How Do I Know If Someone Is Tracking My Phone? [Signs and Tips]


How do I know if someone is tracking my phone? How to check if someone is tracking your phone? In today's digitally connected world, concerns about privacy and security are more prevalent than ever. With the increasing integration of smartphones into our daily lives, it's important to understand whether someone can track your phone without your permission. This article aims to address this concern by providing insights into phone tracking, how to detect if someone is tracking your phone, and practical steps to prevent unauthorized tracking.


Part 1. Can Someone Track My Phone Without My Permission?

Can someone track my iPhone without me knowing? The answer is yes. Modern smartphones are equipped with advanced technologies and built-in features that can be exploited by malicious actors to track your device without your knowledge or consent. While it is technically possible for someone to track your phone without permission, it typically requires installing specific software or applications on your device.

There are various methods that can be employed to track a phone without permission, including the use of spyware, GPS tracking apps, and even certain built-in features like Find My Device. It's important to note that legal and ethical considerations are paramount when it comes to tracking someone's phone, and unauthorized tracking is a violation of privacy laws in many jurisdictions.

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Part 2. How to Tell If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone?

How can I tell if my phone is being tracked? Detecting if someone is tracking your phone without your permission can be challenging, but there are indicators you can watch for that might suggest potential tracking activity:

1. Battery Drain and Overheating

Can you see if someone checks your location on iPhone? One clear indication that your phone could be under surveillance is unexplained battery drain and excessive heat generation. If your phone's battery seems to be depleting more quickly than usual or if it gets unusually hot even during light usage, it could be an indication of malicious tracking software running in the background. Keep an eye on your device's battery usage and monitor any unusual changes.

2. Unusual Data Usage

Another red flag to watch out for is unexpectedly high data usage. If you notice a sudden surge in your data consumption without any corresponding increase in your own usage patterns, it could be a sign that your phone is transmitting data to an external source. This could indicate the presence of spyware or tracking software, which often requires an internet connection to relay the collected information.

3. Unfamiliar Apps and Background Noises

How do I know if someone is tracking my phone? Pay attention to any unfamiliar apps or icons that suddenly appear on your phone's home screen. These could be installed by a malicious actor trying to track your device. Additionally, if you hear strange background noises like echoes, clicks, or static during phone calls, it could indicate that someone is tapping into your conversations.

4. Unusual Behavior and Phone Performance

If your phone starts behaving strangely, such as crashing frequently, freezing, or displaying unusual error messages, it could be a sign of unauthorized tracking. Spyware or other tracking software can interfere with your phone's normal operation, leading to these issues. Additionally, if you notice unfamiliar or random pop-ups, advertisements, or system alerts, it's worth investigating further.

5. Increased Battery Temperature During Standby

How do I know if someone is tracking my phone? While smartphones tend to generate some heat during regular use, it's concerning if your device becomes noticeably warm even when you're not actively using it. If your phone feels unusually hot when it's on standby or charging, it may suggest that hidden tracking software is running in the background, potentially transmitting data or performing surveillance activities.

6. Unexpected Text Messages or Push Notifications

If you receive suspicious text messages, such as random codes or verification requests, or if you receive unusual push notifications from unknown sources, it could be a sign that someone is attempting to gain access to your device.

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Part 3. How to Stop Phone Tracking and Stay Safe?

After we know how to see if someone checked your location on iPhone, how to protect your phone from being tracked? Protecting your privacy and preventing unauthorized tracking requires proactive measures. Here are actions you can take to minimize the risk:

Solution 1. Spoof Location with iOS Location Changer

We have mentioned above how to tell if someone is tracking your iPhone location. The easiest way to stop phone tracking is using a professional spoof software: iOS Location Changer. It is the most effective method to control access to your location. With the assistance of this incredible location spoofer, tracking your actual location becomes impossible.

Key Features:

  • Configure virtual location on your iPhone for gaming and app usage purposes.
  • Modify your iPhone's GPS location to any desired destination.
  • Adjust the speed of your GPS location movement as per your preference.
  • Cease the sharing of your location with social media platforms and mobile games.
  • Compatible with a broad range of iOS devices.

Now, allow me to demonstrate how to utilize it to conceal your iPhone's location and ensure your safety on the device.

