Unlocking Secrets: How to Back Up Text Messages on Android Without Apps


Are you tired of cluttering your phone with countless backup apps? Look no further. This informative guide offers you a step-by-step method to safeguard your valuable text messages directly from your Android device. Whether you wish to protect sentimental messages or maintain crucial information, our method ensures a seamless backup process - unlocking the secret to preserving your Android text messages effortlessly. Let's see how to back up text messages on Android without apps.

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Part 1. How to Back Up Messages on Android Without Apps

We understand the frustration of cluttering your device with numerous backup apps, which is why in this part we are presenting you with 2 alternative methods. This segment focuses on empowering Android users to take control of their data and ensure its safety without relying on third-party software. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you'll learn how to effortlessly back up your text messages directly from your Android device.

Way 1. Using Cloud Services as Google Account

How do I back up all text messages on Android? Popular cloud storage services like OneDrive and Google Drive are suitable solutions for backing up text messages on Android. There're also cloud storage space allotted to users for different brands of phone - for instance, Samsung users can back up data to Samsung accounts.

Next we will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up and syncing your text messages with Google account as an example:

Step 1. We're using an Oppo phone as an example. Open the Settings app on your Android device, tap System settings and choose Google.

android settings google account

Step 2. Tap Backup option. In the next screen, click Back up now.

android settings google account back up sms

When it comes to backing up your text messages on Android, Google SMS Backup provides a convenient and straightforward solution. Google SMS Backup, an integrated feature within the Android operating system, offers a seamless way to back up and restore your text messages - by which you can securely store your messages and access them across multiple devices.

Don't let your valuable text messages be vulnerable to loss or accidental deletion. Discover the power of backing up to cloud storage services, and take control of your data.

Way 2. Using Backup Feature on Android Phone

The Backup feature on Android phones provides a convenient and reliable way to safeguard your important data, settings, and app data. By using this feature, you can ensure that your data is securely stored to local device and easily restored in case of device loss, damage, or when setting up a new Android device.

To back up SMS on an Android phone using the built-in Backup feature, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. We're using an Oppo phone as an example. Head for Settings > System Settings > Back up & migrate options.

Step 2. Tap Local backup option. In the next screen, you can create a new backup by clicking New backup button.

Step 3. Next you can select the data you want to back up. Choose Messages and tap Start to start the backup process.

back up android sms to local

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Part 2. How to Back Up SMS Android to PC [Easiest]

Backing up your data is crucial, especially for Android users, and there's no better place to do it than on a local drive, such as your PC. Coolmuster Android Backup Manager is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify the process of backing up and managing data on Android devices.

With this powerful tool, users can securely back up various types of data, including text messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, music, and more, from their Android devices to a computer.

Coolmuster Android Backup Manager offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both novice and advanced users to navigate and utilize its features. Users can select specific data categories or perform a full backup. Additionally, the software allows for selective data restoration, ensuring that users can choose to recover only the specific files they need.

Key Features

  • Enable users to perform comprehensive backups of various types of data, including text messages, contacts, call logs, and more. It ensures that no valuable information is left behind during the backup process.
  • Selectively restore specific files or data categories to Android devices. This feature allows for a targeted and efficient data recovery process, saving time and effort.
  • Boast a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for both beginners and advanced users to navigate and utilize its features.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Android devices from various manufacturers.

Let us walk you through the simple steps to back up your SMS messages from Android to PC using Coolmuster Android Backup Manager:

01Install Coolmuster Android Backup Manager on your computer. Launch the software. Choose Android Backup & Restore from the toolbox and connect your Android device to the computer using a USB cable. Enable USB Debugging on Your Android Device. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable USB debugging on your Android device.

android backup manager toolbox

02In the next screen, click Backup to proceed.

android backup manager backup restore

03Select Messages from the file list and click on the Back Up button. The backing up process will start in no time.

android backup manager choose files to back up

Once the backup process finishes, you can access and view the backed-up SMS messages on your PC using Coolmuster Android Backup Manager. With this straightforward method, you can confidently back up your SMS messages from Android to your PC, ensuring their safety and accessibility whenever you need them.

Part 3. How to Back Up Text Messages on Android with Apps

We understand your reluctance to use third-party software, but for the potential needs of other users, in this part, we will still explore a range of powerful and user-friendly applications that can help seamlessly back up text messages on Android. Read on if you have the needs.

Way 1. Using SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore is a popular and reliable app that offers a straightforward and efficient solution. It's a feature-rich app that allows you to create backups of your text messages and store them locally or in the cloud. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use functionality, you can schedule automatic backups, customize backup settings, and even selectively choose which conversations to back up. You can also use this tool to restore from your backup file.

Here's how to use it:

Step 1. In the start screen, hit SET UP A BACKUP and choose the type of files you want to back up; then NEXT.

how to back up sms on sms backup restore

Step 2. Choose the location where you want to save your backup files to. You can save them to cloud storage services (this will ask you to log into your account) or your phone's internal storage. Then hit NEXT, which will leads you to the setup screen of your backup schedule. Lastly, tap BACK UP NOW.

how to back up sms settings on sms backup restore

With this app, you can ensure your messages are protected and easily accessible whenever you need them.

Way 2. Using SMS Import / Export

SMS Import / Export is a handy, free and ad-free tool that offers a simple and effective solution. SMS Import / Export is a lightweight app designed specifically for managing your SMS messages contacts and call logs. You can easily import and export the files on your phone.

Let's see how to save text messages on Android:


Step 2. Choose the location to save your message files. When you save your SMS, they'll be exported as .json files, which could be viewed at the Notepad App on your PC.

how to export sms on sms import export

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Summing Up

In conclusion, this passage has equipped you with the knowledge and tools to successfully back up your text messages on Android without/with relying on additional apps. By following the step-by-step method above, you can ensure the preservation of your valuable conversations effortlessly.

However, if you prefer a more user-friendly and comprehensive solution, we highly recommend utilizing the Coolmuster Android Backup Manager. This powerful tool simplifies the backup process, providing you with a secure and reliable way to safeguard your text messages, along with other crucial data on your Android device. Say goodbye to manual backups and embrace the convenience of this exceptional tool. Take control of your data, and protect your memories.

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