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Videos are a big deal online. They're used for fun, learning, and sharing info. Sometimes, you want to save these videos to watch later. Online video downloader tools offers a solution to capture and presaerve your favorite online videos. In this article, we'll introduce some best online video downloader tools and explain how they make it easy for you.

best online video downloader


Part 1. Edit the Downloaded Video & Audio Using Video Converter Ultimate

Wondering how to handle the video you've just downloaded? To make fantastic vertical videos, you need specialized software made for the job. Video Converter Ultimate is a great choice, as it's a powerful video editor that works with various video formats and resolutions.

This tool makes it easy to improve your video quality with its smart technology. You can increase the video resolution, get rid of background noise, reduce shakiness, and adjust brightness and contrast effortlessly.

Here are more highlights of this tool:

Here is how to use Video Converter Ultimate to edit your videos:

01Start by downloading and opening the software on your computer. Add your videos to the tool by selecting either Add Files or Add Folders. You can also drag & drop your videos to the tool.

how to use the best video editor, video converter ultimate

02Freely edit your video by click on the Edit/Cut/Enhance Video icon. For instance, you can remove any unwanted parts from the video by moving the clipper along the progress bar.

edit videos in video converter ultimate

03Once you're done, click Save. You can also merge multiple videos, preview the result, and then click the Convert All button.

save the edited videos

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Part 2. 9 Best Free Online Video Downloader Tools

What are the best best video download sites? This part introduces 9 convenient tools on websites to download videos. Read to learn about them:

#1. givefastlink.com

best video downloader, givefastlink.com

givefastlink.com is a website that lets you download videos from many platforms as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more. It has a simple design, and it's completely free to use. You can easily download videos in different qualities, with or without sound, and even the video's thumbnail image. Additionally, there are very few ads on this website.

To download a video using this site, just paste the video link in the search box and choose the quality you want by clicking the button.

Drawback: You may need to wait a few seconds when downloading files.

#2. linkvideo.download

video download website linkvideo.download

Similar to givefastlink.com, linkvideo.download is a website that lets you to download videos from various platforms. It supports downloading both audio and video files in different qualities. Moreover, you can easily share the video on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and even download a QR code to share with friends.

This website has very few ads. To use it for video downloads, simply paste the link into the search box and click the quality's button you want .

Drawback: You may need to wait a few seconds when downloading files.

#3. viddownloader.online

download video from website viddownloader.online

viddownloader.online is another free website that lets you download videos from various platforms. You can freely download the audio and video with or without sound in different qualities. Similar to linkvideo.download, it allows you to share videos on major social platforms or download a QR code for sharing. The website has a simple & clean design without any ads.

To use this website for video downloads, paste the video link into the search box and press the Enter key (N.B. Clicking the Download button directly will redirect to another page). Then, select the desired quality's button, and the video will automatically download to your device.

#4. 9convert.com

top video downloader, 9convert.com

9convert.com is a website that allows you to download YouTube videos. It offers various options for downloading different video qualities, and you can also download just the audio from the video.

To download the video you want, simply choose the video quality you prefer, and then click the Download button.

This website is free to use and has a simple and easy-to-understand design. However, a drawback is that it often has pop-up ads.

#5. keepvid.to

best free online video downloader, keepvid.to

keepvid.to is a video downloading website that allows you to preview the videos you want to download and search for videos using keywords. It allows you to download videos not only from YouTube but also from other platforms like Facebook. You can choose from various video qualities and formats for download, including the audio.

Additionally, it offers SRT format subtitle files in multiple languages for the videos you want. The website is free and user-friendly, but a drawback is that you might accidentally click on advertisement pages.

#6. savefrom.net

best video downloader online, savefrom.net

savefrom.net is a website that lets you download videos from various platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. You can get MP4/WEBM video files with/without audio, as well as audio files from this site. Like the other platforms, it offers multiple video quality options for download.

To use this website for video downloads, just choose the format you want and click the Download button. It's completely free to use, but the drawback is that you might encounter some ads that can be a bit intrusive.

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#7. ssyoutube.com

best online downloader, ssyoutube.com

ssyoutube.com is another free website that allows you to download videos from various platforms as YouTube and Instagram. You can easily get video files in various quality options for the videos you want. All you have to do is paste the link to the video you desire, and the website will automatically identify and list the options for downloading with or without audio.

However, it can be a bit annoying to deal with many pop-up ads while using this website.

#8. webtoptools.com

best website video downloader, webtoptools.com

webtoptools.com offers a variety of free online tools for common file operations, including file format conversion, file compression, file translation, and video downloads from many platforms, and more. This website's video download tool allows you to preview the video you want to download and download the video's Thumbnail Image.

To use this website for video downloads, simply paste the video link into the search box, choose the desired quality, and then click the Download button. The website is completely free to use and user-friendly. However, it has ads, offers fewer options compared to other websites, and lacks the choice to download videos with or without sound or audio.

#9. Good Video Downloader (Google Extension)

best video downloader website

Unlike all the other websites mentioned, Good Video Downloader is a Chrome extension. Once you install this extension, you can easily browse supported video download websites, select the quality you want, and download your desired videos while browsing. It doesn't require you to visit specific download websites, making it very convenient, and it doesn't have any ads to interrupt your internet experience.

To use this plugin for video downloads, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Install Good Video Downloader from the Chrome Web Store and click the Pin icon to keep it in your Extension bar.

Step 2. Visit the webpage of the video you want to download, click the Good Video Downloader Extension button in the top right corner, choose the quality you need from the download list that appears, and then click Download.

how to download videos online with google chrome extension

Drawback: Using this extension for video downloads may sometimes fail, and it cannot be used on many platforms, including YouTube.

Summing Up

The demand for trustworthy online video downloader tools is on the rise. Different websites and apps provide various features to meet the needs of different users. Who's the best youtube downloader online? This passage has told. Whether you just want to save a hilarious cat video for fun or you're a content creator studying your competitors' content, there's a tool that's right for you. Leave us a comment if you got more options!

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