How to Hack Pokemon Go for Android & iOS? (Quick Guide)


To collect more Pokemons or game items on Pokemon Go, you must walk or at least move from place to place. This could be tiring when you're exhausted or the weather isn't just good. In such situations, you may find yourself researching how to hack Pokemon Go. Well, this guide discusses some of the best third-party location spoofers for hacking Pokemon Go. You'll also learn the hacks to help reduce walking on Pokemon Go.


Part 1. How to Do Pokemon Go Hack iOS

Despite the iPhone's highly restrictive operating system, there are still various approaches available to modify the Pokemon Go game on your iPhone through hacking.

1.1 iOS Location Changer

If you're using an iPhone and iPad to play Pokemon Go, you can conveniently hack the game using a tool like iOS Location Changer. This GPS-enabled location spoofer allows you to select a map point and start moving to play the game. You can also adjust the speed to use in the customized route.

The game will detect your movement and give you the necessary rewards (Pokemon). This walking cheat is accurate and allows you to move virtually in just one click.

Key Features:

  • Easily set up a virtual location to play AR games.
  • Create customized routes for cycling or driving.
  • Play location-based games without walking.
  • Hide your location on social apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the steps below to start hacking Pokemon Go using iOS Location Changer:

01Download a free version of iOS Location Changer, then install and launch it on your computer. After that, click the Start button in the main interface, then connect your iPhone via USB.

click start button and connect your iphone to your computer

02 To start simulating your Pokemon Go movement using a customized route, click One-stop mode. Enter the start and end points for your customized route. Alternatively, you can select the Use starting point and Use ending point options.

choose one-stop-mode to chang your location

03Once you've selected your points, click on the Start Move button. Your iPhone location will start moving along the simulated route as you play Pokemon Go. You can also adjust your movement speed by dragging the speed bar. The game will record your movement and give you extra Pokemon.

click start move on one stop mode

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Best Spoofing Apps for Pokemon Go on iOS and Android

1.2 Pokemon Go++

Utilizing Pokemon Go++, you can employ hacking techniques to manipulate the game and simulate your location, enabling you to capture rare Pokemon without leaving your residence. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this application exclusively functions on iPhones that have undergone jailbreaking.

If your iPhone hasn't undergone the process of jailbreaking, it's possible that you may not have the ability to utilize this particular app. However, if you're willing to accept the potential risks involved, you can follow these straightforward steps.

Step 1. Begin by visiting the Tutu app after successfully jailbreaking your iPhone, making sure that it is the latest version available.

Step 2. Next, locate the Pokemon Go++ application within the Tutu app and proceed to install it on your device. Remember to grant all the required permissions during the installation process.

Step 3. After successfully installing the app, log in to your Pokemon account. From there, you can modify your location by either activating the Fake Location setting or selecting your desired location on the map through the radar feature.

Part 2. How to Do Pokemon Go Walking Hack on Android

If you're interested in learning how to hack Pokemon Go on an Android device, this section is tailored to your needs. There exist various methods to hack this widely popular game on an Android device.

2.1 Android Location Changer

If you want to hack Pokemon Go on your Android device, the most recommended tool is Android Location Changer. This powerful tool allows you to fool the game about your movement and collect extra Pokemons in the long run. While just sitting on your couch, you can use this tool to move to virtual locations based on a customized route.

During the virtual movement, this third-party tool allows you to regulate your speed so the game doesn't suspect anything fishy.

Key Features:

  • Support most Android devices.
  • Save a record of your movement on the map.
  • Adjust your movement speed.
  • Allow you to bookmark favorite spots and routes for easy access.

Below are the simple steps to walk virtually on Pokemon Go using Android Location Changer:

01 Launch Android Location Changer on your computer and click the Get Started button in its main interface. Next, connect your Android or iPhone via USB.

tap the get started button

02To start simulating your GPS movement, select the Two-spot mode icon in the upper right of the screen. Next, enter the address or coordinate for your destination on the search box (the system will automatically detect your start point). Drag the speed bar to adjust your movement. Click on the Move button to start moving.

change your gps location

03Your GPS location will start changing based on the simulated location. Pokemon Go will also detect the location changes as you move by. You can pause or stop the movement anytime by clicking the relevant buttons. Once you reach the endpoint, you'll receive a sound notification and a popup. Your route history will then get saved to the records.

