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3 Ways to Backup and Restore Android Text Messages

People use their mobile phones for so many different things today. From keeping in contact with their clients and customers on a regular basis to accessing the Internet to find the best restaurants in the area to eat, the possibilities appear to be endless. Then, there must be some important information, such as private text messages that you cannot lose. However, you may accidentally delete text messages on Android phone, or they may be lost due to other situations. If you have backed up Android SMS regularly, you can easily restore text messages from backup to the device. Therefore, in the following parts of the article, we will show you how to backup and restore Android text messages at ease.

Tips 1: Backup and Restore SMS from Android with Android Assistant
Tips 2: Backup & Restore Android Text Messages with Mobile Transfer
Tips 3: Transfer Android Phone Messages to Memory Card and Vice Versa

Tips 1: Backup and Restore SMS from Android with Android Assistant

Coolmuster Android Assistant or Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac is idea for many things including being a comprehensive solution that backing up and restoring SMS from Android phone can easily be done in a 1 to 3 step process. Moreover, it supports various data types for you to choose, including contacts, photos, videos, music, apps, etc. Particularly, since other software applications can have a multitude of problems that can prevent the backup and restoration process from being completed corrected without the disruptions of troubleshooting issues that need to be corrected.

Free download the Android Assistant to have a try:

Step 1. Connect your Android phone with your computer

After downloading and installing the Android Assistant on your desktop computer, launch it directly and connect your Android phone to the computer via the use of a USB cable. Follow the instructions to enable USB debugging on your phone beforehand.

launch android assistant

Step 2: Backup Android SMS on computer

Backing up the text messages from the phone, you need to click "Super Toolkit" and choose the Backup option. Select the SMS category and begin the backup process by clicking on the 'Back Up’ button.

backup android sms on computer

Step 3. Restore text messages to Android phone

To restore the SMS backup record back to your Android phone, you just choose the "Restore" option, choose the backup record of your wanted text messages, and recover them back to your Android phone.

restore android sms

Tips 2: Backup & Restore Android Text Messages with Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer earns a good reputation for its powerful functions on transferring data between two phones. Actually it can also transfer data, such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, call history and calendar from your phone to computer for backup, and even restore the backup file back to your phone with one click.

Now, get the free trial version of the Mobile Transfer to see how to use it to backup and restore SMS on Android phone:

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to computer

After downloading and installing the Mobile Transfer on your computer, launch it and connect your Android phone using USB cables, to the same computer. The program's interface will pop up like the following picture.

launch mobile transfer

Step 2: Choose "Back Up Your Phone"

Choose the option labeled "Back Up Your Phone" from the interface. You will enter a new window, displaying your Android phone, with all the files that you can backup here. Just choose "Text Messages" and click "Start" button. Then, all the text messages on your Android phone will be synced to your computer.

backup android sms

Step 3. Choose "Restore from Backups"

To restore the backup files back to your phone, you should choose the option of "Restore from Backups" from the interface. Then, all the backup records will be displayed for your choice. Select the one for your text messages and click "Start" button to restore the text messages to your Android phone.

restore android sms

Tips 3: Transfer Android Phone Messages to Memory Card and Vice Versa

You can insert an additional SD memory card into your Android phone to enlarge the phone's storage space. Fortunately that you can also export text messages (even photo messages) to the SD card and in turns insert it to your new phone. Following is the instructions on how to transfer text messages from Android to SD card, and vice versa.

1) Touch Menu & Messages option on your Android phone;
2) Select a message you want to transfer then tap Options or Menu button.
3) Choose Save to SD card. The SMS will transfer to your memory card and then you can insert the card to your new phone.

Note: Some Android OS versions don't support SMS export/import on an SD card. Therefore, you are suggested to use tips 1 and tips 2, for a better result.

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