, as it not only preserves your precious memories but also provides a layer of security against unexpected data loss. Taking into account various factors, we recommend using Coolmuster Mobile Transfer. It's secure and fast. Download and try it now.

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