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How to Spoof Pokemon Go on Android Safely? (Quick Guide)

2.2 Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free is an application available on the Play Store that facilitates the falsification of your GPS location for the Pokemon Go game. This app is compatible with most Android devices and offers a user-friendly experience, making it relatively simple to operate.

Step 1. Proceed to download and install the application from the Google Play Store onto your device.

Step 2. Open the app and initiate it. Then, search for the desired location that you wish to simulate.

Step 3. Tap the play button within the app, and it will commence faking your location accordingly.

fake gps go location spoofer

Part 3. A Review of Pokemon Go Hacks 2023 That Help Reduce Walking

Since Pokemon Go requires you to move around so that you collect Pokemons and other incentives, this may not be possible all the time. You could be feeling unwell, or the weather conditions aren't favorable. It's important to know some hacks to play the game without walking and collecting more Pokemons without the system suspecting you. Below is a review of common Pokemon Go hacks you can apply:

Hack 1. Add a Lure Module to Closer Pokestops

Inserting a lure module into nearby Pokestops will help attract more Pokemons to that area. A lure module attracts Pokemons for up to thirty minutes. You can acquire lures through purchase, visiting the Pokestops, or when you level up. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Select a Pokestop on the map and visit it.

Step 2. Click on Empty Module slot.

click on empty module slot

Step 3. Navigate to the bottom of the screen and tap on Pokestop Module. Lastly, tap on Lure Module. This will start attracting Pokemons to the selecting Pokestop.

Hack 2. Apply Accessories for Pokemon Go Hack

Accessories help to enhance your activity and the overall experience of playing Pokémon Go. Some of the accessories to try out include the following:

  • Phone mounts. They help to reduce the burden of holding your phone when playing the game.
  • Power banks. These come in handy when your battery is running low and you're on the move.
  • Pokemon Go Plus. This Bluetooth-enabled device, wearable on your hand, allows you to play the game without looking at your phone every time.
  • Portable Wi-Fi. If your route entails moving through an area with poor internet, you can consider carrying a portable Wi-Fi to maintain your connection to the game.

Accessories are, therefore, very important when playing Pokemon Go.

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Hack 3. Use Incense Available at Pokestops

Acquiring incense enables you to attract wild Pokemon to a Pokestop for about thirty minutes. You can purchase incense from the store or during level-up. Follow the steps below to use incense for catching wild Pokemon:

Step 1. Click on Pokeball > Items, then tap on Incense.

choose incense

Step 2. The system will activate incense for thirty minutes. The incense will be displayed as a pink circle around your avatar and attract wild Pokemons.

Hack 4. Play the Game Using a Cycle or Skateboard

You can try cycling or skateboarding if you want to cheat the game and collect more Pokemons. Before doing that, ensure you select a route with more gyms and Pokestops to collect the maximum number of game items. Applying this Pokemon Go hack is also a great way to exercise and keep fit while playing the game. Ensure you heed all the safety precautions before skating or cycling.

Hack 5. Play the Game on a Car Driven by Someone Else

If you're tired of walking or feeling unwell, you can ask a friend to drive you around while playing Pokemon Go inside the car. The game will detect that you're moving and allow you to acquire extra Pokemons and game items. Ensure you collect PokeBalls at every turn when using this Pokemon Go travel hack.

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Part 4. FAQs About How to Hack Pokemon Go

Q1. Can I Hack Pokemon Go Today?

Yes, it's still possible to hack Pokemon Go. This allows you to get extra Pokemon and other game items. To efficiently hack Pokemon Go, you need a well-established location spoofer.

Q2. What Are the Benefits of Having Pokemon Go Hacked?

The first benefit of hacking Pokemon Go is that you can play the game without leaving your house. This is because location spoofers allow you to access virtual locations from where you can play the game. Another benefit is that you can easily catch water Pokemons (this is great if you live in landlocked areas). Hacking also allows you to catch rare Pokemons of the game.

Q3. What Is the Possible Risk if I Hacked Pokemon Go?

If you consistently use a Pokemon Go walking cheat, you may get banned. These bans could be short-term or long-term. To minimize this risk, limit the number of times you use hacking tools, i.e., only use them when need be.

The Bottom Line

You can conveniently hack Pokemon Go using reliable location spoofers like iOS Location Changer and Android Location Changer. This article has discussed the two methods in detail and outlined their steps. You've also learned about the hacks you can apply to reduce walking on Pokemon Go. Ensure you try out each of the hacks mentioned to find the one that works best for you.

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