How to Delete Contacts on Android? [6 Methods]


Are you overwhelmed with cluttered contacts on your Android device? Managing contacts efficiently is crucial for keeping your address book organized. Some of the reasons why users delete contacts from their phones include somebody not in communication for a prolonged period, when you sell your phone to a third-party when your phone has thousands of contacts that make it slow down, among others.

With this, your biggest worry is probably how to delete contacts on Android. Deleting contacts from your Android gadget is a walk in the park. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Android user, you'll learn easy steps to declutter your contacts list and streamline your communication.

Here are some of the methods you can employ when deleting contacts from your smartphone:


Method 1: How Do I Delete Contacts from Android Phone Directly

Most of you possibly know how to delete contacts using this method. However, here are the steps to follow for those who don't know how to do it:

> Go to the Contacts application.
> Search for the contact that you want to delete.
> Press and hold that contact for a few seconds (you can do this for the other contacts when deleting more than one).
> Tap on the "Delete" option that pops up.
> Click "OK" to confirm your selection.

It is advised to avoid using this method when deleting contacts because your contacts are not entirely erased. Retrieving the deleted contacts with various data recovery software is possible.

how to delete contacts on android

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Method 2: How to Delete Contacts on Android (PC & Mac)

If you want to delete multiple contacts from Android, the best program to use is Coolmuster Android Assistant. Here are the primary features of this program:

> It backups and restores entire Android data with a single click.
> The restored data is 100% original.
> It allows the transfer of SMS, contacts, music, call logs, pictures, videos, among other files between your phone and computer.
> It allows one to add, erase, backup, unduplicate as well as edit contacts via computer.
> It supports to send and reply SMS directly on PC.
> It installs and uninstalls applications from PC.
> It imports, exports, and deletes Android call logs.
> It imports and exports contacts from Outlook.
> It is fully compatible with almost all Android phones & tablets, including Samsung (Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/Note 9/Note 9 Plus included), Huawei, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Motorola, ZTE, etc.

How to delete contacts via Coolmuster Android Assistant:

- Connect your phone to PC via a working USB.
- Launch the application.
- Enable USB debugging mode on your phone.
- You can also opt to connect your phone via Wi-Fi.

how to delete contacts on android phone

Steps to follow:

1. From the left side-bar, select the "Contacts" icon.
2. Tap "Delete" button to delete the unwanted contacts from your Android phone.

delete contacts from android phone

Method 3: How to Delete All Contacts on Android Phone Permanently

If you want to delete all contacts from your Android device, your biggest worry is probably how to delete all contacts from your phone. When faced with such problem, Coolmuster Android Eraser is the best application to use. The main features of the app are as listed below:

> It wipes data such as private data, deleted files, as well as system Settings from your Android device permanently.
> It supports all types of Android files, including contacts, SMS, photos, call logs, images, books, account info, audios, and passwords.
> It supports 100% permanent deletion and prevents personal data from being retrieved.
> It has three progressive levels of data deletion
> It works in all types of Android devices from Android 2.0 - Android 9.0 or later.

Notes: Before using this program to delete your contacts, it is essential to ensure that you have backed up your important data on Android phone and also the program recognizes your phone. After deleting, all contacts will be deleted entirely with zero chances of retrieval. Also, do not disconnect your phone before the entire process finishes.

Here is a step-by-step guide for using the program:

First Step: Tap "Erase" button to start.

After connecting your phone successfully, you will get into the primary interface. Tap on the "Erase" button to get started.

how to erase contacts on android permanently

Second Step: Select your Security level for deleting and confirm.

> Tap the menu next to the security level to select your security level for deleting.
> Select the desired level (either High Level, Medium Level, or Low Level).
> Click "OK" option after selecting.
> Type "delete" onto the blank text box and confirm your selection, and then tap the "Erase" button.
> On the pop-up window that asks you whether you want to erase, click "OK" to start the deletion process.
> When a prompt window appears, click "Yes" on your device to delete the contacts entirely from your phone.

set up security level to delete contacts on android

Third Step: Start to delete Android data permanently.