01To begin, start by downloading and installing the iOS Location Changer software on your computer. After installation, connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Initiate the program and select the Start button located on the main interface.

click start button and connect your iphone to your computer

02Select the Modify Location option to verify your current location and set a virtual location for your iPhone. On the map, your current location will be represented by a blue dot. You have the freedom to freely drag the map, as well as zoom in and out to examine additional details.

choose modify location to chang your location

03When you wish to establish a virtual location for your iPhone, you have multiple options. You can manually input the desired location, search for a specific destination, or directly select a location on the map. Once you have successfully spoofed the GPS location, simply click the Confirm Modify button to change your iPhone's location to the virtual one.

click on the confirm modify button


The iOS Location Changer software is exclusively designed for iOS systems. If you are an Android user, kindly consider using alternative software such as the Android Location Changer.

To download the Windows version of the Android Location Changer, please click here. For Mac version, please click here.


Solution 2. Update Operating System and Apps

Regularly update your phone's operating system and applications to ensure you have the latest security patches, which can help close any vulnerabilities that could be exploited for tracking purposes. For the best results, we suggest enabling automatic updates to ensure that your phone always runs the latest version of the operating system.

Here's update for iPhone:

Step 1. Go to Settings > General.

Step 2. Tap Software Update. When you come across an available update, simply tap on the Install Now option to initiate the update process.

update for iphone

Solution 3. Install Antivirus and Security Apps

Utilize reputable antivirus and security applications to scan your device for malware or tracking software. These tools can help detect and remove suspicious applications.

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Solution 4. Remove Suspicious Apps

Uninstall any apps that you don't recognize or no longer use. It's better to err on the side of caution and remove any potentially malicious applications.

Solution 5. Consider Privacy Settings and Permissions

Adjust the privacy settings on your device to limit the access apps have to your data and functionalities. Review and manage app permissions to ensure they align with your privacy preferences.

Solution 6. Limit Location Sharing

Be mindful of sharing your precise location with apps or services. Consider setting location permissions to "While Using" instead of "Always" to restrict apps from tracking your location continuously.

For example, if you want to manage location sharing on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Locate and open the Settings app on your iPhone. In the Settings menu, scroll down and tap on Privacy.

Step 2. Within the Privacy menu, you'll find Location Services at the top. Tap on it to proceed.

Step 3. If you want to disable location sharing for all apps on your device, you can simply toggle off the Location Services option. Once turned off, it will appear grayed out. To manage location sharing for individual apps, scroll down through the list of apps that use location services on your iPhone. When you find an app you wish to adjust, tap on its name.

turn off location services on iphone

Step 4. When you select an app, it will redirect you to a screen where you can customize the Location Access preferences. Here, you can choose from the following options: Never, Ask Next Time or When I Share, While Using the App, or Always. Simply select the desired setting that aligns with your preferences.

select the desired setting that aligns with your preferences

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Solution 7. Don't Jailbreak or Root Your Phone

Jailbreaking (for Apple) and rooting (for Android) involve removing the manufacturer-imposed restrictions on a device. While there may be specific purposes for undertaking these actions, it's important to note that jailbroken and rooted devices are significantly more vulnerable to viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious attacks.

Part 4. FAQs About Who's Tracking My Phone

Q1: Can a factory reset remove tracking software from my phone?

A: In many cases, a factory reset can remove tracking software from your phone. However, it is crucial to note that some sophisticated tracking software can persist even after a reset. If you suspect advanced tracking or believe your device has been compromised, it is recommended to seek professional help to ensure thorough removal of any tracking software.

Q2: How can I protect my privacy when using a smartphone?

A: To protect your privacy while using a smartphone, follow best practices such as using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, being cautious with app permissions, avoiding suspicious links or downloads, using a reliable security app, and regularly reviewing your device's settings. It is also essential to stay informed about the latest privacy threats and take appropriate measures to secure your personal data.


How do I know if someone is tracking my phone? While it is technically possible for someone to track your phone without permission, being aware of the signs and taking appropriate preventive measures can significantly reduce the risk. By staying vigilant, updating your device, being mindful of app permissions, and using reputable security tools, you can protect your privacy and enjoy a safer digital experience. In addition, you can use iOS Location Changer to spoof your location effortlessly. Remember, your privacy is essential, and it's crucial to take proactive steps to safeguard it in today's interconnected world.

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