> The program will perform a fast and deep scanning on your phone after confirming your choice.
> The app will start the deletion process after the quick scan. Wait for a couple of minutes.
> Your phone will be overwritten after the process completes.

start to erase android contacts

It is essential to select low-level security as it is the quickest way to delete any data on your phone.

Method 4: How to Delete WhatsApp Contacts on Android

To be precise, it is not possible to delete a WhatsApp contact directly because the app shows all contacts on the basis of contacts stored on your Google Account or phone's address book. If the need of deleting WhatsApp contacts arises, the most promising tactical approach is deleting the contacts from your device. Here is how to remove WhatsApp contacts from your phone:

1st Step: Startup WhatsApp on your Android gadget. Look for the contacts that you would want to delete from your WhatsApp contact page.

2nd Step: Click on the contact in order to access the contact information page. Tap the "Menu" button and then select "Show all contacts" or "View in address book" option.

3rd Step: Here, you will get the options to erase the contacts from the gadget's address book. After deleting the contacts, you can refresh the WhatsApp contacts to check whether the contacts have been entirely removed.

delete whatsapp contacts on android

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Method 5: How to Delete Facebook Contacts on Android

If you have a Facebook contact that you want to erase from your phone, the process of removing these contacts is much simpler compared to that employed when deleting WhatsApp Contacts. Here are the steps to follow when deleting Facebook Contacts:

1st Step: Go to Settings module from your phone. Choose the Facebook App and click it (Scroll down to find it).

2nd Step: Look for "Facebook Sync Settings." Uncheck the "Sync Contacts" option. Select "None." By doing this, you will be removing the synced contacts from your Android gadget.

delete facebook contacts on android

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Method 6: How to Delete Google Contacts on Android

Several users are used to saving their contacts into their Google Accounts. If you are one of them and want to delete these contacts, worry no more! Here, we will show you how to remove contacts stored in Google Account. Here are the steps to follow when deleting Google Contacts:

1. Launch your web browser: Those that use Google Account to store contacts can consider using Google Contacts as it manages them more effectively. You can accomplish this from the official Google Contacts website. It is essential to note that this method only works for those contacts stored in Google Account.

2. From your browser, go to contacts.google.com. Sign in with similar credentials you use on your phone.

3. Click or tap the "Contacts" profile pictures to choose them. You can use the search address bar at the top of the page to search for the contacts quickly and easily.

4. Click or tap the Trashcan button which is located at the top of the screen. This action will erase the chosen contacts from your Google account. If you see a gray color on the trashcan, one or several chosen contacts were added to your contact list via Google+. You will be required to delete them from Google+ circles to erase them.

delete goolge contacts for android

5. Click the Settings app from your Android. After erasing the contacts from the Google Contacts website, you will be forced to resync your account on your phone.

6. Click Accounts. You can get this under the "Personal" section.

7. Click "Google". You will be prompted to choose the account to modify if you have several Google Accounts.

8. Click the three-dot button. This is situated at the upper-right corner.

9. Click "Sync now". Your Google Account will resync your data including contacts. All contacts erased via the website will be deleted from your Android phone.

delete google contacts from android

Final Thoughts

The above methods not only show you how to delete all contacts from your Android device but also how to delete WhatsApp, Facebook, as well as Google contacts. While all methods work, we strongly advise you to use Coolmuster Android Eraser and Coolmuster Android Assistant when it comes to deleting contacts from your phone.

Efficient contact management is essential for a clutter-free communication experience on Android devices. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can easily delete unwanted contacts and keep your address book organized.

By utilizing these apps, you will be lessening chances of retrieving the deleted contacts completely. What's more, say goodbye to contact clutter and hello to a streamlined contacts list on your Android device!

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